GOSSIP GIRL Spoilers: Thanksgiving

gossip girl cast

Last night, GOSSIP GIRL hit the big time. And by ‘big time,’ I of course am referring to the fact that this TV Addict is officially ready to proclaim GOSSIP GIRL his favorite new show of the season.

The Thanksgiving themed episode was actually Thanksgiving squared. Offering up a tasty look at this year’s uber awkward Thanksgiving dinner at the Humphrey loft [Rufus and Lily’s past comes back to haunt them], the Waldorf Estate [Blair’s dad’s run off to Europe with a Man] and the Archibald Mansion [Nate’s Dad has issues]. Complete with flashbacks to Thanksgiving pasts — featuring a very drunk Serena and very hungry Blair.

So why did the episode rock? For lack of a better word, something finally clicked. This TV Addict stopped passively watching the show and genuinely started to care about these characters. No really, the TV Addict tips his hat [or is it remote?] to the GOSSIP GIRL writers [Go WGA!]. Who over the course of a season have truly transformed ‘S’ and ‘B’ from rich and snobby caricatures to fully realized characters with real problems. Apparently, having endless amounts of money, power and good looks may really not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t believe me, find out for yourself tonight at 9PM on the new [still new?] CW.

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  • Less Strike news

    Yay Gossip Girl….great show if you are a 13 year old. I was talking at Thanksgiving with my little cousins and her and all her friends watch it. Thank god I didn’t get into this piece of crap.

  • Cristy

    Less Strike, the addict was kidding, because, just as we all, he loves GG as The OC and Boston legal for what it is – a satire of the lives of the rich and their trivial issues (so, yes, republican bashing mostly).

  • Josh Emerson

    I watched the first few episodes and it was alright, but it wasn’t good enough to make my Top 5 new shows of the season list. If the strike does continue for a while, that’s the only thing that’ll get me to check out the show once again.

    Otherwise, I just found it annoying. I don’t want to compare it to The OC much because they’re really less similar than you’d think. The OC had heart, it had great characters who you cared about, it had humor, and I personally thought Gossip Girl was lacking in these areas.

  • Josh,

    Just so you know… GOSSIP GIRL has evolved into a quality show. It finally has HEART — something that it was missing for the first few episodes. I finally am starting to care about these characters and if given the chance you will to.

    Check it out if the strike continues and let me know if you jump on the bandwagon.

  • Funny. I was just typing similar sentiments. Something about last night crossed over from hilarious cliched ridden guilty pleasure to just pure drama inducing pleasure.

    And to think they even had the Tabloid styled headline type scrawl across everytime we flashed back to Thanksgiving Last Year, just to add to the gossipy feel.

    Totally great (although how can you even dare say its the best new show in a year with Pushing Daisies? Sacrilige!)

  • nctodc

    Yeah, I’m definitely not sold on Gossip Girl.

    And really…can you judge the HEART of a show based on a holiday episode? That’s like judging the number of religious folks in a town by counting how many people are at church on Christmas.

    Of course it’s heartwarming…it’s a holiday! This is a false positive. They’ll be back to their self-indulgent selves next week.

  • Hey, I’m 20 and I love Gossip Girl. Then again, I grew up with The O.C., so I hold a special place in my heart for teen dramas.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s epi.

  • cloak

    I agree with the TV addict, Gossip Girl has become really sweet show, and I like in a different way than The OC. In The OC I was watching it more for the pop culture references, the hidden geek stuff (ok, not so hidden but it’s always good to see an issue of Ghost Rider on TV).

    Gossip Girl, is all about Blair for me. Leighton Meester is doing fantastic work, and I’m really glad to see in what direction they are taking Blair. Also, the scene in the Church is pure gold 🙂

    btw, did anyone else notice the Atom and His Package reference in the last episode (about the jews eating chinese food on christmas)?. It was also on the OC and It’s from Atom and His Package’s song What We Do On Christmas “we go to the movies and eat chinese food.”

  • Josh C.

    i must agree TV Addict. I was a little unsure only because I wasnt a fan of the OC. But, GG is by far the best new show of the season in line with other greats like Sam who? and Pushing Daisies. I remember you said on a podcast how no new shows really make you say, “wow i cant wait til next weeks episode.” has you opinion changed? not just with GG but anythign else?