bsg razor

By: Amrie Cunningham

First things first – all TV shows should be shown on a movie theatre screen. I had the opportunity to see Battlestar Galactica: Razor at a theatre near my house, and it blew me away. I have to admit that the storyline itself felt kind of pulled together and I struggled to find myself caring about this tertiary character that had never once been mentioned in the show I’ve dedicated hours upon hours of viewing time to. But seeing the show on the giant movie screen gave me a whole new appreciation for many things.

Edward James Olmos (Bill Adama) says more with a look than any modern actor probably can. The screen lights up every time Mary McDonnell (President Roslin) appears, even if for just one minute. Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) on the big screen is just frakkin hot. Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) is obviously having so much fun playing a complete bad ass. Tricia Helfer (Gina/Six) is beautiful and conveys pain and pride in a combination that would have knocked me over if I had been standing up. And Michele Forbes (Helena Cain) is my hero. How’s that for set up?

A little back story about Razor, so you all can catch up (slight spoilers – I won’t give any of the big reveals away). Razor is the story of how the Pegasus came to be under Lee’s leadership after Cain, Fisk, Garner, etc., all died in a variety of (sometimes violent) ways. Did you know that Lee had an XO that wasn’t Dee when he first started as Commander Adama? No? Neither did I. His original XO was Kendra Shaw, an Aussie (though they don’t have Australia as a country in the world of BSG, so I’m not sure what her background there was) who learned how to be who she is from the amazing (and sapphic…) Admiral Helena Cain, the scary, manipulative, homicidal woman that ruled the Pegasus with an iron fist. Without giving too much away, because you have to turn in to the movie to see just how it all comes together, Kendra is Helena Cain, Jr., complete with wicked tendencies to be completely crazy and at times, possibly as un-human as the Cylons.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of the two-hour movie, but I’m in the positive category – I thought it was a wild ride, and though it doesn’t move the story of Kara Thrace’s miraculous rebirth or the four new Cylons, or any of that crazy business forward, it sets up so much new stuff to explore in the final season of this amazing show!

  • EKI

    I liked the preview, although 17 or 27 more minutes will be added on the DVD version with additional flashbacks of Bill Adama and Cain.

    However, even though nothing is revealed, the term “Herald of the Apocalypsis” is quite intriguing, at least for me.

    It is true that at some points the double episode is quite predictable, like the resolution of the mission, but overall it was pretty good.

    About the theater projection, in framingham, massachusetts, there were SERIOUS aliasing issues going on in the screen which kind of annoyed most of the viewers.

  • Was this a invite only screening or what? Where’s my screening??!!
    I enjoyed the review. It could have been thicker. I can handle more info.
    I only have a few problems with this show,,,
    The way humans are portrayed as
    murderers when they have to kill human looking cylons and the actress that plays the President. I don’t like they way she talks softly and the love afair with Adama makes me cringe…
    But I’m looking forward to getting the DVD (not online!), because I loved the Pegasis story and her Captian had some Balls for a female.
    Damm she was a very powerfull leader. Something that show tends to lack.
    Well except for Starbuck….