Thoughts on Thursday TV… I’ve Got Time.

The TV Addict is a creature of habit.

As is the case with most Thursday nights, I generally return home later than usual. Which means invariably staying up until at least 2AM in a desperate scrabble to watch everything. 30 ROCK, THE OFFICE, SCRUBS, GREY’S ANATOMY, UGLY BETTY and SUPERNATURAL. It’s not easy being a TV Addict. Okay it is — it just involved watching A LOT of TV!

Yet recently, I’ve been thinking — what’s the rush? With Holiday repeats upon us and a WGA strike that looks to be never-ending, I’ve got months and months of repeats and reality to fill.

So with apologies to Stephen Colbert [remember him?], I’ve been taking a page from his Number #1 nemisis — the Bear — by starting to stock up on television shows for what’s shaping up to be a long, cold and bitter winter.

In fact, my PVR is virtually full with episodes of CHUCK, JOURNEYMAN and LIFE. So much so that I had to make the difficult choice of erasing a treasured episode of EVERWOOD in order to record last night’s Comedy Night Done Right. Which thankfully turned out to be worth it. 30 ROCK was yet again laugh-out-loud hilarious [I think I’m in love with Tina Fey].

That said, this morning, I’d like to ask my far smarter and better looking readers two simple questions. 1) Have you been stocking up on shows for the boring winter ahead? And 2) What did you think of Thursday Night TV?

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  • cam3150

    I can only speak for the storing shows issue because the only Comedy Night show I watch is The Office.

    I was storing up some shows (I watch around 20) but, between those, and all of the Christmas movies (chick flicks) that I’ve been recording for later viewing, my DVR was creeping up towards 95% capacity. So, I had to start watching them at lightening speed. Even with that, I’m still 3 episodes behind on Daisies, 3 on Gossip Girl, 2 on Private Practice, 2 on Greys and 3 on Dirty Sexy Money. I’m caught up with everything else. So, I’ll be watching all of those, sometimes the old 90210 episodes currently airing 2 a day on Soap Net and also my Gilmore Girls DVDs if I need something extra. Oh, and Lost and American Idol, of course!

    To be honest, I am kind of enjoying the idea of a TV break (am I the only one??). I don’t want it to go away for longer than a month or two. But, I rarely ever watch anything live because I hate the commercials so I record everything to watch after the fact. It is so tiring to stay up late to get caught up, going to be usually no earlier than midnight, and then getting up at 5:30am to go to work. I’m 31 and am just not able to live on 5 hours of sleep a night any more. And it’s gotten to where I spend every second of free time trying to figure out how I can get a show in. I love my shows, but it’s getting out of control for me. This break will give me the chance to get caught up everything and also get the ole DVR cleared out by the time everything comes back.

  • Josh Emerson

    I have been stocking up on some shows, just not my favorites. I couldn’t possibly hold off on watching 30 Rock or even Ugly Betty.

    Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money are two shows I haven’t watched for weeks that I’ll probably catch up on. Same goes for Gossip Girl, which I gave up on early on. Hey, it beats American Gladiators at least.

    I’ve also decided to check out some shows on DVD if the strike lasts. Friday Night Lights and Dexter are the top two on my list.

  • cam3150,

    I didn’t even mention the episodes of old school BEVERLY HILLS 90210 that I PVR daily on TVTropolis in Canada. Kelly’s finally out of rehab for her Coke Addiction that lasted two weeks! It’s awesome!

    Agreed about the break, one or two weeks will be nice. But anything longer than that…. and I’m jonsin’ for my TV fix. I wonder if there’s an AA for that?

  • Josh — Stay tuned to the site next week. Your last line is exactly what I’ve been putting together all week! I think you’ll enjoy it.

  • Josh Emerson

    OH! And about last night’s TV. I watched 30 Rock, Betty, and Grey’s, and they were all good. I didn’t think 30 Rock was as fantastic as it has been earlier this season, but obviously still very funny. I wasn’t crazy about how they had Betty getting bored with Henry on UB, but I loved Betty White’s appearance. “Ahhh I think she’s got a knife!” haha

    Also, was I watching Grey’s correctly last night? Was that the end of “Gizzie” that took place? 😀 😀 That’s the one thing they needed to do to truly bring the show back and I am so happy they finally did it.

  • Linda B.

    The only show i’ve got stockpiled is Big Shots. Haven’t watched any of them yet, and since the show didn’t really get alot of good PR, and I think I heard it’s not coming back after the strike (?), I may just delete them and catch up on movies i haven’t seen yet on HBO and SHO.

