By: C.T. [Couch Tater]

Yes, that’s right. I said it.

I have a major hate-on for SUPERNATURAL. I don’t dislike or feel ambiguous toward the show, but feel pure, unadulterated hate.

Now I know that for some of you, them’s fightin’ words. Mention SUPERNATURAL and many of you — our host, the TV Addict himself — go weak in the knees and look for new superlatives with which to sing its praises, all of which leaves me saying… “seriously?”

For the record, nobody was more stoked for the launch of this show than I, a lover of just about all things horror. Yes, I’m the guy who can be found sitting in the corner of a dark bar making a case for the argument that the second Nightmare On Elm Street flick — Freddy’s Revenge — should not be considered a true sequel in much the same way that Season of the Witch (which is completely free of Michael Meyers) should not be considered a true Halloween flick. And every month, I run to the mailbox to get the latest novels from my horror book of the month club (featuring such authors as Richard Laymon, Edward Lee and Douglas Clegg).

Yeah, I like my horror.

So when the WB announced a series which they promised would offer weekly thrills and chills, I was there with bells on. At the very least, I hoped for something BUFFY-esque, combining witty scripts with great writing. This being television, I suspected the promised chills would most likely be, at most, shivers.

But the series failed to deliver even those. Worse, the scripts tried to pass off cliched dialogue as witty banter, and the special effects were… um, let’s be kind and call them on par with CHARMED.

Worse, Jensen Ackles idea of acting seemed to involve speaking in a voice that sounded kind of like a little boy imitating a grown man. Or maybe Keith Olbermann imitating Bill O’Reilly. And while Jared Padalecki has never been the greatest of actors, he seemed more bearable as a second banana on GILMORE GIRLS (where he played Rory’s first love, Dean) than as a lead here.

But the biggest sin was, for me, the complete lack of actual scares. While I dug the idea that each week the show would sort of recreate a ghost story/urban legend that we were familiar with, the format actually resulted in predictable tales and a lack of suspense.

At that point, I stopped tuning in regularly and instead became an occasional viewer, so forgive me if some of what I’m about to say is inaccurate. I have no doubt I’ll be corrected by the Winchester brothers’ legions of fans. That said, one thing I can not stand is when a show introduces an overall arc (which this one had from the beginning as the boys sought to figure out the truth about the death of their fricasseed mom) and yet feels as if it’s making things up as it goes along. At some point during season two, it was established that several other women had died in exactly the same manner as the late Mrs. Winchester, with the women literally burning out when their children were six months old. And yet in the very first episode, it was seeing his girlfriend turn into a ball of flames which convinced Sam to join Dean on their demon quest. Unfortunately, Sam’s girlfriend did not have a six month old child, meaning that the season two revelation was not thought through for continuity.

Worse, when it came time to expand the cast in season three, they introduced an oh-so-original character named Bela who fulfilled practically every missing clichen in the book: She’s exotic (“She has an accent! Ohhh!”), amoral (“She’s bad… but does good things!”) and fulfills the need for a love/hate relationship (Will Dean sleep with her kill the malicious minx?).

Now, I’m not saying SUPERNATURAL is the worst show on television. I’m not necessarily even saying it’s bad. (Okay, yeah, I sort of am.) What I am saying is that it’s not what it could have been. I hate seeing a show fail to live up to its potential. I hate seeing people fawn over a show that fails to live up to its potential.

And maybe what I hate most of all is just not “getting” what it is that makes so many people go gaga for something that in my never-exactly-humble opinion is average at best.

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  • Dalia

    Jessica was killed because she got in the way of their plans for Sam,

  • Dalia

    In my opinion, i think seeing as you read/watch so much horror, your expectations were ridiculously high. I understand though, because people will hate supernatural like i hate cheesy pop music, im not going to be as ignorant as to say that you should love the show because its amazing, as people have said.
    (Not that i dont love the show <3 )

  • Rachel

    You hit it right on the head. The lead actors are pure Estrogen Brigade Bait. That’s the only reason this show is successful, because it’s obvious Kripke just wiped his arse with a strip of celluloid and called it a day.

