If you’re the type of person who enjoys receiving mysterious and interesting packages on a semi-regular basis. Well then running a television web site is the job for you.

Take this morning for instance. When the phone rang between 11 and 12 A, I couldn’t help but smile. Because odds were good that the voice on the other end of the line was going to utter my two favorite words, “FedEX Delivery!”

Two weeks ago, I received a nondescript plain white envelope containing a simple note and a key. [see below photo]

terminator the sarah connor chronicles press kit

For days, I lay awake at night wondering what this key opened [Clearly I need a life!] A Car?! A Safety Deposit Box?! My imagination ran wild!

This morning, the answer came in the form of a metallic silver lock box.

terminator the sarah connor chronicles press kit

After spending three hours sifting through my incredibly messy office for the key that was mailed to me two weeks ago, I finally was able to open it. Inside was a clear USB drive containing some really cool TERMINATOR Video Clips and a DVD screener of the first two episodes of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.

terminator the sarah connor chronicles press kit

I’ll say this for FOX — they really know how to do the TV Screener right. And more importantly, they seem to be marketing the TERMINATOR franchise to perfection. Here’s hoping they give it more of a chance than they did with DRIVE, WONDERFALLS and REUNION. I have a sneaky suspicion they will.

Check back next week for my first look on the new series. Yes, you heard me correctly — I’ll Be Back.

  • Huh. I just got a t-shirt and hat in a regular cardboard box. Someone must like you.

  • Aleks,

    Welcome back! It’s been too long!

  • I could barely get mine to open! It took three people and two keys before we finally got it.

  • Buzz,

    Clearly I’m far more prepared to join John Conner and the resistance!

  • I was wondering what the key was for? I hope I still have it!! I’m excited to check it out when I get back to Boston!!

  • anon

    lame. i actually run a sarah connor website and they didn’t send me squat. now i’m really pissed. i guess they didn’t think they should waste a screener on me. i am so pissed.

  • Anon, would you like some cheese to go with your whine?

  • ct

    Tim G, you are obviously my separated-from-birth brother. Of cousre, I lost my key. I’m gonna be breaking that puppy open. but screw that… I got the screener for PARADISE HOTEL 2!!!!! Woo-hoo!

  • I guess I didn’t rate high enough. No press kit for me 🙁

  • how can i get a press kit or subscribe myself ? 🙁

  • Looking forward to a review of the first 2 episodes!!!
    Don’t make me wait to long!!

  • I misplaced my first key, but they sent a new one with the box. Good move, FOX! I haven’t watched the shows yet. It’s on my To Do List.

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  • Angela

    That’s a really cool idea to get you guys interested. I saw the first episode online, and I’m hoping the second is just as good. Have you guys seen the website also? It’s another clever idea for the show to put your face into the bank vault scene from the pilot.

  • GrandAdmiral

    How do I watch the episodes online?

  • Rabba

    Does anyone have this press kit in their possession and would be willing to sell it? It’s a pity the show didn’t see past it’s 2nd season when the story was moving in a great direction.