PUSHING DAISIES has gone to the dogs. But this slightly obsessed dog lover [meet MAC] and self-proclaimed TV Addict isn’t complaining. In fact, thanks to some time with TV’s cutest dog [Digby], a surprisingly surprising BIG LOVE inspired mystery and some brilliant one-liners courtesy of Emerson [well really, a WGA writer who’s unfortunately on strike] I’d go as far to say that last night’s helping of PUSHING DAISIES was my favorite serving since the pilot.

Another reason everything’s coming up DAISIES. The show’s final scene. In case you missed it — the awww-shucks scene took place in a fictional town that GILMORE GIRLS fans should be very familiar with. Which bring us to the obvious question. When [if] the WGA strike ever ends, would Lauren Graham not make the best PUSHING DAISIES guest star ever? Are 6 years of firing off lighting fast Amy Sherman-Palladino dialogue not the ideal training ground for The Pie Hole?

Question for GOSSIP GIRL’S Serena. Does being like, the hottest most popular girl in all of the Upper West Side mean you’ve never watched TV? I mean seriously. What are you doing letting Dan hang out with old ‘friend’ Vanessa? Have you not seen even a minute of THE OC? THE HILLS? 90210? Allowing Dan and Vanessa to remain friends will only lead to trouble. Don’t believe me? Just ask Ryan, Marissa and Oliver. Or Brenda, Kelly and Dylan.

I would have been far more invested in last night’s horrific PRIVATE PRACTICE supermarket hold-up if I hadn’t already seen it on every other show on television. ER, 24, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, CHICAGO HOPE. Memo to Shonda Rhimes — I’m this close to changing doctors.

  • that is why the GAZEBO in Pushing Daisies looked so familiar, I even feels like Stars Hollow! great!

  • Chris

    “Allowing Dan and Vanessa to remain friends will only lead to trouble.”

    As a guy, I would not react well to being told by my new girlfriend to dump my longtime friend. But Dan needs to wise up and realize that a) Vanessa is still into him and b) Serena and Vanessa don’t have to be friends.

  • nctodc

    I thought Private Practice was bearable last night…and by bearable, I just mean full of cuties. How adorable was David Sutcliffe? And Paul Adelstein’s scene in the bedroom with Amy Brenneman? Too cute.

    And Taye Diggs with no shirt…

    Um, okay…that’s enough…

  • Josh

    regardless if dan lets vanessa hang out im sure its going to create drama. Gossip Girl is one of the select shows this season that really makes me want next week to come immidiately so i dont have to wait lol

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  • Dooface

    Pushing Daisies is the best show on TV!!! I cant wait until the season 2 premier on Oct 1. Don’t miss it!