Great News for JOURNEYMAN Fans

Aint It Cool News has some great news for JOURNEYMAN fans. Contrary to the rumors, NBC will indeed air the 12th [and possibly] final episode of the show on Wednesday December 19th at 10PM. Explained JOURNEYMAN Mastermind Kevin Falls in an email to AICN, “There’s still no news on our long term future, but we can promise you this: three terrific episodes inside of ten days. Oh, yeah, and you’ll get some answers, too” Falls added, “But don’t rest. We need you. We want a back nine–and beyond.”

So JOURNEYMAN fans, the proverbial ball it seems is in your court. What’s next? What’s the plan? Aside from pleading with friends, family and relatives — how are you going to help spread the word that JOURNEYMAN is this season’s best new show that nobody’s watching.”

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  • kevin

    This might be slightly off topic, but I’ve been DVRing Journeyman after watching the first couple episodes because I really liked them. Do the ratings take into account when shows are DVRed?

  • Juanita

    What we really need to do now is to get NBC to live up to its part and actually start to give this show the promotion that it deserves. Start running real promos for the show instead of the 30 second non-promo-promos it’s been running for several weeks now. Why not run a mini marathon on either USA or Sci Fi to allow potential viewers to become acquainted with the story and characters so far. IMO this would not be special treatment since each of its other freshmen series received at least one additional airing per week (in the case of Bionic Woman two) either on NBC (Chuck) the previously mentioned USA or Sci Fi. Simply give Journeyman equal treatment.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Kevin, I believe I have read that DVRed shows are counted in the ratings if they are watched within 7 days of them being aired on tv.

  • lauren

    i think running a marathon on scifi would be a great idea. I would really help pick up a bunch of fans. honestly this is my new favorite show of the season! I will be so sad if it doesnt get the back 9

  • Television Without Pity and us over at Groundlings-Review have come up with a plan to try to send a message to NBC that there is a large audience for Journeyman.

    The plan is on this Monday, December 3rd, to download the episode “Blowback” from iTunes and to watch as many episodes of Journeyman as possible on The hope is that if we can cause enough of a spike in their stats, that might make an impression that there is a large audience for this great show.

    The reason we’ve chosen Monday is because Life is showing in Journeyman’s place on that day so we thought it would be a good time to send a message.


    If you’re up for it, please spread the word too!


  • Linda B.

    This show is really great, but I don’t know why it isn’t getting the promotion it clearly deserves. They promote the hell out of Bionic Woman and that show isn’t anywhere near as good (Bionic Wednesdays, oh please).

    I think a marathon on other NBC channels would definitely help, or try airing this show more than once a week when things become dull due to the writer’s strike. You may pick up the viewer’s that didn’t originally give it a chance or had their plates too full when everything started back in Sept.

  • Linda B.

    Oops, I meant viewers.

  • Jose

    Oh Boy!
    I just watched episode 10 online and what else can i say?
    This is true Television, at least the one expected from viewers who want good acting, story, and passionate performances.



  • Sheindie

    I agree with all of the above… Life, Journeyman, Heroes, Dexter : (and Chuck)
    May They Live Long And Prosper!!!!!!

  • nick

    i have them all taped(i work)but now im afraid to start watching.I don’t want to like it if it gets cancelled.I hate that….im still waiting for Jericho to come back….and i know u all diss Bionic Woman but i think the last episode was great.

  • Johnny m! and check out – we are top 3 in ratings? Lets keep fighting!