  • Spnchick90

    I still love the show, but its some things they need to change with season 6. I know alot of shows have there seasons that leave you like wtf just happen.
    Everybody have there own taste in show I guess.

  • The-Creepy-Creeper

    Jess was killed, because YED knew that if he got rid of her, Sam would start hunting again. BTW cupcake, I’m very sorry you don’t get scared easily, but Supernatural is scary for some viewers. Also, if you don’t like the show, then fine, but don’t go around saying that the actors are bad. Because that is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. One more thing, you know NOTHING about Supernatural, so dont go around pretending you know what the show is about, when you’ve only seen like what, two episodes? You want to rant? At least get your facts straight.

  • MaxBrk

    you have a lot of hate – dont worry, be happy =)

  • Bree7

    I agree completely. I LOVE Jared, he’s phenominal, but Jenson I cant stand and want to….I dont even know but I dont like him. Every time he opens his mouth, again, I dont act. I think the reason why I dont like him is: His voice irritates me and he CANT FUCKIN A.C.T. wheres Jared actually can and is phenominal. Can Jenson PLEASE be fired from SPN? Like the same exact day he got hired? PLEASE!

  • Guest

    Supernatural never really scared me either, except for when I was worried about one of the characters dying. frankly, the thing that even got me into supernatural was that I was depressed, and watching supernatural made me less depressed.

    Sure, sometimes I thought it had some bad story lines and overly angsty moments, but at times it was unexpectedly deep, and for me, those moments make up for all the crappy effects and lame fanservice.

  • http://twitter.com/Imuplateagain Rachel

    never really scared me either, except for when I was worried about one
    of the characters dying. Frankly, the thing that even got me into
    supernatural was that I was depressed, and watching supernatural made me
    less depressed.

    Sure, sometimes I thought it had some bad story lines and overly
    angsty moments, but at times it was unexpectedly deep, and for me, those
    moments make up for all the crappy effects and lame fanservice.

  • Kia

    if you would have followed the show everything gets explained about jessicas death. it was because sam was becoming someone that wasn’t worthy of leading yellow eyes army.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ivy.hale.39 Ivy Hale

    Heroes sucked after season one and VM was cool, not life changing or anything though, but don’t you talk about LOST. LOST for all its flaws and fallacies is still one the best tv shows you and I and the rest of humanity have ever been blessed enough to experience.

    And I don’t care that this is irrelevant or that the comment I’m replying to is 5 years old. You just don’t talk about LOST like that.

  • Kamzie

    Okay, everyone saying that supernatural needs to follow the bible: NO it does not. It’s not meant to follow the bible exactly. It puts it’s own spin about the apocalypse. it is NOT a religious show. And it is called supernatural because it is about supernatural things. Many supernatural things happen in this show. And no they do not hate all supernatural things. This is b.s. Obviously, none of you have understood what the show is about and have watched at least half of the entire show. And no, I am not a fangirl who swoons over the actors. I legitimately enjoy the story. I like how almost anything can happen in this show because it’s supernatural. I like how they put their own twist on things. I like how angels aren’t total saints and instead mostly complete douche bags. I like how Satan’s character can be actually likeable and humorous. And yes, after the first episode, I was disappointed. And yes this show isn’t perfect and not every joke hits the nail on the head. But as I kept watching, it’s just plain entertaining to me. It’s not supposed to be scary. It’s not about ghosts and horror, it’s about the supernatural, the unknown.

  • Kamzie

    No, not every fan of the show is a female who fawns over the actors. I myself like the show, and I do not find the actors attractive. Thank you. And yes, I am female.

