The Writer’s Strike Will End…

While the WGA strike is no laughing matter, it doesn’t mean we have to stop having a sense of humour.

With that in mind — Your mission, should you choose to accept it. Post the date you think the strike will be resolved.

If you guess correctly, you’ll win a fabulous TV Addict prize pack. Including: Showtime’s BROTHERHOOD Season 1 on DVD and a copy of Jeffrey Stepakoff’s fascinating book BILLION DOLLAR KISS [TV Addict autograph optional]

A bonus prize [to be named later] will be given out should the strike actually end before January 1st, 2008. And if that isn’t reason enough to get back to the bargaining table, I don’t know what is!

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  • Kate

    March 16, 2008

  • Jim

    While the writers deserve what their asking for its still a huge monetary increase, so the APTPA (is that right? its so long!) won’t want to back down, but neither will WGA since they do deserve it.
    I am going to guess:
    June, 21 2008

    (thats a huge guess, but I am almost positive it will end in June)

  • Laura Vaughn

    I am going to guess Feb 26, 2008 it would be a nice birthday present to me from them…lol

  • Daffy Duck

    i hope it ends very soon. there are two points. sure the writers are being cut short. but i dont think any of them are in a box and beging for money on the street. they’re to greedy. then you can say that the other people are to greedy for keeping so much of the money. i say just change the pay and get the office back on tv. AHHHH

  • Sherise

    I’m gonna follow the pattern that a lot of other people have and go with my birthday….07/13/08.

    I could use a nice birthday present.

  • Emily

    I’m going to say January 22, 2008, It’s my b-day and maybe for a present scrubs will be able to air a few extra episodes in it’s last season. 🙁 hopefully sooner though.

  • JUP

    Well Everyone else is going to go with their birthday so i’m gonna go with Novemeber 11, 2008. i know this sounds late-ish but here’s my reasoning…after they run outta episodes, the’re not gonna get much by ending it sooner and giving them what they want so they will stand strong, after the SAG and whoever else is planning on going on strike in june/july it will be like a couple months after that. i would also like to place a second one but this one won’t count. ok, it started november 5th, the past 2 long strikes were 20 weeks and 21 weeks, so i’ll go with 22 weeks after nov. 5th, which is April 7th, 1 week longer than the longest.

  • SMB

    I’m guessing february 3

  • drivethrough

    l don`t think the writer can hold up much longer since most of writers will go bust becaues you don`t get pay for not working .

  • eydie

    I have heard that the writer’s strike will begin to affect soap operas in late january. i know that you do not come between a woman and her “stories”. i think public backlash will knock some sense into both sides. we don’t have to watch tv. not when we have the internet, books, and music. they run the risk of people actually realizing that they can do without tv. but i believe the strike will be settled by mid february, my guess is february 15.

  • Kyle

    I’m guessing April 14th (my birthday)….hopefully it ends before that

  • Cassidy

    Let’s go with Feb. 14th

  • BEN

    MARCH 23RD

  • Toby

    My Prediction is complete: September 9th, 12:35pm 2009

    Both Sides Will Lose.

    The year of 2008 will be the year of re-runs. Many people will stop watching Television other than to watch sports and News, like in the 1950s. A new revolution is about to take hold of this world and it is called digital distribution.
    At first, everything will be free or based on subscription per month. Online rental services where one can download a movie and watch what they want, will escalate to a phenomenal rate. It will change the way people live in the entertainment world. Major hollywood Movie/TV studios will fall along side Unions. Because both relay on the other for money. The Studios need the Unions, and the Unions need Studios. After the revolution has taken place for a year and people have gotten used to their online media comfort of push of a button technology luxary, large prodution studios will slowly disappear because they will no longer be needed. Unions will become a funny story to laugh about like “remember when we went on strike for..” and the nation will actually have new problems once the big wigs take hold of this new erupting revolution.
    Then it starts all over again but in a different era. Sorry to all the fans. But your shows will come back on until the Unions fall prey to another wrist-slitting competition of wits with a new mindset.

  • Alex

    That was lol Toby. Honesty… I laughed my ass out (thanks for that).
    No offense, but I suggest you try watching less sci-fi movies.

  • Danielle

    April 7, 2008

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