HEROES: The “LOST” (Half) Season

By: Seth C.

I would like to thank the TV Addict for allowing me to rant and post my feelings on a show I love so much.I have made a conscious effort to stay away from all blogs and postings so that my article will just be my thoughts and not influenced by others. But let’s be honest, if I thought of an idea I’m sure someone else has, so here we go.

My last two articles have talked about how to fix Heroes. With that in mind I’m just going to talk about the season finale, what I thought was wrong and the questions it brought forth. You can draw your own conclusions on how things can be fixed.

The last episode had three good things and two of them didn’t have any effect on the story at all. First the tribute to Steve McQueen and The Great Escape, with HRG in the lead role (If you didn’t catch the reference rent the DVD, it is my favourite move of all time) Second was the symbol appearing in Peter’s hand as he disposed of the virus. Lastly was Hiro’s disposal of Adam. That was brilliant. My only question is will he now die from a lack of oxygen or a lack of food?

1. Mohinder — He has to be the dumbest professor since Gilligan’s Island. First he hires a babysitter who leaves just because someone show up at the door and says they can leave. Anyone with children would find a better babysitter. Second he gets a phone call from Sylar who is at his apartment with Molly. Did he not think to call his other roommate?? You know the one who can read minds and command people to do his bidding, AND just happens to be a police officer.

2. Peter — Peter is a soft soul with a conscious or he is just really gullible. (Take your pick) Either way I doubt he would allow Adam to just walk around killing guards with his sword, we saw how upset he was when Adam shot Professor Virus in her cabin. Why didn’t Peter just walk through the vault with Adam? Why exert all that effort to break it open? I mean they just did it to escape the Company. Peter who has all these super powers couldn’t save his brother? He could have grabbed the bullets mid-air or read minds with Parkman. Haven’t seen anything like that since Oswald was killed in front of all those police officers.

3. The Company — The sins of the parents are passed onto the children. What sins? We keep hearing all the bad things they did 30 years ago but we still have no idea what they did. It can’t simply be the virus because I get the feeling there is more to it then that. Mama Petrelli can’t keep harping on that for 30 years. Let this Company do something and lets find out its history.

4. They killed Maya — YEAH, they brought Maya back-BOO. The magical blood. I talked about that in a previous article and now it is coming true because no one can die. Quick lets get some cheerleader blood to Nathan.

5. Why kill Nathan and Jessica? Regardless of what you feel about their characters their deaths were useless in the finale. For all they have done this season you could have killed them off in the first episode of this season and they wouldn’t have been missed. Why save Nathan from the fall just to kill him off at the end of this season?

6. Sylar. My problem is not with the character but how they have treated his story this season. We are to assume from what The Professor told Gilligan, Mohinder told Sylar that he had been injected by The Company. IF (and that is a big IF) that is true who kidnapped him from Kirby Square? Where did they take him? If they knew he was dangerous why not have more security? (Think back to the last time The Company had Sylar in a cage).

So Sylar’s last line was “I’m back.” The only question is will the audience be back. I’ve posed lots of questions and didn’t even touch on others (Whose brain was in the safe?) Lets hope the writers strike gives the Heroes a chance to rest and come back to their true form. Let’s hope that when I start to watch season three that I enjoy what I am watching or I will be watching one less show!

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  • Jonny Lightman

    Way to go Seth – I agree with everything you have written. What a sad ending to a sad season. Especially sad given the vital, exciting, creative first season we experienced a few months ago. Here are my thoughts:
    1) Who cares a about the “company”. This plotline is boring, pointless and a turn off. The writers should focus on different villains, different antagonists, different situations that require our super heroes to use their brains & brawn to combat. The company feels like a retread of X-files and just about as unsatisfying. If the writers want to stick with the company plotline let’s see some real developments. We would be very interested in the “previous generation” of heroes and their connection to our present group. Let’s get right to this story and give us a real story that is not mysterious and difficult to follow. The first season had a clear story arc that everyone could understand and relate to.
    2) Too bad about Sylar – an interesting character is neutered this season and comes across as laughable – eaxactly my reaction on the last line of this seaon, “I’m back!”. Let Sylar rest for a season or two and let’s get some other adversaries for our heroes to deal with.
    3) Let’s get the heroes together. Let’s have them play off each other. Let’s see them relate & work as a team. Let’s have them all in the same room/place. So many interesting stories could be developed from this basic premise – the conflicts & relationships of the heroes as they band together to help the world. I assume the writers are well versed in comic series like the Justice League & X-Men. There are a thousand great stories waiting to be explored by focsing on the team.

    I’m not sure if I can bear another season of mediocrity – I will tune in for the 1st three episodes and then decide.
    Hoping for more greatness!
    Jon Lightman
    (Malen – congratulations on this site!!!)

  • Not to be a pain but it was Niki that died, not Jessica. And I beg of them to leave big toothed can’t act bland as bathwater Ali Larter dead.

