supernatural magazineWhile this TV Addict won’t apologize for yesterday’s negative take on SUPERNATURAL by our very own CouchTater [After-all, everyone’s entitled to their own opinon. Even if say, they happen to think CAVEMEN is funny]. I will give SUPERNATURAL fans a reason to smile today. We’re giving away the first issue of the official SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Simply post away in the comments below with who you think is going to die by season’s end — Sam, Dean, Ruby or Bella. And be sure to check your email box on Monday to see if you’ve won.

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  • Siara

    My guess is for Dean. Even if his soul is in hell and fighting his way out or whatever, his body will be dead by the end of the season.

  • Emily


  • Jay

    Bela. It’s not the Winchesters and 4 some reason I see Ruby lasting another season.

  • Emily

    Please please let it be Bela. She is the most boring cliche of a character possible, it’s as if they read a “Build Your Own Mary Sue” manual to create that character. I disagree with CT’s comments on Jensen and Jared’s acting but I more than agree with his comments about her.

    I fear it will be Dean though, just so they can suck the little that is down to earth and gritty out of the show for good and enter true campy Charmed territory. I only hope they don’t actually try to show us Hell and just leave it being the dark, twisted memories of Dean when he comes back. Kripke always said, because of his mother’s murder and his upbringing Dean’s psyche was “screwed to Hell”, now it really would be.

  • Kimerz

    Sorry, Ruby, if someone’s gonna die, my money’s on you.

  • Sonya

    John and Sam died last season, so it seems like Dean’s turn. But only so they can bring him back in the first episode of seaon 4. I’d rather they found a way that saved him but left it hanging with Dean, Sam and the demon collecting Dean’s soul at the moment the demon tries to collect. Start of season 4 would be same scene but something happening to stop the demon and Dean being surprised but relieved/angry with Sam.

    The girls are recurring characters so either could go but not until their back stories are exposed. Personally I’d like to get rid of Bella with her English public school accent (being English it really grates but reading her reasons for the accent I’m glad she’s playing the snob part too).

  • amber


  • Shaula

    I hate to say that.. It breaks my heart and well….. I hope I’m wrong. But I think it’s Dean.

    Oh, guys… according to The CW, the name “Bela” has one “L” only. 🙂

  • Timothy Selig

    ruby’s the one

  • Anna

    I’m going to have to go with Ruby, just because she’s, well, you know. I don’t want to spoil anyone. But there’s a good reason there. Bela might, but I think she’s a good link to certain hunts, much like Bobby.

  • Amelia

    Dean….its a given even if there is a season four, he’s going to die by the last show, maybe even show 20 or 21……

  • shamangrrl

    Well, I wish that both Ruby and Bela would go, because I can’t stand either of them. Both characters had potential, but between the annoying writing for each character, and the annoying portrayals, it would be nice for them to get offed.

    However, I think if someone goes, it’ll be Ellen. She’s the only interesting female character on the show, and we can’t have that now, can we?

  • courtney

    i think it will be dean, but he will come back alive from a little help from sam and ruby,maby ruby can do something at the last min that can reserect him