The AMPTP Finally Makes a Statement.

LOS ANGELES, November 29, 2007 – “The AMPTP today unveiled a New Economic Partnership to the WGA, which includes groundbreaking moves in several areas of new media, including streaming, content made for new media and programming delivered over digital broadcast channels. The entire value of the New Economic Partnership will deliver more than $130 million in additional compensation above and beyond the more than $1.3 billion writers already receive each year. In response, the WGA has asked for time to study the proposals. While we strongly preferred to continue discussions, we respect and understand the WGA’s desire to review the proposals. We look forward resuming talks on Tuesday, December 4.

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  • ewanspotter

    Well… it’s something… I suppose…

  • SimplyKimberly

    I am getting a little bit of hope from all of this that there may actually be new tv in 2008. That didn’t seem possible when this thing started.

    I just hope the writers get a fair deal that they feel is good for them.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Damn, I just checked Deadline Hollywood Daily and the WGA said the deal isn’t anything new. This whole thing is nothing more than a PR move by the AMPTP.

  • Jillian

    I really have no measure by which to say what is a good offer and what isn’t. While I have sympathy for the writers, it’s kind of nice to get to look at some of the actual numbers involved. And sort of wonder what makes that a bad deal?

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  • Hil

    I can’t pick sides in this because there is so little info. Maybe the writers are asking for too much, because really folks, there is such a thing as too much. But maybe the other side is offering too little. But they are all richer than me so most of the numbers I’ve seen look to be quite a bit of money. *shrug* I mostly feel bad for the non-writers who are getting layed off. Many of them are not as rich as the writers and will lose either way because one or the other or both sides apparently are fine with holding out.

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  • shanna

    I suggest checking out In the comments section there are some good numbers crunchers as well as in the actual statements from the WGA (although some people find their statements to be biased obviously).

    Either way, the AMPTP’s deal is essentially too little and the statement is misleading because the WGA did not ask for more time to review the proposal, the AMPTP said that what they offered was only part of the proposal and the rest was being prepared so both parties decided to take a break since the entire offer was not on the table.