Since this TV Addict won’t get a chance to catch up with last night’s TV until later in the week. I thought I’d pose the questions to you guys. Did HEROES continue it’s string of good episodes? Is CHUCK worth perpetually saving on my PVR to catch up with come December repeats? Was the second part JOURNEYMAN’s two-parter as good as last week? And while I’m on the subject, is JOURNEYMAN worth fighting for? You be the critic.

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  • crystal

    Yes on the last question. Journeyman is worth it and was awesome. I think it has become my favorite new show. I am will be netflixing Quantum Leap now.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Journeyman is definitely worth fighting for. I don’t know why this show isn’t a hit. Perhaps people are so disgusted with how Heroes is going that they simply turn off the tv at 9:00 and don’t watch anything after that? I don’t know. If I could personally save one show this season, this is the one I would choose.

  • Josh

    Heroes is def back where it used to be! You must watch and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I also have been saving chuck to watch for later and will continue to do so because I’ve heard nothing but good comments

  • Chuck is definitely worth it. It has a little bit of everything, drama, action, comedy.

    I am a little worried that it’s suffering from a case of “O.C.”-itis. Symptoms include advancing the plot WAY too fast and and adorable appearances by Rachel Bilson.

  • sus


  • Mel

    I love Chuck!!!
    Journeyman lost me a while ago.
    Heroes — gosh I really do like it still but it just bares no scrutiny whatsoever.

    Um is it just me, how do they know that taking Adam or peter’s (or Claire’s I guess) head off kills them? Did they have another healer they tried it on? And didn’t Adam get blown up by gunpowder back in the day? And it didn’t turn him –including his head –into mincemeat? And Peter went nuclear, yes? And came back? It just makes MY head hurt to think about it.
    But on the positive side –Yaaay Sylar!! One down, one to go.

  • Mel

    oops– that would be ‘bears no scrutiny’ — Freudian slip d’ya think? 😉

  • Heroes was a little slow last night. But still okay. And since we’re all suspending belief just to watch the show, I think we have to accept their word for it on what is deadly for Peter or Adam. Or even Sylar, who should’ve died instantly everytime Maya’s eyes go black; although, somehow he manages to hang on long enough for her eyes to clear up and Sylar gets up like nothing happened. While others die instantly in the same situation. Uh, okay. LOL.

    Journeyman is one of the best shows on TV. I can’t believe it may be on the chopping block. Frustrating to see quality shows not given enough time to develop a following. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and I’d think NBC would give this one “the back nine” to see how it goes. I sent NBC an email because it was easy enough to do so. What the heck.

  • Beth

    Chuck was great last night. Love the show and I’m so glad it got picked up for the entire season.

    I was a little bored last night with Heroes. I’m still on the bandwagon and will continue to watch it each Monday, but I’m a little disappointed with it. Not as good as the previous two episodes.

    Journeyman was GREAT! I love this show and will continue watching and fighting for it.

  • Kate

    Journeyman is really good I started watching and fell behind but caught up this weekend and watched last night’s episode. Things are moving at a good pace and the storylines keep me interested. Monday nights on NBC are good now that Heroes is better. Another NBC show that is great is Life.

  • SuperChris

    Heroes was awesome last night. Although I’m very biased towards the Sylar scenes. Zachary Quinto has proven once again that he is a great actor.

    The only thing I didn’t like, is that there’s subtitles and they couldn’t just have them speak English instead of Spanish. I noticed that I completely tuned out the twins speaking to stare at Sylar and completely missed out on their babbling. Thank god for DVRs.

    Claire vs. Elle was great and the only thing that could have made it better would be to have them actually break some nails.

  • CC

    Chuck is great.

    Heroes continues to be…. bleh.
    Atleast to me.
    Even Veronica Mars couldnt save that one.

  • Sheindie

    JOURNEYMAN keeps getting more absorbing and MUST be saved… LIFE and CHUCK are awesome!!
    HEROES continues to draw you in and gets better and better as the ‘puzzle pieces’ come together ..AND a shirtless SYLAR is worth l00 shirtless
    Peters 🙂

  • Jay

    We have 2 fight 4 Journeyman!!

    I keep missing Chuck, but I’ll catch it on DVD

  • Beth

    I agree – Journeyman is DEFINITELY worth fighting for! There’s just so much more to be told on that show than only a few more episodes could fulfill!

  • robert

    Journeyman is a freakin awsome show and I try to watch every monday..if I miss an episode I watch online…..I have never been so attached to a show since Star Trek DS9 six and seventh season..during the Dominion War storyline…NBC would be stupid to cancel this great show..

  • Josh Emerson

    Chuck is very very awesome. I love this show more each week. 😀 Heroes gave another great episode last night. It sucks that there’s only one episode left.

  • Stephanie

    I watched Journeyman for the first time last night, and was immediately hooked. It was great…and I’m definitely going to continue watching.

    CHUCK. Wow. LOVE IT. It’s quickly crawling to the top of my fave shows. Chuck and Supernatural. Has a nice ring to it. *snort* It’s an awesome show, and always makes me laugh. And Zach Levi? Hot.

    Heroes…I’ve been a fan since episode one, so I’m staying faithful to it and continuing to watch, but it stills needs that “WHOA” episode for this season.

  • the_0ne

    Chuck is the ****!!!!

    Journeyman, well after 11/26’th episode, I’m sort of back into it. But if I had to choose between Chuck, Journeyman and Heroes, Chuck ftw…