By: C.T. [Couch Tater]

Yes, that’s right. I said it.

I have a major hate-on for SUPERNATURAL. I don’t dislike or feel ambiguous toward the show, but feel pure, unadulterated hate.

Now I know that for some of you, them’s fightin’ words. Mention SUPERNATURAL and many of you — our host, the TV Addict himself — go weak in the knees and look for new superlatives with which to sing its praises, all of which leaves me saying… “seriously?”

For the record, nobody was more stoked for the launch of this show than I, a lover of just about all things horror. Yes, I’m the guy who can be found sitting in the corner of a dark bar making a case for the argument that the second Nightmare On Elm Street flick — Freddy’s Revenge — should not be considered a true sequel in much the same way that Season of the Witch (which is completely free of Michael Meyers) should not be considered a true Halloween flick. And every month, I run to the mailbox to get the latest novels from my horror book of the month club (featuring such authors as Richard Laymon, Edward Lee and Douglas Clegg).

Yeah, I like my horror.

So when the WB announced a series which they promised would offer weekly thrills and chills, I was there with bells on. At the very least, I hoped for something BUFFY-esque, combining witty scripts with great writing. This being television, I suspected the promised chills would most likely be, at most, shivers.

But the series failed to deliver even those. Worse, the scripts tried to pass off cliched dialogue as witty banter, and the special effects were… um, let’s be kind and call them on par with CHARMED.

Worse, Jensen Ackles idea of acting seemed to involve speaking in a voice that sounded kind of like a little boy imitating a grown man. Or maybe Keith Olbermann imitating Bill O’Reilly. And while Jared Padalecki has never been the greatest of actors, he seemed more bearable as a second banana on GILMORE GIRLS (where he played Rory’s first love, Dean) than as a lead here.

But the biggest sin was, for me, the complete lack of actual scares. While I dug the idea that each week the show would sort of recreate a ghost story/urban legend that we were familiar with, the format actually resulted in predictable tales and a lack of suspense.

At that point, I stopped tuning in regularly and instead became an occasional viewer, so forgive me if some of what I’m about to say is inaccurate. I have no doubt I’ll be corrected by the Winchester brothers’ legions of fans. That said, one thing I can not stand is when a show introduces an overall arc (which this one had from the beginning as the boys sought to figure out the truth about the death of their fricasseed mom) and yet feels as if it’s making things up as it goes along. At some point during season two, it was established that several other women had died in exactly the same manner as the late Mrs. Winchester, with the women literally burning out when their children were six months old. And yet in the very first episode, it was seeing his girlfriend turn into a ball of flames which convinced Sam to join Dean on their demon quest. Unfortunately, Sam’s girlfriend did not have a six month old child, meaning that the season two revelation was not thought through for continuity.

Worse, when it came time to expand the cast in season three, they introduced an oh-so-original character named Bela who fulfilled practically every missing clichen in the book: She’s exotic (“She has an accent! Ohhh!”), amoral (“She’s bad… but does good things!”) and fulfills the need for a love/hate relationship (Will Dean sleep with her kill the malicious minx?).

Now, I’m not saying SUPERNATURAL is the worst show on television. I’m not necessarily even saying it’s bad. (Okay, yeah, I sort of am.) What I am saying is that it’s not what it could have been. I hate seeing a show fail to live up to its potential. I hate seeing people fawn over a show that fails to live up to its potential.

And maybe what I hate most of all is just not “getting” what it is that makes so many people go gaga for something that in my never-exactly-humble opinion is average at best.

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  • Denise

    How old are you???? In all of your comments, you sound like you’re 10 years old. Did your mommy help you spell the big words?????????

  • Miss Supernatural

    Click bait, lol.

  • Miss Supernatural

    Yes, a lot of what you said is inaccurate and I strongly disagree about well… Pretty much everything.

    The worst part is how, in the past you (or at last someone from this site team) went to the Set. To think that I clicked on those links of your interviews and articles makes me sick now. So much hypocrisy. Well, at last now I understand a lot better some of yours “articles”.

