What Do Full Season Orders for CHUCK and LIFE Mean?

What does NBC’s surprise full season pick-up for CHUCK and LIFE mean? Does network president Ben Silverman knows something we don’t? Could Deadline Hollywood Daily’s assertion that “it’s possible that the strike could be settled before Christmas” become a reality? And what does this mean for the season’s most under-appreciated new gem JOURNEYMAN? Or the season’s biggest bust BIONIC WOMAN? Post away with your thoughts below, and stay tuned to theTVaddict.com. Things are just starting to get interesting.

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  • Hil

    Yay! Life is one of my favorite new shows. I am not sure what it means for the strike. For all I know they crunched the numbers and it seemed economical under any circumstance to keep Life and Chuck. Typically it is about the money. It seems like Life and Chuck might cost less to make than, say, Bionic Woman or other freshmen shows for the ratings they get. I am thrilled however it went down.

    Have we heard anything about the fate of Pushing Daisies or any of the other new shows yet?

  • SimplyKimberly

    I am so happy that Chuck and LIFE were picked up for a full season. I hope that Journeyman’s fate isn’t as bleak as has been rumored. I really like that show a lot. My entire office watches it and we are quite a diverse bunch in tastes and styles.

    Bionic Woman has definitely had its problems, but I have been willing to give it an entire season to work them out because I want to like the show.

    I would assume Pushing Daisies will definitely be renewed. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be.

    Now, if this strike does actually end before Christmas, what does that mean for 24? Will it air in early 2008?

  • nctodc

    I’m so glad there’s going to be another season of Life. It’s definitely one of my favorite new shows. I was a little nervous about another eccentric cop-female cop pairing, but they’ve managed to carve out their own little niche.

    “Bionic Woman” is done. Did you read the comments from Katee Sackhoff? Ouch.

  • Josh Emerson

    Kimberly, Pushing Daisies was already renewed.

    I don’t think this pickup really means that much. ABC renewed Dirty Sexy Money after the strike started, didn’t they? It was around the time it began, either a couple days before or after.

    PS, yay for Chuck! I love this show. 😀

  • CC

    I dont know I certainly hope it’s resoved.
    But I’m so happy about Chuck, it def. deserved to be picked up!

  • I am happy that CHUCK has been picked up, but am surprised at the announcement of LIFE. What is extremely disappointing though, is that the 12th episode of JOURNEYMAN could be its last.

    Hil & SimplyKimberly, I believe that PUSHING DAISIES has already been picked up for the season by ABC.

  • leoguy72388

    When are they going back into negotiations? Sometime this week right? Hopefully the networks have come up with some decent and fair compromises to offer the writers.

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  • nick

    I dig Bionic Woman and i hope it gets a chance.

  • aliounknown

    There’s simply no chance for bionic woman in my opinion. It really has to go …