Podcast 50: Happy 50th

This week’s podcast is our 50th and to celebrate, we’re thrilled to present a new sound. Literally, we’re using a new microphone! So we hope you enjoy this weeks extra special 50th Edition podcast. In it, host Daniel [theTVaddict] and Renessa discuss everything from our favorite shows of the week, to the unfortunate and depression WGA strike.

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  • concernedcitizen

    let me be the first to say: CONGRATS!!!!!

  • t_dot

    Let me be the 1st to say, WHERE IS ARIE!
    i want some slam poetry!
    I want some arie random-ness!
    I hope she atleast comes back for one podsacst….

  • concernedcitizen

    somehow i think i know this “t-dot” – the kathy lee to the tvaddict’s regis. has thetvaddict found his new kelly in renessa?

  • dirtysexymoney8

    Congrats! I haven’t listened to it yet, but will today. Just curious though-is Ari ever going to come back? I love Renessa but maybe you could have 3 people doing it? Or has Ari been officially retired?

  • Thanks for all the congrats folks! Believe me, it’s not easy pretending you know what you’re talking about for 50 episodes.

    Ari has an open door to come back whenever she wants. But truth be told, her TV broke and she’s to lazy to fix it. Hopefully she’ll have one waiting for her this December!

  • Joe in LA

    Wow. We can actually hear you clearly in both ears! Congrats on reaching the half century mark!

    So what is Ari doing with all that spare time — reading books or something?

  • shanna

    I miss ARI!!!! Love renessa but miss Ari.

  • tdot

    Joe in LA Says: – We can actually hear you clearly in both ears! Congrats on reaching the half century mark!

    OMG , i thought it was just me wiithe the only one head phone thing.

  • scsc

    great work on reaching the 50th!

    are you implying that big screen hdtv’s are given as channukah presents?

    get me some of that loving!

  • sarah

    i reallllllllly miss ari. she needs to hurry back!