    Anyway, thank you for ruining your site and give me perspective as well as reasons to never come back here, even if you write about a show that we both like. 🙂

  • Guest

    Yeah, no strong woman besides Jo, or Ellen, Missouri Moseley, Naomi, Jody Mills, Pamela Barnes, Meg Masters, or Abaddon… you have watched the show.. right? How about Ruby! Who had the ultimate double agent arch to top them all?! That wasn’t a strong character? Linda Tran? You’re going to tell me that Linda Tran wasn’t a strong focused woman?

    There are few characters that haven’t died in the shows run, men and women included but to say there isn’t strong woman characters is flat out wrong.

  • Guest

    Yeah, no strong woman besides Jo, or Ellen, Missouri Moseley, Naomi, Jody Mills, Pamela Barnes, Meg Masters, or Abaddon… you, have watched the show.. right? How about Ruby! Who had the ultimate double agent arch to top them all?! That wasn’t a strong character? Linda Tran? You’re going to tell me that Linda Tran wasn’t a strong focused woman?

    There are few characters that haven’t died in the shows run, men and women included but to say there isn’t strong woman characters is flat out wrong.

  • NightOfTheLivingFig

    Yeah, no strong woman besides Jo, or Ellen, Missouri Moseley, Naomi, Jody Mills, Pamela Barnes, Meg Masters, or Abaddon… you have watched the show.. right? How about Ruby! Who had the ultimate double agent arch to top them all?! That wasn’t a strong character? Linda Tran? You’re going to tell me that Linda Tran wasn’t a strong focused woman?

    There are few characters that haven’t died in the shows run, men and women included but to say there isn’t strong woman characters is flat out wrong.

  • DonnaO

    OK, your opinion has been noted. I will go on loving the show. : )

  • Rachel

    So you don’t like supernatural , ok. Why feel the need to write shit about a show that a lot of people enjoy. If you have not seen every episode NO you will not understand anything. Jessica was killed because she was getting in the way, Sam would not had went off hunting with his brother if jessica did not die. This show is not about being a scary horror show, it’s about the relationship if 2 brothers. I take it you don’t have siblings? Several of your comments show you literally have no idea what you are talking about I suggest you watch the show then judge. But keep your trap shut until then. And for Jensen and Jared not being good actors, not sure what show your watching because it’s not supernatural.

  • Rachel

    The mothers were killed because they walked into the nursery as the demons were there. Not every mother was killed. Nothing in your comment makes sense. How old are you 12?

  • Jenya Ys

    Azazel took all the special children and pitted them against each other. The one who’d survive would be destined to be Lucifer’s vessel. Sam is the only one who survived. There are no more special children, which ones are you wondering about? You obviously stopped watching early on otherwise you and so many others wouldn’t be saying that the special children storyline is “rumbled and random”.

  • Elizabeth Ray H

    your writing shows you have no idea about the actual story of the show.ok there are a few inconsistencies with story but on the whole its fine.the acting is perfect , the story is awesome and the supernatural content i’m glad is as it is.instead of being usual run-of-the-mill stupidity where characters are being a wuss and you are taught to be afraid of everything at least Supernatural teaches you to not be afraid of unknown,to be brave and overcome your fear.and love and family and so much more. it does for me.this is what Supernatural is about.about honor and courage.

  • Sam and Dean, babe

    Oh, hon you’re so, so, wrong. See let me explain you a thing: SHIPPING! See, fangirls don’t hate women that get in the way of our love for sam and dean. In fact, we put the boys in relationships on purpose. Destiel? Yeah? Ring a bell? Also, we hate Bela because she is the epitome of bitchy hate-able shit, not because of her vagina. So please try watching the show or thinking for half a second before you throw shit at the whole show. thanks.

  • Sam and Dean, babe

    “Stoopernatural”. Ouch. That was a good one.

  • Sam and Dean, babe

    Bitch you didnt fucking WATCH THE SHOW. Jess was killed because Azazel wanted Sam to open the gates of hell and lead his demon army and Jess distracted him from that. The mom was killed if she got in the way of Azazel feeding demon blood to their children so not every mother of a cursed child was killed. Also, Bella was never once portrayed as a good character and was there for like five episodes and Dean did not like her. And, it’s not a purely horror show. Its about the deep bond between two brothers and the physical and emotional struggles they face as they attempt to do the impossible. Next time try watching the show before you write a bs article about how you hate it.

