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Suffice to say, if there’s one positive that fans can take away from this unfortunate WGA strike, it’s that showrunner Tim Kring and his team will have a nice long break to really think about where they’ve taken HEROES and how their once thrilling, surprising and highly enjoyable series suffered from an infection far more lethal than the Shante Virus — the dreaded sophomore slump.

Yet rather than go on a viscous and lengthy rant about how dreadful last night’s finale was [and believe me, I’ve got a long list of issues]. This TV Addict thought he’d lend Tim Kring a hand and offer up some solutions to ensure that HEROES Volume III doesn’t [for lack of a better word] suck.

Problem #1: The Blood
The fact that Claire’s blood has been proven to save virtually every gun shot victim’s life [see HRG] has completely robbed the show of two things integral to HEROES first season success: Suspense and danger. What could have been a fantastic final moment to last night’s episode becomes completely pointless when you quickly realize that Claire’s blood can so easily save Nathan’s life. Even after multiple gun shot wounds.

Solution: Kill Claire
Claire’s death will completely revitalize the show. Not only will it turn HRG into a seriously angry and vengeful father [translation: Baddass]. It will get rid of the deadweight known as HRG’s family and allow for writers to easily kill off lame and uninteresting Heroes that simply aren’t working. How disappointed were you that Claire’s blood saved Maya’s life last night? Do we really need Maya dragging down Volume III?

Problem #2: Elle
When the book is closed on HEROES, the show’s biggest crime may in fact be what it did to Kristen Bell’s career. Who’d have thought a show could so quickly evaporate the coolness of Veronica Mars. Paging Rob Thomas Stat!

Solution: Kill Bob
In a recent interview with TV Guide, Tim Kring had this to say about Elle saving Mohinder, Maya and Molly from Sylar in last night’s finale. “Kristen Bell gave us the perfect reaction in that scene. For a moment there, Elle sees she’s been given an opportunity to use her powers in a good way. And she absolutely likes the sound of that word ‘hero.'”

Our reaction. A villainous Kristen Bell is far more entertaining. The HEROES writers should be using Elle to get rid of her ‘father’ Bob. It’s time for Elle to stop acting like a teenager and take control of her life. Let’s have Elle take over The Company, team up with Sylar and create a school for super villains. It’s time the Heroes face a genuine threat. Not an ominous faceless company, or a virus nobody can comprehend.

Problem #3: New Orleans
Killing off Niki is a start. But dumbest hero ever Monica should have been blown up as well. Lord knows fans should not have to suffer through more of HEROES in New Orleans.

Solution: Turn Micah into an orphan
Micah without parents opens up some very interesting story-lines. Imagine what would happen if little orphan Micah was adopted by The Company. Under the tutelage of Sylar, Micah could learn to harness his powers for evil. Which let’s face it, is far more entertaining than watching Micah cry over his deceased father’s missing medal.

Added bonus, by putting Micah in harms way, fans will actually want to see The Company brought to justice. Because let’s face it — if it’s between Maya/Monica and The Company — I’m cheering for the latter.

Problem #4: Mohinder Suresh
Not that this really needs to be explained, but Mohinder Suresh is undoubtedly the dumbest professor/scientist in the history of television

Solution: Kill him
Sure we get that he’s the narrator, but come’on — It’s time for Mohinder to join his sister and father.

Got your own suggestions on how to ensure HEROES Volume III: Villains returns the show to it’s first season glory? Post away. We have the unfortunate feeling that the writers will have a good few months to ponder your ideas.

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  • Josh

    all i can is that you have got to be kidding……last night may have been one of the best episodes of the series. youre starting to split hairs here Addict and frankly its kind of annoying

  • Josh,

    I knew you’d be the first to come to HEROES defense! I admire your passion for the show. But as someone who watches a fair bit of TV, I’m just calling it like it is.

    And rather than simply rip the show I offered up some fairly substantial and doable solutions for next season.

    Go back to your first season DVD (which you surely own) and watch COMPANY MAN. Then watch last night’s finale and you’ll see the difference.

  • Linda B.

    Kill Claire??? Two words – uh, no.

  • shanna

    I agree on some points and disagree on others. Rather than killing Claire, I’d like to see Claire and Bennett go at each other because I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Bennett that killed Nathan.

    Also, I’d love to see Elle (who’s somewhere between a hero and a villian) try to take down daddy, with Bennett’s help.

    I’d really like to see some more character development for Hiro too. I think he’s realizing being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and I want him to more closer to the FutureHiro we saw in S1.