  • Kevin Knauer

    been a while since someone commented on this article, but it’s still relevant. I say this because I had never seen or heard of this show before (I travel in real science circles, not so much the sci-fi circles, though I love sci-fi). Anyway, I routinely record Bones on TNT just to catch some of my favorite shows from the past, and recently, these DVR recordings include a couple of minutes of Supernatural, which must air before Bones. UGH! It only took me a few of these 2-minute exposures of this show to know I would NEVER waste my time watching an entire show. I finally did a search about Supernatural being a sucky show, and found this article, which mentions several things I noticed just in the few minutes I’ve watched…mostly the terribly cliché dialogue delivered by some dufus jock-type trying to sound like he has a deep voice. TOO FUNNY. I have noticed how many people hate this show, as well as how many love it. Who can possibly think it’s interesting, and who in the world can live through an entire hour of this cheesy dialogue child “wanna be a grown up” actor show….and count me as AMAZED it has survived seven seasons. UGH….and Firefly got cancelled in one year, go figure.

  • Kevin Knauer

    you have officially raised your “clueless” flag, actually finding this show entertaining

  • Kevin Knauer

    lololololololol the “I swear” part is priceless

  • Joanna B

    I agree with the lack of suspense – I adore SPN, but there is a pretty predictable formula to a lot of the episodes (not all, just a lot) – people die in the first two minutes, there’s a supernatural being, Sam and Dean figure out what it is, big climax, either Dean or Sam or both talk about their feelings/reveal a plot point, roll credits. I personally don’t mind that formula at all, but I can understand why others would find it to be a bit of a bore. Not to mention predictable.

    Here’s the reason I love Supernatural – I am absolutely in love with horror stories, but they scare me. I love ghost stories especially, but I can’t watch them because they scare the crap out of me and it’s not a pleasant experience. I love the story, just not the way the story is told because it freaks me out. Supernatural gives me a way to hear all these stories of ghosts and monsters and their origins (even if some of the supernatural lore is a little flawed) without sleeping with one eye open, and I really like that kind of thing. I also really like the characters and the chemistry they share, but again, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Supernatural seems like a pretty love/hate show to me, and it’s a shame you didn’t get from it what I did, but there will probably be things you like that I hated so I can’t be mad. :)
    But do you know what I really, really despise about Supernatural? Like, I love the show, but I can acknowledge it has problems, and this is a major one; the writers are all too willing to lick the fans’ shoes clean. That;s really sweet in a way, it leads to some fun references to the fandom culture and of course, The French Mistake was hilarious and hardcore fans will love it, but it leads to a major problem. Almost every female character was written out because of negative fan reaction.
    Roll your eyes all you want, but you can’t deny that a good chunk of female characters were written out because of negative fan reaction, it was even admitted. Jo, Bela and Ruby; all gone. I can see why with Bela because she wasn’t a nice person and I can kinda see why people would hate her, but the thing is the argument I saw so often against Bela and Ruby was that they made Sam and Dean “look stupid”. No, Sam and Dean will never “look stupid”, they’ve always been smart. We’ve seen them be smart for two whole seasons. Smart people make mistakes, and *gasp* female characters may even outsmart them once in a while. And arguments against Jo… I never really saw any. The fans just flat out didn’t like her for no reason that I can see. Oh wow.
    If you have a legit reason to hate a female character, fine. All the above characters have problems. But for the love of God don’t use the “they make Sam and Dean look stupid” excuse, it’s utter garbage.
    Again, love SPN, hate certain aspects of it.

  • evocollinz

    I agree entirely to be honest, the actors are terrible and hard to truly “believe”. It sounds like they’re reading scripts. The special effects are also very lackluster. On the first episode when the two women appeared on the ceiling and the rooms caught on fire, I died. So much laughter at how big of a failure this show is, and how stupid it’s viewers must be to allow this series to last as long as it has.

  • Martine

    I absolutely HATE the show. Mostly because of the mean spirited, always violent and brainless plotlines and heroes. It gets difficult to watch a show when you really, really wish for Dean to get killed( and NOT come back) and don’t care if Sam lives or dies. There wasn’t one “bad guy” that i didn’t feel sorry for in the few seasons i watched it. The real kicker was the idea that God would ever have anything to do with a person like Dean. Which was implied. God doesn’t need hate filed people to do His dirty work, I don’t think. its an insult to Christianity.

