Live From New York: SNL & 30 ROCK

It’s time like these that this TV Addict wished he lived in New York. is reporting that the casts of 30 ROCK and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE will present one-night-only live performances at the New York Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Nov. 17 and 19. Not surprisingly, both shows are already sold out, with all proceeds benefitting the Writers Guild strike fund.

Free from — because let’s face it, money’s tight — a brilliant idea for the WGA.

How’d you like to earn thousands of more dollars for the WGA strike fund? Why not post both performances online, making them available to fans at the reasonable download price of $1.99 a pop? Trust me, it’s the ultimate win/win/win situation.

WIN #1: Television fans who will soon be going through serious quality TV withdrawl will have two really unique shows to watch online [or on their iPod/iPhone] come Winter 2008.

WIN #2: The WGA strike fun will undoubtedly raise thousands from all the money earned via the downloads.

WIN #3: This will unequivocally show the world [and producers/network execs] that serious and real money can be made from this ‘crazy thing they’re calling the interweb.’

Yes folks, it’s because of ideas like these that this TV Addict is making the big bucks… oh wait.

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  • shanna

    An actually really great idea. (Not that you don’t ALWAYS have them)

  • Josh Emerson

    I wanna see that!!! I wish they would sell the shows online. I would pay $2 or $3 for those because I bet they’re gonna be awesome.