Ausiello Slams DEXTER. We Slam Ausiello

It’s not often that we at go out of our way to critique a “colleague”, but after reading this morning’s ASK AUSIELLO we feel compelled to comment.

Question: Will Lundy be back next season on Dexter? Any new spoilers on whether or not his relationship with Deb continues? 

Ausiello: All I’ll say is it’s not looking good for these two — and hallelujah to that. The Deb-Lundy romance was as ill-conceived as it was clumsily executed, and it dragged down what was otherwise a solid sophomore season. There were times I felt like the show’s writers had handed their scenes off to someone at October Road to pen. Heck, the couples on The Hills have more nuanced dialogue than these two.

Did we just read that correctly? Did Ausiello seriously just compare the brilliance of DEXTER to the high school melodrama that is OCTOBER ROAD and THE HILLS?

The Deb-Lundy romance has been one of the highlights of DEXTER’s phenomenal second season. “Clumsily executed and ill-conceived” — Perhaps Ausiello is still suffering from VERONICA MARS/GILMORE GIRLS/FELICITY withdrawal? What’s he going to do when SCRUBS shuts down? Praise CAVEMEN [oh wait, too late!]

Mr. Ausiello, we at expect nothing less than a full retraction in next week’s ASK AUSIELLO. Or else you can kiss your precious Smurfs goodbye. Yes… we know people.

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  • james

    I agree. I hate ausiello!!!

    Did you see these new dexter photos?

  • I didn’t — and don’t plan on seeing them — as DEXTER is far more fun when it’s not spoiled for me 🙂

    But thanks for tempting me with a link. It’s taking every ounce of self control not to click on the link.

  • Paul

    you can download ep11-12 if ya want, it1s on the internets.

  • james

    LOL No problem. I’m a spoiler Addict 🙂

  • Linda B.

    I like Deb and Lundy. I think it’s an important element introducing Deb’s issues w/ men (resulting from the lack of attention as a child). Now she’s found a father figure who gives her the attention she deserves. Sorry to say though, i doubt it will last.

  • Linda B.

    And hey TVa, don’t slam Felicity! I used to love that show.

  • SimplyKimberly

    This mishap seriously damages any credibility that he has ever possessed as a tv columnist.

    Its like comparing the Ferrari to the Yugo.

    Dexter is some of the finest, most well-crafted television to ever air.

  • heh Well, I agree with Ausiello, sorry! I HATE the Deb/Lundy storyline. Of course, I haven’t liked a ton about this season, unfortunately. 🙁 We really enjoyed Dexter doing what Dexter does best of Season 1. I like him with Rita. She helps bring out the “almost human” side of Dexter. I hate Lila. The Doakes storyline has been good tho! I love seeing Dexter make Doakes out to be a whack-job that keeps attacking him. lol

  • And all of you that are upset with Ausiello, remember…it’s HIS opinion. He isn’t stating it as fact. So you disagree with this opinion. Big deal. heh

  • Chris

    Word, Jenny. Nothing wrong with Ausiello having an opinion other than your own.

    In other DEXTER new, was shocked to hear CBS might repurpose the show if the strike lasts too long.

  • Chris

    Word, Jenny. Nothing wrong with Ausiello having an opinion other than your own. Plus he didn’t slam the show (which I believe he called brilliant in the question before that one), he slammed one storyline he didnt’ like.

    In other DEXTER new, was shocked to hear CBS might repurpose the show if the strike lasts too long.

  • Jenny and Chris,

    Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I just happen to think Ausiello’s is wrong. Nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly disagreement. I’m pretty sure Ausiello can take it.

  • Sheindie

    WHEW….. and all along I agreed with Ausiello but THIS?!?!?!?! …. DEXTER is..hands down..the best written, best acted, best EVERYTHING show on TV…Deb and Lundy are the heart of the show…Doakes and Dexter ..WOW!!!!… psycho Lila..and more…. cannot , just CANNOT get enough!!!! What’s Ausiello been smokin’??????

  • Aileen

    I disagree with Ausiello that the writer’s have done a bad job with Lundy/Deb; I think this season has been consistently excellent. However, I do agree with him that I don’t like their relationship. Lundy from the very beginning has seemed like a father figure to Deb and I find it really, REALLY creepy that she is sleeping with her father figure. That’s not the way to deal with your Daddy issues, Deb! I really like Lundy, but I just wish he had remained the mentor/father instead of the lover.

  • ct

    Aileen: If Deb was self-actualized enough to realize that she was sleeping with Lundy because of her father issues, she probably wouldn’t… um… be sleeping with him! It’s her wildly out-of-control personal issues which, for me, make her so fascinating.

  • *laugh* Oh, I realize friendly disagreement is cool. Fun, even. 😉 My comment was directed more at the comments above mine. 😉

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