GOSSIP GIRL Spoilers: Debutante Ball

gossip girl debutante ball

Gossip TV Addict here, with all the scoop that’s fit to print on tonight’s fantastic installment of GOSSIP GIRL

Spotted: Serena’s Grandmother paying a visit just in time for the Debutante Ball. Needless to say, Grandma VanDerWoodsen makes Emily Gilmore look cuddly and not surprisingly causes havoc in the lives of ‘S’ and ‘D’.

In ‘B’ news, the TV Addict is thinking Blair should be changing her ‘B’ to an ‘E’ for Easy, or ‘GA’ for Gets Around. Because let’s face it — between Nate and Chuck, Blair is giving the Paris, Britney and Lindsey’s a run for their money.

And finally, in the grand tradition of THE OC, this TV Addict just thought you should know — the Debutante Ball is complete with obligatory Josh Schwartz fist fight. To find out who throws the first punch, don’t miss GOSSIP GIRL tonight. 9PM on the new CW.

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  • Stef

    I can’t wait to see Chuck tonight….I really hated that he was missing from the Thanksgiving episode last week!

  • nctodc

    Um…thanks for the Gossip Girl heads up, but…um…I’m not sure that the crack about Blair was necessary.

    What makes her any more promiscuous than any other character on the show (sans perhaps Dan)? Shouldn’t they reserve GA for Chuck, who enjoys female company a bit too much on the show, or E for Nate who cheated on Blair with Serena (to her credit, at least, Blair didn’t cheat)? Why the double standard?

    I think Paris, Britney and Lindsey’s streak of embarrassing the female gender goes on unabated.

  • Stef — Trust me, Chuck is Back and up to his old antics. Ie. Manipulating everyone!

  • Aileen

    Does Gossip Girl air earlier in Canada? Or do you in particular somehow get episodes early?

    Also, Blair, having been with only two guys, period (and not having seen tonight’s ep, I don’t even know if she’s slept with both), is not “easy.” The really promiscuous girls probably go through that many guys in a week. Heck, Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy DEFINITELY went through that many guys in a week (at least!) during her tequila-and-one-night-stand phase in Season 2.

    That being said, I really look forward to tonight’s episode! This has become my biggest guilty pleasure and, dare I say it, even more addictive than Grey’s Anatomy this season.

  • Stef

    I can’t wait then! I think the Blair and Chuck scenes are the BEST.

  • I love how we get Gossip Girl on Tuesdays in Canada! That was a GREAT episode. I thought back to the OC also when they had the fight at the Ball… i wonder if they have fights at every real cotillion.

  • naf

    I thought this weeks episode was terrible, and i loved last weeks episode. That evil grandmother was a horrible mistake. Really bad stuff.

  • Josh

    Naf you are out of your mind. I loved every second that woman was on the screen. She was so good I loved hating her. This episode was so far one of the best.

    and if it’s possible I actually feel bad for Chuck

  • CC

    It’s pretty ridiculous how much I love Blair/Chuck!

  • I Personally LOVE the Blair and Chuck thing! Why you may ask because if you really take it into details Chuck DOES want Blair to himself. This is the first girl he’s been in for and I was heartbroken the way the episode ended. But I’m pretty sure Blair and Nate won’t be together for long. I don’t hate Nate But I don’t think he’s the one for Blair! If you’re like me I took notice of how Blair looked during her makeout scene with Nate. It wasn’t as… Vibrant as how it was when she’s with Chuck! So to all the Chuck and Blair fans I don;t think we’ll be disappointed for too long! 🙂

  • Valee

    Hey guys can i please ask you what is the name of the song on the debutante ball when nate is dancing with blair? thx…

  • KissesHugs

    Hey Valee, I Was Looking for that song too, It’s “The Pierces – Secret”