Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week

Best of the Week #1: HEROES
I’m sure I’m not alone in this; HEROES was finally good again! After all this time it was nice to see what happened to everyone. It was also darker, no more fairy tales from the old days. To me, it felt like good old HEROES again. I’m even more interested in Alejandro and Maya now; that family massacre was quite impressive. I didn’t expect that, just like I didn’t expect to see that D.L. was killed the old fashioned way. I like to be surprised by my shows, and for the first time since the end of season one, HEROES managed to accomplish that.

Best of the Week #2: HOUSE
Even though the concept of reality TV within a scripted show has been done several times before, it was still brilliant. Especially the edited clip at the end of the episode, that’s exactly how I feel about reality TV. It’s more fake than any other kind of show! I also loved the scene in which House realized he’s not superior to all other men, that he is in fact just another testosterone pumping idiot who hires women based on their appearance rather than their brains. I still miss our first generation of ducklings, but I guess I’m adjusting to the new HOUSE.

Best of the Week #3: DEXTER
Wow, Dexter’s new girlfriend is even more psycho than he is. Still though, I thought she was more suitable for Dexter than Rita ever will be. Rita would never understand him, should the truth come out. It’s only a matter of time before Dexter wiggles his way out of this one though, this girl has reinvented the ‘freak show’. It was great to see Dexter manipulate Dokes right out of a job, though I think setting off the fire alarm was beneath him. But I guess he thought so himself too. Did anyone else download Chopin’s Nocturne after that episode, by the way? I did. Guilty as charged.

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Worst of the Week #1: BIONIC WOMAN?
Jaime Sommers is so blah. Even her name is blah. The love interest is not even blah, he’s more ‘zZZzz’. This show is predictable, black and white. From a spy drama I’d expect a lot of grey areas and moral dilemma’s, but I’ve seen nothing that provides food for thought. I already know Jaime’s opinions on things before she even expresses them. We’ve already seen the lovesick geeky tech guy. There’s nothing new or interesting about this show, at all. So, after giving it a fair chance, I’ve decided my time is probably better spent on other series.

It’s official; CSI is dead to me. Let me ask you, would Sara break up with Grissom by writing him a letter?! Is that their only form of relationship communication? Personally, I think that was completely out of character. Even the words she used didn’t seem like the words that Sara would use. “You know I love you”. What is that, seriously?! It felt like it was written by a 16-year old. Her departure was painful, and not in that good, angsty kind of way. Also, if that’s going to be the only on-screen kiss we ever get, I am going to kick it.

Worst of the Week #3: THE OFFICE
Don’t get me wrong, the episode was excellent as it almost always is, but I’m kind of angry about the way THE OFFICE handled this whole WGA strike. Didn’t they know beforehand that in the event of a strike Steve Carell might react to it this ‘strongly’? A lot of shows prepared for this strike to minimize the damage, but this season of THE OFFICE seems to be over and I think they should have shot an alternate ending or something of that sort. Because this is not a finale. Right?

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  • Julien

    I completly disagree with you about CSI, i tought it was excellent, totally in character it was great for me

    And the writers on the office work really hard to make those godawful hourlong episode so they cant really be blame about not having any time left to do an alternate ending like most of the other shows, blame NBC if you have to blame someone

  • Aileen

    I agree with you about Dexter and Heroes. I’m desperately awaiting new episodes for both shows next week.