    And I don’t want to give up on Maya. I think she’s underused. Last night was a great oppurtunity for her to learn to control her power and use it just on Sylar. Instead we had to see Claire’s magical healing blood for the 50th time.

  • I think, last night episode was ….. powerless… Why kill Nikki? for a second, i thought she recovered her power… why bring back to life Maya?? she is …. hu… useless… why kill nathan? maybe to make peter a very bad guy who would team up with sylar?? suresh… oh my god… nikki… that’s all???

    west??? what is he doing here??? well.. kill him!!!

    no this thing is NOT heroes…. thanx to the writers who end this end early…

  • I agree that the episode wasn’t good, but your solutions won’t be enough I’m afraid. Starting with killing Claire.

    Now I would love that to happen, especially because not only would we not ever have to go through Claire’s stupid life again, and her whole family’s as well, but it would indeed turn HRG into some badass and that would be awesome.

    But — that won’t help for the blood problem. Just remember that Nathan was brought back to his true self (and will probably be saved) thanks to Adam’s blood, not Claire’s !

    Plus, it is obvious they will never do that, for many reasons, starting with they never take any “risk”, and that would be one.

    Which is also why they probably want Elle to end up a good girl, they think her fans would like that better…

    Oh and, about Micah my personal wish would be for Peter to met him, so he can “learn” his ability, then just kill him & Monica, we really don’t need any of them.

  • cam3150

    I agree with most of what you’ve said. It seems like Heroes is good at the build-up but not the payoff. Like last year’s finale, this one left a lot to be desired.

    For me, one of the bigger travesties is what has happened to Peter’s character. Maybe it’s due to the memory loss but Peter used to be smart, strong-willed, loyal and extremely entertaining to watch. Now he’s just….completely blah, for lack of a better word. Why on earth would he so easily trust Adam, especially after so many people told him not to? Also, while Milo V’s acting has never been Oscar-worthy, these last few episodes, it just seems like he is phoning it in.

    I do agree that the blood thing means nobody can ever really be killed but the same has always been true of Hiro’s time-traveling abilities. While he initially said he would never try to change history, he faltered from that when he tried to save his father and there’s nothing saying that he wouldn’t try to do it again.

    The thing everyone cares about on this show is the relationships between the Heroes which is why I think killing Nathan is a bad idea. The Petrelli’s are really the heart of the show and to lose that so early on in the series….what’s the point??? Yes, the moment where Nathan got shot was shocking and very powerful. But I really hope he comes back.

    Niki/Jessica can stay blown up for all I care and I wish Maya had not been brought back. If I have to see her running mascara act one more time, I’m not sure what I’ll do.

    I love Claire and HRG but the rest of the Bennett family needs to be sacrificed. I admit Claire was so much more entertaining while she was discovering her powers last season (the same can be said of all the Heroes really) She’s really been underused this season. But she has a lot of potential….I don’t think it’s time for her to die just yet.

    Elle should definitely become a baddie. She’d be so much more entertaining that way. She, Adam and Sylar could make quite the team.

    Two questions: 1) is Bob the same guy from the beginning of the season who could turn things into gold? and 2) not sure what I missed but how did Nathan know that Peter was alive before seeing him??

  • SR

    Totally agree with you TV Addict. I thought last night’s episode was one of the better ones this season, but still so frustrating.

    I was a little shocked when Nathan was shot, but then remembered they can always bring him back to life. It was probably more startling because I was being lulled to sleep by Nathan’s speech, which was SO general that no one in “listening” could have had any idea what the hell he was talking about.

    More frustrating is the timeline. I feel like we’ve “known” these characters for years now, yet this is the FIRST time Micah explained to his mom how his powers worked??? Parkman STILL doesn’t know who Hiro is??? Claire has seen many crazy things, but is still overwhelmingly shocked that her dad was brought back to life??? Ugh, it’s these kinds of things that make the show seem much slower than it is.

    Yes, Mohinder needs to die. He’s worthless and annoying.

    Last complaint, and I’ve said it before, is the dialogue. Writers, PLEASE tighten it up. We KNOW the Shanti virus will “destroy the world”, stop repeating it twice in EVERY SCENE!!! And maybe try to stop saying “save the world” in every scene too. That would be nice. I mean, I know that this is a family show, but we’re smarter than that and we can pick up when things are implied rather than said.

    After all that, I did like that they buried Adam alive. That’s something that is always scary to think about, and it doesn’t leave an obvious way of him getting out.

