On last night’s PRIVATE PRACTICE, things finally started to get interesting. And while “Old Man Fight Club” is guaranteed water-cooler fodder — the moment this TV Addict’s going to highlight is all about Addison. It’s about time she got back in touch with the strong and sensible Doctor she left behind at Seattle Grace. Did anyone else crack a smile when a gorgeous Addison [finally] stepped it up and walked into Kevin’s [David Sutcliffe] Fire Department?

Creator Shonda Rhimes is no dummy. She knows the first rule of fight club good drama — the love triangle. In fact, thanks to Addison/Pete/Kevin, Naomi/Dell/Sam and Cooper/Violet/Charlotte — PRIVATE PRACTICE is all about the triangle. Which means, whenever the WGA strike ends, PRIVATE PRACTICE may finally star living up to the hype. Agree, Disagree, Post away.

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  • I think I’m over Pete. Kate Walsh has better chemistry with David Sutcliffe.

    Oh and the most unfortunate part of Naomi’s recasting… Chris Lowell actually had chemistry with Merrin Dungey.

  • I know it’s TV… but does anyone else think it’s hilarious that guys on TV can sexually assault women? Where else it is acceptable for Sam and Dell to both push Naomi up against a wall and kiss her?

  • nctodc

    Is Kevin a cop, not a firefighter?

  • I thought he was a firefighter. But I could be completely wrong.

  • shanna

    I just can’t do PP. I tried but I’m done. Glad to hear it’s getting better though.

  • Angel

    Love PP and completely agree about Addison having more chemistry with HotCop than Pete. I hope Shonda agrees.

  • Chris

    Let’s see what Shonda will do, though I totally agree about HotCop.
    Already loved David Sutcliffe when he was on the Gilmore Girls…
    It’s his smashing smile… Let’s hope for Private Practice to continue and the writers’ strike to end soon….