  • lilia

    supernatural is more a live action fan fiction than a tv show . its only interest being the physique of the 2 lead actors .

  • Lexi

    True I thought bela was ruining everything and getting the boys in more trouble

  • Lexi

    No, actually ruby was there to-. Um, CHARLIE wasn’t that bad. Let me think, I thought the impala was a girl?

  • Lexi

    I’m not too find of ruby… Sam Basically chose her over dean. And she’s too much of a baaaadassss demon

  • Lexi

    Okay babies are vulnerable. At any given time. So if he drips his blood in little Sams mouth he can’t do anything about it. But if he was much older an knew even more it would be a difficult task

  • Lexi

    I’m 12 an I know this stuff bro….

  • Lexi


  • Lexi

    Dude, I started watching this show when I was about 7

  • Jollyboy John

    I’ve just started watching this show today and I got here as I was trying to figure out why the acting seemed so strange. I thought it may be an acquired taste, as I’m not too big on TV and am not used to the acting but… Damn, some of this dialogue is just awkward.
    It does seem like a fairly decent show but what’s with the acting?

  • Tessa

    Azazel tells Sam that he killed Jessica because she was making him soft, and Azazel didn’t want that because Sammy was his favorite candidate for a demon leader.

  • kaylee

    I love the show an I love jensen an jeared so yeah I think it’s a some

  • Those women were promptly killed off or used as props. I don’t think that qualifies. They could’ve done a lot with Jo and the woman who played that demon (the one that eventually married the actor who plays Sam) is a horrendous actor and I feel a poorly written character. It’s a boys club.

  • I don’t think using women as props or to advance the plot counts dude. They could’ve done much more with Jo and Ellen, but instead, they were used as deus ex machina and props. And to think–this is the show that replace Buffy and Angel. No thanks.

  • Dean Winchester Represent

    EXCUSE ME??!! SUPERNATURAL IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! you know what I dont understand?… I dont understand people who can’t recognize an amazing show when they see one. And I personally think you would get all the “thrills and chills” you wanted if u were facing the monsters they do on a daily basis so don’t try and act tough. Also about Jensen.. He’s a bad as* and I think you should appreciate that. Would you sell ur soul for your brother? Would you kill monsters for a living so you could save humanity? AND WHY WOULD HE BE CAST AS A MAIN ROLE IF HE WASNT SUCH A GOOD ACTOR?! You must not know of a lot of good actors- here are the names of a couple of really good actors: hmm lets see, Jared Padaleki, Misha Collins and Jeffery Dean Morgan are a few. Also if brotherly love is too soft 4 u then you should probably apologize to your brother and watch the show some more so that you can see how nice it is. CUZ SUPERNATURAL IS FRIGGEN AWSOME! Also for all those people in the comments complaining about the lack of strong women in the show– do you know who Meg is? You no, the bad as* demon who helped Sam and Dean? Did u meet the girl who’s dad was saved by Dean who could pick handcuffs with her bobby pin? Do you know who Amara is ? Joe who died because she got ripped apart by hellhounds and knew she was dieing so stayed behind to help the winchesters escape? Joes mom? CHARLIE who could hack any computer and was the coolest ever? The reapers Tessa and Billie? ROWENA the witch?!!! Did u guys even watch this show there are so many great women! And half the ones I just named are still alive. This show is the greatest in my opinion but if you don’t wanna watch- fine ur loss but don’t be a hater and in my opinion if u looked up supernatural and took the time to read and comment on this article than you LOVE IT SO DONT DENY IT. And for everyone else who knows what a great show it is I applaud you- always keep fighting- stay cool and LOVE SUPERNATURAL
    (Btw I am not trying to be mean I don’t hate the creator of this article or the commenters, only your opinion on the BEST SHOW EVER CREATED!!!!!??????????????????????????????)
    Also shoutout to commenter Sam and Dean, babe because you rock and supernatural is great so high five

