Did you happen to catch last night’s episode of THE SIMPSONS? Talk about bizarre. First we witness three of the most celebrated graphic novelists of our time [Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman and Dan Clowes] defend guest star Jack Black’s new comic book shop “Coolisville” against an angry Comic Book Guy. Then quickly cut to an entirely different story, as Marge opens up a successful chain of Curves-inspired Gyms for women. Channeling my own inner comic book guy, I’ll just say this — “Most uneven episode ever!”

After catching up on the latest three episodes of the season courtesy of my very own FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS marathon this TV Addict is left pondering one important question. Who is my favorite Dillon Panther couple? While the obvious choices include the Taylors and/or Landry and Tyra, I think this season’s MVC [Most Valuable Couple] award actually goes to Buddy Garrity and his love affair with the Dillon Panthers. Not only does Buddy bring some much needed comic relief to the show, he’s the man responsible for reuniting Coach Taylor with his family and the Panther football team. If that doesn’t get you MVC, I don’t know what does.

And finally, if theTVaddict.com is a little lacking in the update department this week, it’s my Xbox 360’s fault. I’m currently hooked on ASSASSIN’S CREED, one of the most visually stunning and addictive video games I’ve ever played. That said, I can still tie this into TV, as one of the games characters is none other than Veronica Mars herself Kristen Bell. And sadly, not to continue my attack on HEROES, but I think it says a lot about the show when her video-game character is more intriguing than her television one.

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  • Poor Buddy Garrity – all he really has left is the Panthers. He’s trying to make them super stellar again so he can experience happiness. I hated him when the show started. I certainly don’t anymore!

  • Kristin

    Buddy Garrity is awesome! I really hope having the responsibility for this new young lad will help Buddy find some peace in his life.

    I love the Taylor’s they are such a cute couple. I always love stories involving these two.

    I would love for there to be another great love story on the show. Maybe a reconnect between Jason and Lyla or maybe the whole Matt and the chick there to help his grandma could hook up.

    This is the best show on television! I would watch a new episode every night if they made that many!

  • Cepish

    Dude, Kristen’s character in Heroes is totally awesome.

    She’s the cutest sadistic sociopath ever 😉