Guess the Actor!

This is one of those posts that will invariably make me look like an idiot. But something has been bugging me all week. And since I have my own TV web site, I shall use the power of the people to put this question to rest.

Please confirm for me the actors on this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly. While I’m pretty confident the star to Katherine Heigl’s left is Conan O’Brien, the actor to her right remains a mystery. Is it Steve Carell? Lee Paice? Generic actor representing all of Hollywood.

Help me out here folks, because evidently, this TV Addict is not smarter than a 5th grader.

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  • scsc

    It is Steve Carell…I am quite shocked you couldn’t identify him with 100% confidence.
    Have you trimmed your nails yet?

  • japp, he is right, itΒ΄s Steve Carell for sure…

  • Less Strike news

    Steve Carell Definitely

  • Linda B.

    For sure it’s Steve Carell. I thought maybe you were having trouble identifying one of the other 2, mostly because Conan O’Brien isn’t really an actor, and Katherine Heigl looks alot like Helen Hunt in this picture.

  • Lise

    It’s Steve Carell. I didn’t recognize Kathrine Heigl at first.

  • Anonymouse

    Seriously?!!!! My faith in the TVAddict is a little shaken, I must say. It’s Steve Carell!!!!

  • Anonymous β€” you got to admit, it’s a little hard to tell who’s who. The photo has a very strange filter on it!

  • Rich

    All were pretty darn obvious to me. 3 very recognisable people.

  • it’s not a photo, it’s a photoshop montage of photos with duct tape stuck over their mouths.

  • Flutie

    How in the world did you not know that is Steve Carell?!

    I agree with Anonymouse….

  • Joanna

    Well DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH it’s Steve! πŸ˜‰

    *shakes head in disbelief*

    Hahaha! Yes I am laughing at you…. :-p

  • Patty

    I’m pretty sure it’s Steve, but I understand why you questioned it–what a weird looking picture!

  • James

    Are you being facetious TVaddict? I can’t believe that you didn’t know who any one of those 3 were.

  • Jamie

    When I first saw it, I asked my wife, “Is Bradley Whitford in a new series I don’t know about?” She pointed out that was Conan — and DERRR, that’s Carrell.

  • Sheindie

    Conan, Katie and Steve…. easy one πŸ™‚

  • Katen

    OMG tvaddict!

  • aldi

    Well, you were right about the post making you look like an idiot.

    Baffling how you could be unsure about that.