battlestar galactica razor

To borrow a line from our good friends over at SyFy Portal, tonight’s two-hour BATTLESTAR GALACTICA movie event is most definitely worth spending a Saturday at home for.

Written by GALACTICA/STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE vet Michael Taylor, RAZOR chronicles the aftermath of the Cylon attack as told from the perspective of the BATTLESTAR PEGASUS, her leader Admiral Cane and relative newcomer Kendra Shaw.

“Sometimes we have to do things that we never thought we were capable of, if only to show the enemy our will.”

And “show the enemy our will” she does. Played to perfection by Michelle Forbes, Admiral Cain not only helps to fearlessly lead her troops through one of the show’s most visually stunning battles ever. She also makes numerous life-and-death decisions, the likes of which BATTLESTAR GALACTICA has become famous for. You know, those jaw-dropping moments that will have you uttering, “Oh No She didn’t” quietly under your breath.

Forbes truly delivers an Emmy-worthy performance [assuming the Emmy voters ever bothered to watch the show]. Creating a character so multi-layered and complex — one can almost justify some of the horrific choices she makes.

Fans will also enjoy the introduction of new character Kendra Shaw. Shaw, played by 27-year old Hong Kong native Stephanie Jacobsen). is cleverly used as the movie’s link between the Cain era on Pegasus and the Lee Adama era that follows.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “New character.. groan.” Rest assured, Kendra Shaw fits seamlessly into the GALACTICA world. So well in fact that as the movie progresses, you’ll be wishing for ways in which GALACTICA mastermind Ronald D. Moore can integrate her into the show as a series regular. That or spend your time imagining who would win in a girl fight — Shaw or Starbuck? [While Shaw has some serious issues, our money is still on Starbuck]

Fans will also be happy to know that RAZOR boasts solid performances from numerous members of the cast we’ve come to know and love including Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackoff, Edward James Olmos and one of our favorite Cylons. But I’m not about to ruin that surprise.

All in all, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RAZOR has something for everyone. Adding nicely to the series’ mythology while providing us with some incredible action sequences and character development. It’s the perfect holiday treat from SCI FI and the ideal way to quench your GALACTICA thirst until the show’s final season premiere next April.

How many days until April?

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RAZOR airs tonight on the SCI FI Network and SPACE in Canada at 9PM