  • Martine

    Don’t ALL women somehow get “in the way” on that show?

  • Danko

    seriously? i don’t have a major problem with some of the acting but this show went wayyyy down hill after Satan and Michael fell into a black hole (thought angels could fly?). All this time they were talking about how if these two angels went at it, it would literally reshape the ground beneath because they are so powerful?? Fu#$5ing retarded fight scenes through and through this series I have to say! and even after all the holding out and waiting for Satan to fight Michael it all amounts to nothing! “Hey there’s the Supernatural being get him!” Ahhhh they both slam against the walls and the being turns its back and focuses on one of them, only short after to get stabbed from behind and die… bla bla same boring shit over and over. They always win on some technicality or default of some sort. I thought these were suppose to be hardened warriors? not idiots who can only throw the occasional sloppy right hook? Then all the hype about the angels when Castiel first appeared and the fear in the demons eyes over them dissapears? What the hell? Now demons are on the same Playing field? This is just the tip of the iceberg…. Don’t even get me started on the Plot issues.

  • Cmos

    Why watch the show if u want everyone to die

  • Cmos

    The premise is actual intriguing but it’s execution it somewhat flawed

  • Cordelia

    I started watching this show with my sister and while I can ignore the misogyny as annoying as it is at times, Padalecki’s bad acting is so laughable it’s hard to ignore. Specially when you watch shows like Breaking Bad, AHS (Lange, Paulson, Rabe), and etc. He’s just so…fucking…bad. Both me and my sister sometimes laugh out loud at his attempts at ~acting~ and she actually kisses this show’s ass. I don’t even watch shows with so much “macho” bullcrap (like the fact that 90% of hunters, angels, demons, and well, everything, are men) but I do this because it’s the only thing she’ll watch so I guess I’ll go along.

  • disqus_Mii5nv9fJh

    reading this on 2014 as the show continuing its glamour – despite its not as goo as it was back in the kripke era- and continuing to be week to week form the first 3 highest rating and views on the network -this week was the highest rating and the second highest views- makes me ROFLMAO

  • Silviu Dadus

    Danko you just spoke my mind. I was into SPN the first 5 seasons but the season 5 fight was so childish and pathetic. For celestial being with immense power to just fall in a hole like that….didn’t know if that’s a joke or …a joke. Everything after that went downhill. The leviathans were supposed to be uber-powerful and yet a beheading is enough. And BTW angels were popping out when and where they wanted to so….why not pop behind a levi and cut his freaking head off and after that throw it in the sun? Seriously these plot issues are actually plot CRATERS. It’s just so predictable now, I remember when they first met Meg and how hard it was for them to fight against her. After a few seasons just about anyone has an angel blade (gonna buy one from Ebay as well) and anyone can kill demonic or celestial beings. Weren’t angels supposed to be killed by angels only? Didn’t Alistair said ” I wish i knew how to kill angels”? And he was a big boy in Hell beating the crap out of Castiel several times. Like I said, such a waste, it had so much potential, now it’s just another TV show where they MUST introduce characters like Charlie: totally idiotic, useless but because she’s a lesbo she’s kind, a good person, thinking about others and sacrificing for others. Seriously, that’s the path for SPN now? Such stupid and untrue stereotypes are the show standard?

  • Silviu Dadus

    You like it , good for you, who gives you the right to tell anyone what to do? Shut the f up and go somewhere else and drool over a poor excuse of a TV show.

  • Silviu Dadus

    “I’m a 34 year old professional with multiple postgraduate degrees” Sorry lady but that sentence alone proves that you are not.

    BTW in regard to a TV show just about everyone who watches it becomes an authority. Do you think the ones who makes reviews aren’t people? Of course they are. That they’re objective? Of course they’re not. Look at the big picture and perhaps you’ll see what the author of this article meant.

