Save the Cheerleader, Save your Father?

By Special Guest Columnist Seth C.

So it has been three weeks since my last article on how to fix HEROES and a lot has happened since then, and I must say not all of it good. Everyone is saying how Heroes is back on track, but I still think it needs a long way to go….and here is why.

1. The need for Claire’s blood. This whole plot line really bothers me. Adam has been prisoner for 30 years with the corporation. Everyone knows that Adam’s blood heals(as we saw with Nathan and have been told by other characters). So why weren’t they stockpiling Adam’s blood. Lets be generous and say they only took one pint a month for 30 years(with his healing powers they could easily take more) that would be 360 pints or over 40 gallons!! of blood more then enough when you saw that only one syringe was able to heal Nathan.

2. The Wonder(less) Twins. I was more interested on why Alejandro’s wife was cheating on her wedding day then on the twins and their quest. If I see her cry once more I may stab my own eyes out. Kill them both off already. If Sylar takes both their powers will he be a light switch: black goo on, black goo off, black goo on…….

3. Four Months Ago. The whole episode was terrible. Are we meant to believe that Peter is so gullible that he will give everything up so it won’t happen again. Also Peter can absorb powers, being so close to Adam wouldn’t he now have Adam’s powers which would render the drugs useless because of his healing powers, oh wait he already had that power from Claire. D.L.(calling Squad 51). He doesn’t phase the second he sees a gun. Please… What happened to Sylar for the past 4 months? How did HRG and Claire stay under the radar for so long? How did HRG and Mohinder meet up? All Four Months ago did was aggravate the audience by showing Peter as a sniveling baby.

4. HRG surviving was just too obvious and too cliched lets have dead characters stay dead unless they are flashbacks.

5. Sylar!! He is a wonderful anti-hero who has been delegated to the sidelines and has yet to see major playing time this year. It’s time to put in your heavy hitters.

6. Hiro. Yes he is back in our time, and yes he has to deal with the death of his father, but his trying to change time is getting confusing. He helps Adam and then can’t help his father? He only now learns of to be a “hero”. Yes Hiro was surprised to learn Adam killed his father but I was not. Who else could walk away from a fall like that-Peter, Claire or Adam? Process of elimination it was Adam.

7. Elle. She is very annoying with her treating of all men like puppy dogs that she wants to keep.

Now I must admit there have been some positives.

1. The virus. It has the potential to being a great story line if they follow it through.

2. Elle. The misguided, flirtatious character has started to grow on me. Lot of character potential there.

3. The future meeting of Hiro and Adam should be a great confrontation.

The most recent episode: Cautionary Tales showed they can tell a good story when focusing on a few characters and the struggles of HRG. Get rid of the last minute and the whole Hiro story line and you have the best episode of the season. I know there are only two more episodes because of the Writers Strike but lets hope we finish with a bang so that we don’t spend our next few months debating which season 2 was worse Lost or Heroes.

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  • John

    If Elle needs a puppy dog surrogate, I am available.

  • Alyssa

    I basically disagree with everything.

  • VCAD

    wow I can’t believe you dislike so much this season of Heroes, yeah I agree the first 7 episodes (but nummber 5 because I really enjoyed that one) were very slow, nothing happend, but this last episodes have been great! sure, there are a lot of plot holes, and yes, I was sick of Hiro in Japan but come on, comparing this to season 2 of Lost? ouch! I don’t think is that bad. The only thing is that I don’t like the fact that Claire’s blood cures people, now is like, what’s the point? no one has to die, because she can cure everyone, and yes HRG surviving was cliche but I rather have been alive than dead.

  • Josh

    I agree with VCAD. I think too many people are splitting hairs this season with regards to how good or bad heroes is. It’s never going to be season 1 again. But that doesn’t mean it’s automatically delegated to the bad season shelf. The writers have, within the last 5 eps maybe, saved what was a slow start. Many of the smaller things you mentioned I hadn’t really picked up on, though I do understand that’s your job. Don’t give up on it yet, if this show is known for anything… always has something else up it’s sleeve

  • wiikness

    haha, right on brother. I agree with basically everything said

  • rocky

    are you kidding me? how can you find something thats not good on cautionary tales? that was perfect … the whole storyline with hiro was great too in this episode b/c it fit with the plot … maybe there are some things you dont really get
    I agree that hiro stuck way too long in the past but thats gone now
    and how can you say elle is something negativ AND positiv .. doesnt make sence

    Its pretty funny that everybody says heroes is back on track and you are the only one who thinks its not

    and please dont forget: lost had some more episodes in the second season which most of all sucked … we are talking about 9 episodes here … if the normal season would go on and the storyline would be like the last ones it this season would most definately rock … and we still dont know if that may happen after all

  • cam3150

    The reason we haven’t seen much of Sylar is that Zachary Quinto is filiming Star Trek, right? I remember reading that they were going to basically have to write the character out for 4 months. Once he gets through with that and we finally start getting new eps again, he should be more of a major player…hopefully anway.

  • Seth C.

    Thanks for all your responses..
    Alyssa, what specifically do you disagree with?
    VCAD, I feel that HRG should be alive or dead(I prefer him alive) not being brought back to life, this show has stayed away from cliches-lets keep it that way.
    Josh, I’m not giving up I still enjoy the show and I use the Lost comparison for prose while I’m writing. The past episode showed great potential.
    Rocky, as I said I enjoyed Cautionary Tales very much with two small points. HRG coming back to life and Hiro’s speech. I can say Elle is a positvie and negative because she has strengths and weakness. She is indicative of the whole season boiled down to one character. Great potential, lots of back story, a little action and some very annoying parts. I think Heroes is starting to get back on track I just don’t think it’s all the way there yet.

    With all that being said, I can’t wait for tonights episode..except NBC says one of the plot lines is Nathan finds out his brother is alive(didn’t he find that out a few episodes ago?) and why didn’t Elle attack HRG the second she was out of the water? Why did she need her hands free before zapping Superboylite?

    Just some things to ponder…

  • nick

    I agree with everything said.I hate when shows kill someone and then they come back.HATE it

  • h

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one still unsatisfied with Heroes. Last week’s episode really annoyed me. I felt every single thing was unpredictable and the only good part was sticking Elle’s feet in Mr. Muggle’s bath so she’d shock herself. I’ll still watch the next 2 episodes, but I won’t be back whenever Heroes returns. After all, if it doesn’t stink up the works next go ’round, I can always catch up online.

  • Tim D.

    well maybe they didnt know the blood could heal until he healed nathan and now they need someone with that power like clarie. as for syler i sooo agree and Zachary Quinto didnt start filiming star trek till november about the time the strike started so that is no reason not to have him in it

  • Jason

    Even comparing Lost season 2 to the current batch of Heroes episodes is an insult to Lost. You are probably in the minority who thinkings that Lost S2 as a whole sucked as whole. Season 2 of Lost won the Golden Globe and Television Critics Award for the best drama. I doubt that Heroes season 2 stands a chance of even getting nominated let alone winning. I would even go as far as saying that the worst episode of Season 2 of Lost (Fire + Water) was better than any of the episodes Heroes has put out this season so far.

  • Marvin

    The whole Sylar storyline, including Alejandro and Maya could have been left out. I always skip past these scenes when I watch on the web. It doesn’t add anything to the show. I would have rather waited for season 3 for Sylar to make a come-back.

    It’ll be interesting if Adam and Clair are related, since it seems that some of these powers are hereditary.

    I don’t think Peter is stupid. He’s protecting Adam but, he must have ulterior motives. At least I hope he does. Maybe he’s trying to figure out how to catch up to that girl he left in the future.

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