You Be The Critic: Thursday Night TV

Forgive me fellow TV Addicts — I have sinned. Last night, the TV Addict broke the code. I did the unthinkable and went out on a Thursday night. Rest assured, I’ll be catching up on everything tonight. So please, post away with what was worth watching last night. I hope Bradford Mead’s okay!

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  • nctodc

    For shame, for shame.

    “Ugly Betty” was once again quality…it’s ability to go from heartwarming and touching to laugh out loud funny without any awkwardness is amazing.

    Henry’s talk with L’Amanda is definitely material for your Favorite Quotes of the week post. Hilarious.

    I liked this week’s “Grey’s Anatomy” too…it made me wonder, though, how Shonda Rhimes can get it so right at Seattle Grace, but so wrong at…uh, wherever it is that Addison works on “Private Practice”

  • Less Strike news

    The Office was very good…Deposing Michael Scott was definitely hard. That’s what she said!

  • Mark

    Supernatural had a masterpiece last night, that’s for sure. By far the best of the season and one of the top episodes of the series. What a great way to go into the month long hiatus.

  • Linda B.

    Something was missing in last night’s The Office. Maybe it was too much of Michael in NY and not enough of the other characters in Scranton. Ping Pong game was lame and didn’t really have any funny bits. And, i thought something clever was going to come out of that last scene other than Jan and Michael bickering over where to eat dinner.

  • S

    The Office was just…depressing. I’m really sad that they went out on this note until the strike is over. I truly felt sorry for Michael! Maybe I took the episode too seriously, but it just wasn’t that funny last night. The ping pong was hilarious though, with Kelly’s “smack talking.”

    Grey’s was perfect again. Thank goodness it’s back in the swing of things! I think the George and Izzie thing has finally gotten to me though. I was one of the only people in the world that liked them together…but after the last 2 weeks, I’m ready for it to be done.

  • Rock

    A night out on Thursday? What is this, Canada? ha ha

    Both Smallville and Supernatural have JAW-DROPPING revelations!

    Guess who Grant (the editor) *really* is!?!?!?

    And pay attention to Gordon…if he can be believed; he utters the identity of someone we know and love…and, OH MY!!!

  • Josh Emerson

    30 Rock gave us another classic episode. Scrubs had what I thought was the best episode of its season so far.

    Ugly Betty was as good as usual. Henry’s talk with L’Amanda was hilarious. haha I thought the emotional scenes really worked too. Grey’s was good.

    On the other hand, I thought The Office was just lame. Basically the whole episode fell flat for me. I read a review at another blog which said it was one of the best episodes ever, which shocked me. There were a couple funny lines, but the rest felt like it was just…there. Yawn.

  • ewanspotter

    Supernatural – best episode of the season.

  • Linda B.

    Rock, did i miss something? What was the JAW-DROPPING revelation on Supernatural?