  • Dorian Wilde

    C.T., please tell me you don’t get paid to review things…..look-
    Having watched the first couple episodes with my roommate, we felt that the show was entertaining, but not worth committing to 10 seasons. We wiki-ed to see if it was worth the time and decided ‘no’. However, it became my show hole show and now I’m on Season 7. I get why you dislike it, but your credibility as a reviewer is ruined, as you speak with authority on something you haven’t even seen all the way through (like most Caprica haters). I totally respect your reasons for hating the show, you expected something awesome in the the TV horror department and got something more like a dramedy; something mildly entertaining. What I can’t respect, as a fellow writer and TV/movie enthusiast (one just as into horror and sci-fi as you, no doubt) is you making factual statements about a series you didn’t bother to follow after the first few episodes. All questions are answered and arcs pieced together for anyone watching religiously. You think it’s cheezy, understood; it is. You think the special effects are “meh,” well, it’s tv and they can’t all be BSG, so fine, cool. You think the acting’s subpar, okay. But do all us writers and reviewers a favor and don’t attack a storyline unless you’re going to actually watch it and see it through, because now you’re just an over indulgent goober who likes to hear yourself “talk”.

  • Dorian Wilde

    [Azazel] He killed Jessica to get Sam back on the path as a hunter. (Spoilers) As the intended vessel for Lucifer, Sam had to be on a very specific path, and that DID NOT include a normal life– which is what Sam was attempting to establish for himself. I’m not even a super fan, I run this show in the background while I drink my coffee and/or read comics– guys, what I’m trying to say, is this isn’t a difficult show to follow; hell, you could WIKI thsee facts.

  • Andrea Suarez

    Jessica was Sam’s anchor to his normal life, when she died Sam was emotionally vulnerable and it was easier for Azazel to corrupt him.

  • Andrea Suarez

    You cannot say that supernatural fans hate the women in the cast, there’s a difference between disliking the characters and disliking the actresses.
    I enjoy the show and I know many other people that do too, we love the women in the cast as much as we love the boys.
    Please don’t make a statement of something that you’re not sure about.

  • Adam Andrews

    I like the show. I just Bela is just the worst thing in the world. She has knowingly doomed countless people to death by selling off the artifacts that can be destroyed or hidden to prevent injury to others, and Dean and Sam don’t seem to think about that, and Bela thinks she is just as righteous as them.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Ok Sheeple, already I have some people mad because they just blindly follow trends until they are confronted, and then respond with disdain.

    This show is a disgrace. It is like a B movie that never ends. I would not normally write a review for something like this because people can like bad TV or movies, sure I like some guilty pleasures. But when I see that rotten tomato has given this show 90%. Enough is enough.

    The only thing worse then the over the top acting is the sub par writing. Couple this with some budget special effects and you have a real steaming pile of $hit.

    For humanity’s sake people…open your mind … read a book… or at least watch something worth the craft of acting and writing….please switch the TV off and switch your BRAIN on…FML Ya’ll should be ashamed

  • Donteven care

    I 100% agree, it’s rude to judge what you don’t or can’t understand. Charlie was a dear friend and even if she didn’t know me or any of us, I will miss her forever

  • Donteven care

    YAAS I agree. Well, not with any of what crap you’re spewing, but us fangirls are so crazy, yeah, crazy about Destiel, crazy about Sammy, and freaking obsessed with everything about the show. Side note, who is Joss Whedon?

  • Donteven care

    I am that fan, I appreciate the knowledge of your fear?

  • Donteven care

    How old are you? Are you actually asking this? First of all, don’t use so many question marks, it makes you seem childish, and that is an awful comeback. You have got to be kidding me. In all of YOUR comments, you sound like an elementary schooler. Please, just stop.

  • Donteven care

    If you don’t lIke it, don’t watch it. Ever heard of Crowley? The king of hell? Who worked with Castiel and Dean?

  • Alanood Alsalman

    To all the unfriendly comments:
    Hey, I’m a huge fan of Supernatural myself. However, he is entitled to share his opinion of any show he wants. It’s called “freedom of speech”.
    I agree, I don’t consider it a horror as much as I consider it a comedy, adventure, and drama series.
    I am curious though. After all these years, what are your thoughts of the show now?