  • Josh Emerson

    I liked last night’s episode a lot, but I actually wouldn’t mind if they went through with most of your suggestions. I’ve wanted Mohinder dead forever, and I wouldn’t miss Claire either. Bob makes for a good Company villain though. I like the interactions between he and Elle.

    I was very disappointed that Maya and Monica were not the ones to die.

    I do think you’re being way too harsh on the show though. It didn’t compare to Company Man or Homecoming from season one, but I thought last night’s finale was overall pretty good.

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  • I agree with some of what you said and find some of your suggestions truly interesting! I’m not a big fan of the possibility of constant death ambiguity with the whole Claire’s Blood Heals All revelation, so killing her wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. But – she’s not on my top list of Dead Weight Heroes right now.

  • I’m gonna call it right now. The person who shot Nathan was…. ARTHUR PETRELLI! Yep.

    I’ll give Heroes credit for something, at least they didn’t give us false hope all throughout the season like the did last year. Thinking they were building up to something big. The ending was just as snore-inducing as the beginning.

  • I hated last night’s episode. I don’t mind Elle slowly crossing over to the good side, and Niki’s death was long overdue, but the rest just drove me batty. I hated that Suresh, knowing full well what will happen if Sylar gets his powers back, still leads him right to the cure. I hated that Peter was so stupid about believing Adam and was willing to truly hurt Hiro for no clear reason. I hated that Hiro chose to torment Adam rather than kill him. I hated that Maya and Monica lived while Nathan died. Most of all, I hate that I will have to sit through another story arc in which Sylar is the unstoppable Big Bad. Didn’t I see that show last year?

    I’m glad it’s off the air for a while. It gives me time to decide if I still want to watch it when it returns.

  • Lindlee Bullock

    I wouldn’t want all of your suggestions to come about but I can see how they could make the show more interesting. Which would be a good thing considering how bored, bored, bored I’ve been with most of this season. However, I would like to argue that I actually like where they’re going with Elle. If they do it right, I could see her becoming a character similiar to Mr. Bennet. As in a lot of her actions are wrong and you don’t agree with them, but you can understand where she’s coming from. I think if they can keep her in the grey area that would make for a very interesting character!! Because let’s face it, most of us don’t try to gain Daddy’s approval by offing someone.

  • Sylvia

    Was last night really the finale? I thought I saw previews for next week which looked pretty good.

  • Nooooo, Heroes forever!!! Nathan’s getting shot was a bit of a surprise, but otherwise there was this distinct lack of suspense.

    Claire’s blood has to get infected, dont get rid of claire but bring back suspense.

  • Jo

    Killing off Claire wouldn’t solve the blood thing, as Peter has obviously picked up the healing ability from both Claire & Adam, and should therefore have the same miraculous cure in his blood. I almost thought Peter was going to pull a vampire move and just rip open a vein and poor blood into Nathan’s mouth at the end of the ep, though I guess that’s a little too obvious for this volume’s Peter, who seems to continually forget what useful powers he’s acquired.

    I’m not overly versed in time travel theories, but hasn’t the show just created a paradox? By heading off the release of the virus, there would be no reason for Peter & Caitlin to be captured in the future and therefore no reason she wouldn’t have been able to return with him. Which begs the question, where/when is Caitlin exactly and why wasn’t that the first thing Peter thought of after stopping the virus, rather than jumping into the ill-thought out ‘tell the world’ plan?

    cam3150 – Nathan knew Peter was alive before seeing him since they knew he had been at Victoria’s house when she was killed (fingerprints). And I could be mistaken, but didn’t Bob (or someone) tell Nathan that Peter was alive in the previous ep?

  • Josh

    Alright I’ll back down and agree that yes some of your suggestions would be good if put into action. But my passion for the show has only waivered slightly.

    As much as I hate to say it……kill Claire. You’re right that it will always be in the back of our heads, “hey where’s claire to save the day” it would also give the show a good shake up. But, please tell me your heart tore in two when HRG went back to say good-bye.

    Also, Kill Bob. He’s just not important anymore unless he spills to everyone what all that junk was in the fault. (Do you know what it is?) I wanna see elle and bob face off in a father daughter battle. Though all Bob can do is turn stuff gold? lol

    For god sakes kill mohinder. Enough said his story line bores me now that the virus is out of his hands. And that damn little girl too.

    You’re gonna think I’m crazy but, I like Maya. Don’t know why and can’t really explain why she should stay.

