You Be The Critic: HOUSE and BONES

Dropping the ball yet again, this TV Addict missed last night’s installments of HOUSE and BONES [Again, God Bless the PVR] So fill me in — Was the Booth and Brennan kiss worth the wait? Were you happy with House’s final choices for his new team? Post away with your thoughts.

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  • TB

    ..or more importantly…

    Where is that interview with a ‘Bones cast member’ that you mentioned would be posted yesterday? 😛

  • Admittedly, I dropped the ball on the interview! My sincere apologies as unfortunately — real life sometimes gets in the way of television blogging.

    That said, to make it up to you — I’ll give you the choice. Pick which BONES cast member you’d like to hear from next. Tamara Taylor or Michaela Conlin.

  • Michaela Conlin!

    Oh, and I loved the way the Bones/Booth kiss came about.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Of course the kiss was fantastic on BONES. But personally I loved the very end of the episode when Booth brought Bones and her family a Christmas tree at the prison. I never thought I would be able to love another character of DBs as much as I love Angel, but Booth is slowly reaching the level of love. This show just gets better with each passing season.

  • TB

    I guess I can forgive you…this time 😛

    Between Tamara & Michaela? I’d go with Michaela.

    And yeah, I agree that I thought the end montage meant a whole lot more than the kiss did. Overall, it was a great episode. Just the right amount of humor and I loved the family feel of the entire episode.

  • courtney

    House was amazing. The way he picked his team was perfect and just so…House. Definitely a great end to the “reality show” that he was hosting.

  • KaeDee

    The Booth/Bones kiss was a creative and inventive way of giving the fans something without starting an actual “relationship.” Very fun!

  • Trevor

    House was brilliant yet again. He always finds a way to be clever to end this fiasco of picking a team.

  • Alysha

    OMG, the Bones/Booth kiss was soooooooo worth the wait. That whole episode was brilliant. It demonstrated how well the characters know each other and Booth’s reaction to Bones telling him they were going to kiss (not asking him) was so cute. And the way they reacted afterwards, hilarious! I love the way the kiss came about; I totally didn’t expect the lawyer to be the cause of it. Brilliant episode. That kiss will help me survive at least another season or 2 without them actually getting together. *floats away on a cloud*