  • Silviu Dadus

    Well have you at least seen some other actors? These 2 are so damn fake it’s hurting my eyeballs, you can see they try so hard to do something that good actors do by instinct: GOOD ACTING. Only funny moment in the whole series is the pudding scene at the mental hospital when Dean wiggles his manhood in front of a nurse.

  • Fatherland

    … While attacking people for having constructive opinions isn’t uncalled for, eh? Methinks someone should practise the last preached sentence of their post…

  • Fatherland

    ‘One or two extreme examples’?? Try suffixing that with ‘-hundred’ and perhaps you’ll be more accurate in your estimations…

  • Sarah

    Wish haters would think about everything like this
    So haters like you can hate everything in this point of view. Keep hating cuz if it was a terrible show no one would even follow it

  • Sarah

    Just to say that. Supernatural is not that type of show which only includes one thing. Everyone can find something in it which they love. If u couldn’t understand spn so u never will. Keep hating who cares

  • SuperDuperNatural

    Hey! This an awesome Supernatural fan who wants to tell you that maybe before you go ahead and tell the rest of your world your opinion you should consider that to some people this show means a lot. Now, I’m not going to call you an idiot or otherwise but don’t make fun of the actors (who put so much work into it) or the show. You’ve insulted lots of fans and I don’t think you should do this about any show again. SUPERNATURAL AND DESTIEL FTW

  • http://www.trinityspiritualservices.com Dominique

    Yes. Yes they do. They couldn’t find a strong woman on that show any better than they could find their own assholes with a mirror and both hands.

  • sublime1398

    The plot armor in this show is retarded. Every season is the same. Someone bad comes, the brothers must beat him/her/it, one of them sacrifices themselves, comes back, no trust between the brothers for six episodes. Repeat. Repeat. Change yellow eyes for lucifer, for eve, for dick, repeat repeat repeat.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    If you don’t like arguing, then don’t. I agree with him completely.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    I can’t really figure out what the show is supposed to be for. Its not thriller or horror. Its certainly not about the Supernatural. Sure the boys need something to kill, but they don’t really have any effort put into researching anything occult or the world building. They just arbitrarily introduce demons, angels and the kitchen snick, but they are all the same…just some random baddies for the boys to fight, and for there to be a reason that one brother has to somehow save the other. Usually Dean saving Sam. Its really mostly about them being brothers and encouraging fan fiction. There is no plot. Worst thing about the show is the little girls who show up on the site for every other (better) supernatural show and talk about how it is like Supernatural. I just wish it would be cancelled so I would hear no more about it. Then maybe a better show could take its place.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    How could a mother of a six month old interfere with anything? At six months old, its not like they are going to do anything special. Six month old children don’t even talk, much less do anything psychic. So it makes no sense for this Azazel to have killed the moms at that specific point. In fact it makes it silly. And why not kill the dads? How do the moms interfere, but dads don’t? This PROVES the show is stupid. h and of course you hate Bela. Supernatural fans hate women. We already know that. They hate every actress that has ever been on the show, because it gets in the way of their imagining themselves with the boys. The supernatural stuff isn’t there. Thats the problem. Its just a soap opera.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    You are so exactly like Twilight fans, its funny.

  • Matthew Stone

    You can hate all you want ass-clowns, but we will always be there. You won’t even be able to escape us in death. So continue with your pathetic little attempts to make a difference, when even you know its pointless somewhere in your tiny little brains. I would actually try to sympathize with you guys if any of you come up with an actual reason to dislike the show, but no you just try to stupidly and blindly hate something just because you don’t understand it.

  • Kimberly

    If you aren’t going to research what you are talking about, please do not express an opinion that is incorrect. For example: the writers did think through Sam’s girlfriend dying in the same manner as his mother, because it freed him to hunt and gave him a reason once again to leave with Dean. It was a very important detail that you obviously don’t understand, but it was revealed in a separate season.

