Breaking: Writers, Studios to Resume Talks

The LA Times is reporting that “Hollywood’s film and TV writers and major studios have agreed to go back to the negotiating table on Nov. 26 in hopes of ending a bruising strike that began two weeks ago, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

Dare we say that fellow TV Addicts may be in for a Happy Holidays after-all? Stay tuned…

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  • ||TheTVAddictAddict||

    why wait till Nov 26th?

  • Aileen

    I’m not all that optimistic that there will be a breakthrough, but a girl can dream.

  • tdot

    OH PLZ. if my tv season get cancelled ima gonna be pissed off.

    Im planning on buy a 42″ LCD TV , but if i have no Kristen Bell in Heroes to watch in HDTV whats the point of buying it?

    I really hope they come up with sumthing!

  • Mana

    I have doubts that they’ll get anything solved, but… oh oh oh please. If it ends now the shows can pick up where they left off with little damage done. It would make my Christmas extra happy (and make it a happy holiday for various crew menmbers too).

  • Sheindie

    The writers would be smart to hold out for their fair share of new media $$$ and more …. w/o them the studios have zilch.. More power to the writers.. We are supporting them with the l000 Cranes Campaign (check out 9th Wonders! for details –
    Heroes) ..Sheindie

  • jeremy

    hey, so i was jsut wondering if there was any news form the negotioation table from today…anybody know?
    TV addict, would you be able to answer that question?

    i might go into withdrawl since my shows are either done, or have 2 more episodes left!