It was cliffhanger madness on TV last night. Fellow TV Addicts, we now have seven long days to ponder who Holly’s mystery-man is [aside from real-life husband Ken Olin] and how the final act of the delicious Dexter Doakes Dance is going to play out. Any Guesses? Post away.

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  • Josh Emerson

    Brothers & Sisters isn’t on next Sunday. Is it even on the week after that? So we’ve got a while to wait. 🙁

    But I think it’s safe to say that Holly’s mystery man is going to bring up the possibility that Rebecca might not be a Walker.

  • Dominique

    I read that B&S only comes back in 2008 so we have long weeks ahead of us.

    I think Ken Olin/David will end up being Rebecca’s dad which will make the attraction Rebecca has for Justin OK. Of course it is only speculation for me at this point but as soon as he took the picture of Rebecca and Holly took it away from him, I told myself that he is the dad and Rebecca will end up with Justin. The jealousy is way too present and it goes way beyond taking care and carrying for her “half-brother”.

  • becky

    The second I saw ken olin I was like, oh my god, that’s rebecca’s dad! Now she can be with Justin! That’d be awesome! fingers crossed!

  • I feel Lila will figure out Dexter is the BHM and will release Doakes only to set him up for Dexter to kill and instead Lila will kill Doakes to show Dexter she is the only woman for him and the cops will shot Lila, or Dex will kill her… ok, I know this sounds weird but something like that will happen. Dexter can not kill Doakes, its the code man, it’s the code….

  • Sylvia

    I feel that Dexter will end up killing Lila. She deserves it LOL.

  • BHcolin

    I don’t want Rebecca not to be a Walker. I love that Kitty and Sarah have finally became sisters with her. Plus her relationship with Nora has been so special. As we have seen on this show relationships come and go– but family is always there. I don’t want to risk losing Emily Van Camp and if she just becomes a girlfriend, who knows if they’d stay together.

    To me she’s a Walker.