  • Josh

    I recorded ugly betty and 30 rock but watched Grey’s. Last nights episode was actually quite good. I care about the characters and there story lines again

    as for stocking up: I’m WAAAY far behind in Desperate Housewives. Hoe far u ask? Last season far. Also I stockpiled Damages, Chuck, and Nip/Tuck

  • Courtney

    I’ve got a few shows stockpiled, some that I have started to watch and put on hold, like Life is Wild, and some that I never got around to watching from the start, like Chuck. My problem is this: for the shows I love I just can’t wait, so there’s no way that I could handle stashing away Pushing Daisies, HIMYM, or Grey’s.

    I’m definitely on the DVD on tv bandwagon, though, with Dexter and the 4400 on deck.

    And I’m confused about whether or not we saw the end of Gizzie, or a re-birth. Until the writers are back to tell me otherwise, I’m going to go with what I want to believe, which is that it’s over. 🙂

  • Scott Tyler

    Life is one of the very best of the new season. I’m thrilled it got picked up again. Its got so much going for it — great stories, plot twists, wonderful characters — and the actors who protray them. I suggest moving it to the top of your list.

  • Linda B.

    If NBC decided to start airing LIFE from the beginning, i’d watch it. It was one of the shows i just didn’t have room for on my schedule when it began back in Sept.

  • Elizabeth

    I have yet to watch the last new episode of “The Office”
    I have almost every episode of “Chuck” to watch
    I have several episodes of “Pushing Daisies”
    I had “Gossip Girl,” but then I got hooked and watched 5 episodes in one day.

    Thursday night comedy rocks. Even though I’m a die-hard fan of “The Office” (the last episode was the first one I have never watched live in 3 years–I had college apps due the next day!), I’m really starting to love “30 Rock.” Even though they kind of mock a lot of my politics (but in a semi-loving way, especially compared to Studio 60 lol), I think it’s’ hilarious. Unlike “The Office,” it’s actually consistently funny, and Alec Baldwin is so awesome. With that said, when “The Office” is good, it’s the best show on TV; I just wish it was more consistent.

  • I’ve been saving up Weeds, My Name Is Earl and Dexter to tide me over once we’re stuck in rerun and reality hell. I was saving Samantha Who but ended up just deleting them to make room.

  • JD Lamb

    What are you kidding-? You should never tape over Everwood…

  • SimplyKimberly

    I’ve been stocking up on shows since early summer. If there has been a show I am even marginally interested in I TiVo it, transfer it to my computer and store in on my external hard drive. I’ve got entire seasons of a bunch of shows I have never even watched. I will be good for quite a while.

    And I have taken to recording reruns of the shows that everyone else raves about that I have never seen – The Office and 30 Rock being the ones I have recently added.

    It still doesn’t lessen the pain of the shelved season of 24 that was to start in January though. I am in dire need of a Soul Patch fix.

  • I have been so bored, I’ve checked out tv I didn’t have “time” for before. I saw “chuck”. Not too bad. Not great either. As for stock piling, I have been guilty of that. What is the rush? Especially when we have “american gladiators” to look forward to. LOL Only if the gladiators are naked.
    Hey tv addict, do u think this writer’s strike has one good side to it? Maybe now FOX will NOT cancel any original programming until the episodes air. Say “Jezebel James” and “terminator”? Just a tim thougth.

  • Aileen

    Stockpiling? That’s what I ALWAYS do. I’m a college student and thus have months of being busy, busy, busy and then long breaks (Christmas, Spring, Summer) in which I have all the free time in the world (even a 9-5 summer job still gives me much more TV watching time than college does). So, I always have one or two can’t miss shows during the school year and then have huge TV binges where I get through entire seasons during breaks. I like it, because some shows are actually much better when seen all at once than seen a week at a time (especially really pulpy shows like Grey’s Anatomy).

  • Hil

    I didn’t watch anything showing on Thursday. I popped in a Netflix of last season’s Medium to catch me up to the new season starting soon. That was fun. I got a stock pile of Dexter, half of last season Battlestar Galactica, and the 1980s Robin of Sherwood (Netflix). I am also thinking of Netflixing Dead Like Me, getting my hands on new British stuff, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and sports. I am not really worried about having something to watch. I’d much rather watch new episodes of Pushing Daisies, Life, etc but I can make due with Netflixing DS9 or other long series until they sort out their guild issues.

  • My DVR is chalk full of TV shows too! There just isn’t enough time in the day!

  • Linda B.

    Hil, you’ll enjoy Dead Like Me. I was sad to see it cancelled so soon.

  • shanna

    I’ve DVRed a bunch of shows … unfortunately I can’t wait to watch them! I’ve seen pretty much everything on my DVR but I’m saving certain shows to go back and watch again. But due to my lack of time and great tv this season, I have worked up an EXTREMELY long Netflix queue, which I will be visiting soon. With American Idol, American Gladiator and Crowned 🙁 on the horizon, I’m pretty sure my tv viewing will slow down and then it will be movie time.