Huge BONES Spoilers!

bones kiss

Apparently Christmas comes early this year for BONES fans.

Not only does tomorrow’s episode offer up a long awaited smooch between Booth and Brennan, the TV Addict will have another exclusive interview from a favorite BONES cast member. To find out who, check back tomorrow. And for a spoiler free version of the big moment, click the link below.

bones kiss

Don’t miss the big moment, Tuesday November 27 at 8PM on FOX.

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  • jenny

    this was posted on most other sites last week, you are a bit late on this one.

  • But do other sites do the creative photo mosaic? I think not 🙂

  • paketep

    Hmmmm, I’d say that both the title of the post and the heavily-pixelated-but-perfectly-discernible pic before the jump are spoilers in themselves (since anyone watching Bones knows perfectly well what they mean).

    You should rename the post as Bones Spoilers and move the rest for those that click Read More.

  • Karen

    I’m so confused. All the trades were talking about a different episode for this week. And then they show the Christmas episode? And then after the show they said “Bones” wouldn’t be back on until January?
    What gives?

  • katie-emma-lynn

    bones rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sazzers

    Bones is AwSoMe!
    Yay! Go Booth and Brenen! =)
    You go girl

  • Bones is hoot (the character)

  • Loup-chien

    tu est très hot comme sa david