Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week

Due to impending hiatus, the WGA strike, shows that are too horrible to watch and several season finales, I have come to the shocking conclusion that my show count of 26 has been reduced to a mere 10! If only you could see the look on my face right now…

As a result of Hollywood failing us, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. Instead of doing the usual ‘Best & Worst’, today I give you just the one best and one worst of the week. This writer’s strike needs to be over. Very soon.

This week’s best: MOONLIGHT

I have to admit that I couldn’t get on board the Mick/Beth ship at first, but I think this show grows as time progresses, as does their relationship. If given a fair chance, MOONLIGHT could become one of those rare cult hits like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL. Its two leads are acting better with each episode, and they’ve built up more and more chemistry between their characters. They have now stumbled upon their first major obstacle, the ex-wife. I love it that Mick is flawed, that he has a weakness for Coraline and that he couldn’t resist her. The final scene just complicated everything a whole lot more, and I for one can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week! If you’re not watching MOONLIGHT already, I strongly urge you to do so. What with this strike we’ve been suffering through we need to expand our horizons anyway!

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This week’s worst: GREY’S ANATOMY

It’s time for this season’s big event. There was the bomb, there was the ferry arc and now an ambulance crashed and Seth Green’s got an exposed corroded artery. An artery that happened to explode at the end of the episode to create a shock-effect. Who didn’t see that coming from miles and miles away? Does anyone even care about the Alex/Lexi/ Large-Forehead-Girl love triangle? The only love triangle we ever cared about was Allison/Derek/Meredith. But that all happened back when Grey’s Anatomy was still awesome, these days they’re just trying every romance hoping that one of them will feel right to the viewers. The storyline that interested me the most was that of the ‘Nazi Gut’, as Dr. Bailey put it. Then again, her storylines are always the most interesting ones. Here’s to hoping part two of this unfitting, supposedly big event will be at least a little better.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    I agree that it gets better with each week. I initially was interested in it because of David Greenwalt. My favorite show in the WHEDONverse had quietly become ANGEL because its themes were more adult in nature.

    But with the addition of Jason Dohring it became a show that would definitely be given a shot at earning space on the TiVo on a regular basis.

    And over time, Mick and Beth’s relationship has drawn me in even futher than I expected. It is quickly becoming appointment television for me.

  • Aileen

    I agree that Moonlight is definitely getting better. I originally started watching because I am a big Buffy/Angel fan and love Jason Dohring. At first it was regulated to “background noise”: shows I watch while doing worksheets or typing up notes–the shows that I want to see but aren’t compelling enough to give all my attention to. However, the last few episodes have actually made me put away my homework and fully WATCH. It’s still not as well-written as Buffy or Angel and still isn’t the best show on television, but I’m glad I started watching and I’m pleasantly surprised to find myself looking forward to the next episode.

    Also, it is the ADDISON (not Allison)/Meredith/Derek love triangle that we all knew and loved. But I do agree that last week’s episode was strangely boring for a Big Event.

  • Josh

    maybe its my forever love for Grey’s Anatomy that causes me to always find it good. Grey’s is just a rare show that no matter how boring or uneventful an episode will be I will faithfully keep coming back because I still find it good. Oh and btw I’d say 14 million people who watched the episode will disagree with you

  • CC

    Greys is what it is, it cant always be amazing. But I do always enjoy the great acting and writing.

    And Moonlight, what can I say. I’m in love with the show. And I find it strange you coudnt get on the Mick/Beth bandwagon, when I was there from the very first episode! Guess thats just me though.

  • LuvMick

    Moonlight is the best thing on tv right now. Alex O’Loughlin is an amazing actor and I think his star is rising, though I hope we get to keep him on Moonlight for a while. Come on CBS, pick up the show for the whole season!

  • Josh Emerson

    Clearly we have very different views of Grey’s Anatomy. I have never once cared for the Derek/Meredith relationship and am always glad when that storyline is pushed back in favor of others. I am sooooooo hoping that Derek starts dating this Rose. And Meredith is killed off the show. Wish that was an option…

    Anyway, a triangle I would be really interested in is Alex/Ava/Izzie. He’s a good match with both of them, so that’d make for some interesting events. Plus it would mean that the whole Gizzie disaster has ended.

    Although I should say I am really enjoying this season of Grey’s, as a whole.

  • Alyssa

    Wow, what a change from the time that people were predicting that Moonlight would be one of the worst new shows. I really like it but I’m behind. Looking forward to watching the back episodes.

  • jan

    Moonlight all the way…best show on TV and gets better everyweek. I wouldnt miss it for anything or anyone, except of course if Alex came knocking on my door at 9:00 pm on Friday night to pick me up for a date…..hey a girl can dream

  • Spike15233

    Moonlight is a great!! ( i really didnt think it would like it, no wi love it.) Alex is so hot too and good actor,

  • Cathy

    Moonlight is on a break until Dec. 14th, episodes can be seen for free on if you don’t mind time/mouth sync differences. 9 episodes can be downloaded from Itunes for $1.99 per episode or about $17.00 for the season so far.

    The show has improved expotentially since the first show. Alex O’Loughlin is one of the more charismatic actors to break onto the scene in a long time, and the romance between he and Sophia Myles is charming and compelling to watch.

  • Christy

    Moonlight is must-see TV for me every Friday night. It’s the ONLY show I watch on Friday. Can’t wait to get more backstory on everyone in the cast!

    I highly recommend watching this show, its got drama, romance, action-adventure and humor. Something for everyone.

  • Lynn

    The Moonlight chemistry is AMAZING. How did CBS figure out a way to disperse some sort of addictive chemical through the airwaves? Oh wait, that must be essence of Alex O’Loughlin!! Seriously, I was mildly interested in the preview, but not being a vamp fan, I thought it would go right past me. Was I ever wrong! Ten minutes into the show I was hooked, have now downloaded all the episodes and re-watched til they are memorized and “ituned” every song available. And, now vampires are tops in my list! Gotta love the 50s PI noir and love triangle(s) too. Smart TV, smart humor, smart characters, and CBS, if you can hear me: SMART VIEWERS! Please keep Moonlight on TV for many seasons to come!

  • Beth

    MOONLIGHT is #1 in my book, too! I’ll be dying this Friday night without a new episode to watch. Alex O’Laughlin is smokin hot as Mick St. John and the chemistry/sexual tension between the characters of Mick and Beth…’s both romantic and hot all at once! The writing is fantastic, the film style and set, the action/adventure/intrigue….this show has it all!!!!!!

  • Joanna

    Wahahaha. Oh my god I totally typed Allison instead of Addison. I guess I was more tired than I thought!

  • Lisa

    Moonlight is sooooo good. By far my favorite show on television right now. Long live Mickbeth! C’mon CBS, green light this series for another season.