Random Musings: 30 ROCK & SCRUBS

With apologies to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER — 30 ROCK is right now — hands down the funniest show on television. Be it the endless brilliance of Tina Fey “You can’t be gay for one person. Unless you’re a woman, and you meet Ellen.” The “Fun Times Accomplished” subplot featuring Jack, Kenneth and Tracy trying to help out an underprivileged little league baseball team [Does Knuckle Beach really exist?] or the hilarious and underutilized Judah Friedlander turning Gay for Liz’s twenty-year-old boy toy Jamie. I quite literally didn’t stop laughing the entire episode. Except of course to fill out my application to become Liz’s next slightly-older-than-twenty-year-old boy toy.

And speaking of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Quick SAT prep question. Elliot on SCRUBS is the equivalent to ___________ on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. [With apologies to the SAT board, I’m Canadian and don’t really ‘get’ the whole SAT thing]

Click the link below for the answer.

If you answered ‘Robin,’ you my friend are more than ready for the SATs. Assuming of course the SATs main requirement was watching TV [oh, if only!]

Watching last night’s episode of SCRUBS, I couldn’t help but feel bad for Dr. Elliot Reed [and wonder why Dr. Cox is spending so much time talking to his wife on a webcam]. Much like Robin minus Ted, Elliot sans J.D. has been relegated to C-level subplots with Ted and the Janitor. Of course, that’s not to say her mission to uncover Dr. Kelso’s real age didn’t have a purpose. How sad was it to learn the only reason Kelso has been hiding the fact he’s 65 was so that he could avoid being forced into retirement [to spend quality time with his *gasp* wife].

Well, not so sad when I take a moment to think of J.D. trying to pick up for his baby. That opening segment was 30 ROCK hilarious [as I troll YouTube waiting for someone to upload the clip]

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  • Less Strike news

    I totally agree…my favorite comedies in order were 1) The Office 2) HIMYM 3) 30 Rock. After last night’s episode I said to my wife, I think 30 Rock is the funnist show on TV right now. So I think this week they have gone to 1) 30 Rock 2) HIMYM 3) The Office.

    As for Scrubs, is it me or is it just not funny anymore? I think I get more laughs from Samantha, Who? and Notes from the Underbelly. Scrubs has disappointed me so far this year.

  • Josh Emerson

    This season, 30 Rock has become not only my favorite comedy but my overall favorite show on TV. It is just insanely good.

    I haven’t seen last night’s Scrubs yet, but this season it hasn’t been all that funny.

  • 30 Rock is indeed the funniest comedy on TV. I had no idea Val Emmich (aka “the coffee guy”) was a singer in “real life”.

    Great episode. Can’t wait till next week when Edie Falco returns!