  • Chloe Miller

    What you dont understand about the fandom is, we are a family. and our fangirls and fanboys may have some emotional issues. alot of them have something bad going on in their life.but the end result is, we found something we loved and bonded over it. our bond is strong. we help each other. hell, we defeated the beliebers in the fandom war.right now, some anons on tumblr are telling people in the fandom with depression, to go kill themselves or self harm. 3 are already dead, people like me and thousands of others have been helping the fandom people who are thinking ofharming themselves. we will stay up till 4:00 am if we have to. we love each other. and we stick by each other. so instead of criticizing this show, look deeper into the true meaning of it all. thanks. -from a true fangirl

  • lance wellingham

    Hey bud you can’t just watch two seasons of a show that is on their 10th season and start trashing it in season 4 they reveal why everything happend it was always their plan so you can’t say they go as the show takes them because they don’t honestly I think your a shitty low key writer who’s only writing this because you have nothing better to do so go fuck yourself you LOSER

  • lance wellingham

    Because the mother walked in, and oh ya well they are Demons so their not the kindest things in the world

  • Emily Winchester

    Okay Silviu the hole that the celestial beings fell into was specifically designed to pull them in and contain/stop their power. Also beheading the leviathans wasn’t enough. Every time they were beheaded, their heads came back on unless to separated the head from the body a great distance. When the Leviathans were around a lot of the angels didn’t really care about them. Sure there was Castiel but he spent most of that season “dead” and then when he came back he was crazy.Everyone ended up getting angel blades because now the angels became more involved with Earth so there were more fights were they could drop a blade or loose a blade or get a blade stolen.Just because Alistair beat the crap out of Castiel doesn’t mean he could have killed him. The show never said that only angels could kill angels and if one of the characters said that then they were just saying something incorrect and soon learned that anybody can kill an angel with the right tool. Charlie is not an idiotic character nor is she usless. Those stereotypes arn’t untrue. If you think they are what evidence did you have to support that claim? Oh wait none which means your argument is invalid.

  • Emily Winchester

    This whole post is uncalled for. Less than halp of the SPN fans sit there all day and fawn over the actors. Most of us are decent people who will have a decent conversation with another person regarding this show. Until you stop writing half baked posts you cant judge what you call a half baked show. By the way, please discontinue your writing. Every time you post something you lower the IQ points of all the Internet viewers.

  • Emily Winchester

    The “hero” of SPN has flaws genius. One of his flaws is thinking everything supernatural is evil because that is what he was raised into believing. Also the show does not depict everything that isn’t Christian is evil. The show also does not convince people to shoot first ask questions later. Every time one of the boys shoots first and asks questions later something bad happens. Telling us to not shoot first and ask questions later. Another thing is Dean is not a heartless SOB. Do you even pay attention to the show? Dean is a man who was raised in a sad crappy life where every thing always went wrong for him. He grew up thinking that his brother’s life was in his hands. That is a horrible burden to put on a child. Dean’s father taught him that everything supernatural was evil. Dean grew up thinking that the world hated him and that he was just a piece of crap worth less than the mud on his shoes. He grew up thinking that Sammy always came first, no matter what he had to protect Sammy. That kind of life changes you. It changes your perspective. It makes you seem cold hearted with a tough outer shell. It makes you cynical. But then again, how the hell would you know anyway? You didn’t grow up like that. You didn’t have a super horrible life. You didn’t grow up thinking you were a worthless piece of crap that wouldn’t ever amount to anything. You didn’t grow up killing monsters or people. You didn’t grow up thinking that your only reason to live was to protect your baby bro. You didn’t grow up like Dean. You don’t know what it’s like to be in his position. So if he is acting in a way that you don’t approve of. Then try stepping in his shoes. Try living the life he did.Once you go through what he went through, then you can talk crap about him. Until then, stop being an idjit and keep your crappy, rude, uncalled for opinions to yourself.

  • Emily Winchester

    If you actually watch the show then you could clearly see that it does have a plot. Also the boys do look up the things they kill. This show features a lot of scenes of the boys sitting around reading and researching the things that they hunt. You should really pay attention to something before you trash it so you can have some actual fact behind your worthless opinion.