    Oh and was it just my eyes or did the virus when peter nuked it absorb into his skin. Does he have the virus now?

    And props to Hiro. But, if Adam was in the grave……..where is his father.

    And please tell me you atleast got a shiver of excitement when it read VOLUME III: VILLAINS


  • Carl

    I have to agree with Josh on most points. I don’t think that last nights finale was mindblowing, but it was an ok episode and one of the 3-4 decent episodes this season.
    Your Hero-bahsing starts to become a reflex without much substance.
    And due all respect, but your solutions are none. Murder not a solution. Or not always. I agree with you on Clair’s Blood. That is really annoying. And maybe killing her is the only option.
    I don’t see the problems you have with Elle and NOLA Girl. NOLA Girl has to get out of new orleans, where apperently gangsburn down houses for no reason. But let her team up with the rest of the cool kids and she will be amazing. I love her skill. I see a Claire, Elle, NOLA Girl Tag Team.

    The real problem of the show though is something totally different: We have seen it all. Sylar is back. whoppie. I love Sylar. But another serial killer story is really nothing the show needs. we saw that in the first season.
    The real threat of the next chapter has two ways to go: Sylar (boooo) and a storyline every superherocomicbook has to have at one point: the threat of being revealed. Heres a synopsis:
    Peter and Matt and the other good guys (did I mention the three girl tag team?) want to reveal their powers to the world. Mummy Petrelli, Bob and HRG do everything to stop them. That’s the clash of generations I want for the next chapter.

    And theres no doubt Maya has to have contact with Homeland Security soon to get back where she belongs: off screen.

  • Sheindie

    I’m thinking that Sylar will have a Legion of Evil Supporters -Sylar’s Army’ – which would include current ‘baddies’ and upcoming ones vs. The Group of Super-Powered Heroes which would include Peter, Nathan and others.. Claire’s blood mixed with Mohinder’s antibodies is what’s the cure for loss of powers (depending on the strain of the virus used to rid the powers), so we keep Claire and Mohinder…Heroes vs Villains …group against group ….THAT I like!! Jessica can work with Sylar, too:)

  • Aileen

    As Jo already said, killing Claire will not stop the deus ex machina blood: there’s still Adam and Peter. Perhaps there’s limits to what the blood can do; maybe if you’ve been dead too long it won’t bring you back and if Sylar takes your brains you definitely won’t come back. So it’s still really super powerful, but not ALL powerful (of course, these limitations need to be shown, perhaps by the blood being unable to bring a key person back).

    As for Jo’s question about possible time travel paradoxes, there’s a theory on time travel that states that time travel creates alternate universes, thus solving the grandfather paradox. For example, if Hiro went back in time and killed his own grandfather, the universe creates an alternate world so that there is one where his grandfather died and thus Hiro was never born, and another one where Hiro’s grandfather was never killed (the one Hiro came from). It’s the same way to solve the paradox of last season, where FutureHiro told Peter to save the cheerleader…but since NYC didn’t explode, there was no FutureHiro to tell Peter that…Using the alternate worlds theory, there is still the future where NYC blew up, but in the show’s future it didn’t. Of course, if this is true, Caitlin is probably still stuck in the universe where the virus killed 93% of the world’s population. If I didn’t explain this well, I’m sorry. This is based off what I learned for a report on time travel I did for 11th grade physics several years ago.

    Also, TVaddict, while I appreciate that you are offering constructive criticism for the show instead of just bashing it, you do seem to really hate the show now and seem to do little BUT criticize it. It may not be perfect, but I really enjoy the show and think it hasn’t been the waste of a season that you seem to think it is. I dislike all the hate directed at this show and it’s a little frustrating to come to this site and see negative comment after negative comment. Of course, to each his own. And you do show some great taste by loving Dexter so much.

  • KaeDee

    TV Addict – I only watch Heroes occasionally – there are just too many of them for me to enjoy the HUGE ensemble cast – but I have to say your suggestions are very good! Sylar needs to start a training school and get the evil side going!

  • Sorry, can’t see Sylar teaching anyone. Remember in Five Years Gone, he now just wanted to get rid of the competiton? Can’t see any reason why he would change to being a giving person all of a sudden.

  • Lea

    Totally love the points you made. It would be awsome if Sylar teamed up with Elle they could be like the new natural born killers but if his past actions are anything to go by no way will Sylar be teaming up with anyone and he certainly won’t be tutoring Micah more likley he will kill him and then eat his brains… poor Micah

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