Behind the Scenes with SUPERNATURAL

This week’s SUPERNATURAL video takes us behind the scenes of the show’s Visual Effects Department.

Fun fact: The TV Addict actually visited the VFX trailer on my SUPERNATURAL Set Visit last spring. Ivan Hayden and hit team work around the clock in a very small dark trailer in order to composite the phenomenal special effects you see each and every week.

How good are they at their job? Before they work their magic, Jared and Jensen actually look like this.

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  • Alyssa

    And now they’ll be out of jobs. Yay?

  • Mark

    Thanks for the video, TVaddict!

  • These videos are so cool. Thanks for posting, TVaddict!

    Um, also? On a shallow note? Ivan is kind of a hottie.

  • Shan

    Holy smokes! that pre-VFX magic shot actually scared me. *shudder*