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Funniest 30 Minutes of the Week: 30 ROCK
If you are [for some inexplicable reason] still somewhat skeptical that writers are worth the money — look no further than this week’s 30 ROCK. Tina Fey is the new Jerry Seinfeld. And assuming Ben Silverman plays his cards right — the saviour of NBC.

Life Lesson #1 of the Week: DEXTER
Thanks to DEXTER, fans everywhere now know the number one rule when covering up a crime. Don’t leave the evidence in your apartment.

Life Lesson #2 of the Week: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
The #2 rule: Don’t walk into a police station and confess to a crime nobody knew you committed. Landry you’re killing us! Sorry, bad choice of words. But seriously. Things are not looking good for you.

Big Disappointment of the Week: NEGOTIATIONS
The fact that the WGA and the AMPTP didn’t even come close to reaching an agreement.

Bigger Disappointment of the Week: CARSON DALY CROSSES THE LINE
To protest Daly crossing the picket line, this TV Addict is officially on strike from watching LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY. Which would undoubtedly have a larger impact assuming we ever watched the show to begin with.

Biggest Disappointment of the Week: HOUSE’S CUTTHROAT BITCH
Cutthroat Bitch we hardly new ya. And what we did know, we’ll miss. We can only hope you somehow contract a mysterious disease that ensures you find your way back to the hospital — and soon.

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  • BHcolin

    30 Rock was so funny this week, just a perfect episode.

    Okay-now I have to admit I don’t watch Last Call with Carson Daly, but give this guy a break. 75 workers could lose their jobs if Carson Daly continued to halt the show for his four writers. I’m all for the writers being better compensated — but I’m not thrilled how they have gone about some things.
    1) they worked to get extra scripts wrote before the strike so shows could still be produced for awhile —- then they have gone and tried shutting down shows that were still in production, I don’t get it. Why did they bother writing extra scripts.
    2) they have been picking and shutting what to shut down. They’ve protested at DH, Scrubs and such — but I’ve heard nothing about protesting locations of movies. I keep seeing pics from Star Trek, they’re not disturbed by the writers.
    3) they way they’ve treated Ellen, and now Carson Daly.

    yes I think the writers should get respect and they are not paid nearly enough (compared to what others in the industry make). The actors are paid so much more. But I also think the whole industry is paid too much. I know, the studios make huge amounts of money so I really do think they should work toward meeting the writers demands.

    I just feel sorry for those who aren’t the writers and work week to week at their jobs on the crew. WIth this being Christmas, they could use their pay too — and I have a feeling a costume or set designer doesn’t get a cut of the DVDs sales.

    Broadway figured it out– come on studios, WGA you can too

  • BHcolin

    fyi — not a member of WGA, so my writing is the best. I’m sorry, wish I was better

  • Josh Emerson

    Carson Daly’s show wasn’t funny with writers. Maybe it’ll improve without them? I don’t think it can go any further the other way…

    But on the other hand, like you said, the brilliance of 30 Rock just shows that there are many writers who are worth $$$$$. This show just cannot do wrong. I loved the parody of the Iraq war (“Fun Times Accomplished”), and everything with Liz, Frank, and her hot boytoy.

  • Ally

    Agree about Cutthroat. She is so interesting (much more than 13!) so of course she had to go.

  • ewanspotter

    I don’t watch Carson Daly because, you know, he’s not funny… however, I don’t have a problem if he wants to go back to work and save the jobs of dozens of crew members (who *aren’t* getting residuals like the writers) and have nothing to do with the situation. It should be up to the performer.

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