Dexter: Morning Comes


Three months ago, this TV Addict asked you all which family member, friend or co-worker would fall victim to Dexter’s ‘special brand of justice’ this coming season. Eight episodes in, we’re still not sure. But thought why not run down the list of potential victims anyways!

Lila: Following last night’s episode, Dexter’s ex-girlfriend, arsonist and all-around ‘crazy’ undoubtedly seems like the most-worthy victim. Not only has her tits totally thrown Dexter off his game, but she stepped way over the line by breaking into Rita’s house. As Dexter said in the show’s first episode. Never mess with the kids. Translation: Sayonara Lila.

Lundy: While Lundy seems like the most intelligent foe Dexter’s ever had to face. We have a feeling that his relationship with Deb will most likely cloud his judgement when it comes to making the Bay Harbour Butcher/Dexter connection. That or the fact that the man walks around Miami all day in wool suits. To paraphrase the hilarious Masuka, “What’s the deal?”

Doakes: As much as we’re counting down the days until the inevitable no-holds-barred Dexter vs. Doakes confrontation. There’s no way the writer’s are going to give it to us this season. The dynamic between the two of them is far too interesting to extinguish so early in the show’s run. Our prediction. Come the end of the season, Doakes will find himself behind bars, convicted of the crimes that Dexter committed. Leaving season three open for Doakes’ revenge. Which we imagine will be as awesome as it sounds.

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  • Aileen

    I totally called Lila way back before the show even started (I must be psychic!). I really hope she ends up biting the dust at Dexter’s hand, because then I’m in the running to win the prize from the contest! C’mon, Dex, she deserves it!

  • CC

    The latest episode was AMAZING!
    Personally I dont see how him killing Lila and Lundy will pan out. Both can be directly linked back to him easily, especially Lila right?
    Dexter should so light Lila on fire!
    And yea, unless he frames Doakes I dont see HOW he will survive the season without being caught!
    This season is so great! I hope the thirds just as good.

  • Sheindie

    ..recently discovered the show and can’t get enough.. I love that it’s on like every single nite…sure, same eppy but
    ….this was so good.. ya just KNOW Doakes will be jailed for it… and Deb and her Boss? Excellent! 🙂