You Be the Critic: TIN MAN

While a record 6.3 million viewers tuned into Night 1 of SCI FI’s original miniseries TIN MAN, this TV Addict — having just received his screener in the mail — must ask the question: Is TIN MAN worth investing six hours of my time in? Sure the preview looks fantastic, but shortening Dorthy’s name to ‘D.G.’ and lines like “Welcome to the O.Z.” have me concerned. Post away with your thoughts on Night 1 and whether or not you’ll be tuning into Night’s 2 and 3.

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  • I thought it was just ok, the good took from the bad. as you mentioned the dumbing down, shortening Dorthy’s name to ‘D.G.’ and lines like “Welcome to the O.Z.” was just too much for me. Zooey is a much better actress than what she showed last night. I am not sure if it was her or the direction she was given. Azkadelliaa is sooo one dimensional it hurts. She has two looks, mad and pissed off. Oh I am sorry, those are the same things. Alan Cumming, has been great as the actors who played Raw and Cain. I will be watching part 2 tonight on it’s second showing. I will not miss Chuck and hope Heros ROCKS…..

  • amanda

    i managed to make it through the first hour before turning it off out of boredom. zooey and the tin man’s acting (i don’t recall the actor’s name) was painful to watch, as was the cliched dialogue. (“he’s like a physic, except he reads with…his HEART.”) the special effects and sets and that kind of thing were amazing, as was alan cummings, but didn’t make up for the bland, predictable plot. not worth 6 hours of TiVO space.

  • ct

    I watched the first episode and thought it had moments of not-suckiness, but there weren’t enough of them to make me want to invest another four hours.

  • shanna

    I like it but I’m a huge Wiard of Oz/fantasy fan so I’m extremely biased.

  • sheri

    I am a huge fan of this new miniseries of the Tin Man…but, it’s more due to the fact that I love the “Gunslinger” series by Stephen King then because of the Wizard of Oz”.

    If you’re not aquainted with the Gunslinger series by Stephen King, it basically is a story about the last gunfighter…whom, like the Tin Man on this new series, has some odd companions, a dark Tower/castle, evil against good…of course the Gunslinger is the GOOD man as is the Tin man…etc.,. but, in the series by Stephen King, people from past and present go through doorways to the world that the Gunslinger is a part of, and, like the Xanth novels by Piers Anthong, what happens in the other world affects what happens in OUR world, so, people from our world help the gunslinger.

    Believe me…read that series and then watch the Tin Man again…it’s AWESOME! 🙂

  • Mary

    I had to turn the channel. It just didn’t catch my interest at all! This is coming from someone who has a DVR recorder & records EVERYTHING. I wasn’t compelled enough to watch it at all!

  • Kevin

    I found the show to be a nice, unique perspective to the Wizard of OZ we all know. I too am a bit more biased to fantasy so I can be more forgiving than others I suppose.

    There were moments of special effects that jumped out at me screaming, “this is definitely a Sci-fi show/movie” which almost suggests low budget. Like the bats flying off of her chest and the dog like beasts in the woods. Maybe I notice how poorly that was developed because my career is in digital art and design but Sci-fi has proven they can do much better with shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

    So in summary, I enjoy the show as it has potential. I will continue to watch, hoping they don’t screw up what could be phenomenal.

  • i really enjoyed the show but because i like that kind of stuff, magic, fairy tales etc… it’s sure that the show have many negative points but it is bearable only for Zooey ^^

  • lani

    I can’t believe all the negative critsicsm surrounding the tinman..? I keep wondering if i actually saw the same film..? I liked it so much that I decided to do my assignment for film studies on it, comparing it to 1939’s original..