DEXTER Kills in the Ratings

Apparently, I’m not the only TV Addict addicted to DEXTER this season. Showtime is reporting today that Sunday’s episode averaged 1.23 million viewers, the best numbers ever for a single run series on Showtime since 2004. Proving yet again, that when it comes to television — knows what’s best for you.

With that in mind, may we also take a moment to humbly suggest tuning into DIRTY SEXY MONEY tonight on ABC at 10PM. Trust us, with the holidays around the corner, it’s never a bad thing to be reminded that there are far more dysfunctional families than the one you’re sitting down to Thanksgiving Dinner with!

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  • Sheindie

    Favorite show… recently got hooked…love that it’s on all the time 🙂 MORE!!!!!

  • DEXTER is so good! I keep thinking about who he might kill and when you asked what our predictions were. It seemed so obvious at first (Doakes!) and then almost possible (Lundy) and now it could be someone I wouldn’t have even thought of (Lila). I’m glad it is getting the recognition it deserves.

  • Shahid

    Oh you met him O.O you actually met him, i wish i could but it is not like he is coming England anytime soon, loved the series not very famous here though but i am hooked. S3 might be a bit weird though.