    I’m with you on wanting the reveal of just what it really was that The Company did those many moons ago. Mama Petrelli is one scary broad but I have a feeling she’s probably much worse than we’ve seen. Give us something concrete to hate her for.

    Amen brother to the Mohinder comments. He’s the dumbest man EVER!

  • shanna

    I mean let’s even add to the fact that we haven’t seen what Mama Petrelli’s power is (other than great manipulation). I want to see them take down the Company, but give us a reason to REALLY hate them, other than that they bag & tag potential Heroes.

  • Leo

    Ok, here is what I think: we have a problem with the M’s. Maya, Mohinder, Matt and Molly are useless characters. Throw them away. Peter was supposed to be in charge of the existentialism, but that never came true – let’s fix him soon (and sorry, Milo lacks charisma). There are some characters that can evolve and recreate a nice plot, but with all the people in this series…

    And apparently, according to sources, Niki is gone for good, but Jessica will come back. It seems Tim Kring already said it in a press conference or something. I like Ali Larter but… whats different about her? Double personality is not a power, is a problem people already have in our world…!

  • SR

    It didn’t even occur to me that Peter could have walked through that safe. There are so many storylines and timelines it truly is hard to keep track of everything.

  • ewanspotter

    Sylar = Zzzzzzz

  • EKI

    Here goes my guess.

    Claire’s blood effect is just regenerating 1 time, not permanently. But now that Sylar IS aware of that, he will wan’t the cheerleader.

    Somehow he will not be able to do so, but then he will learn about Adam and, using Molly’s power (either by force or by deathly brutal force) he will find out where he is. Next big issue; prevent bad guy 1 from killing bad guy 2 (i.e. save the samurai, save the world). I see then a big battle in the graveyard, maybe? at night?

  • Jenn

    Hey – great recap. I am right up there with you on the Mohinder front. When Sylar calls you to tell you he has your “daughter” you bring back up!!


    Ps – you spelled Heroes wrong.

  • About Peter (and forgive me if this has been said), but doesn’t he have Claire’s power (and essentially Adam’s power) because he’s been in their vicinity, or he’s contracted their power by touch or however he picks up other people’s powers? Doesn’t that, sort of, need to mean that he can cure Nathan with his blood? Right? Or am I over thinking?

  • EKI

    And BTW, Peter could also have teleported to the interior of the safe and destroy the virus without letting adam to even have a chance to reach it.

  • Ashley

    I hope Adam is coming back for volume 3. Sylar is very mediocre as a villain. His acting chops aren’t very good. David Anders surpasses him as an actor and as a villain. He’s the reason I started watching Heroes in the first place. Since the next volume is called villains, I think it’s only appropriate they heavily feature Adam.

  • Angel

    Just bring back Nathan. That’s all I ask.

  • I also wondered why Peter didn’t walk thru the vault. He used that power to escape the jail…
    Have to ask when he picked that power up as well since he never realy met Micas dad.
    The Great Escape ref was pretty funny. I mean how does HRG even get a ball to begin with. At least they didn’t give him a baseball glove as well.
    Mohinder not only didn’t get backup he didn’t try to inject Sylar with a drug to knock him out when he had the chance.
    Adam I hope stays dead. He should die from lack of Oxygen to the brain.
    As much as I don’t like Jessica her “death” seemed real rushed as well as Nathans.
    Its too bad a few bad ratings and this strike have effected this season.
    However I won’t give up on this show.
    I hope they get some fresh characters in there next year and since HRG is back with the Company I’m all for that storyline to continue.

  • ruth

    NIkki did sort of die for no reason-just to have a boo hoo orphan storyline-though i guess him and his cousin will go fight crime since micah’s story came along in the last ep.
    Nikki’s power is superstrength-the split personality is just cos of her abusive childhood

    I think peter just absorbs powers in a 100m radius, cos nikki, micah, DL, and molly are all standing around at the end of series1 when he;s blowing up, SO…molly’s power anyone?

    agreed.mohinder is for nothing but narrating, it was interesting when him and matt were the parents, they could’ve had some quality comedy with Mohinder the wife. But matt’s now a dead weight.

    Anders is an amazing actor, and sylar’s getting ridiculus now-hes a cartoon, get peter to kill him.

    The problem: peters powers are just giving loopholes everywhere!they need a reason for him to lose some or noone will ever be in actual peril.
    Also…YES peter should have healed nathan!!!!!can he not do that at the start of season 2?

    im guessing matt can’t pick out 1assassin in many people: OR the villain (the company) has some Hatian power?

    i agree that Maya is CRAP, what kind of power IS THAT?maybe its the same an mama petrelli?

    also, MORE ELLE!i want her to turn good guy-or, bumbling loaner baddie. from the line: ‘this thing stings like a mother!’ love the comic releif!

    graveyard eh?BUFFY anyone?they should so try and snare Whedon or some of his writing team…Marti Noxon or Doug Petrie?

  • ruth

    ooops! i meant the start of season 3 with the nathan reviving!