Variety is reporting today that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS move to Friday is giving the show a good shot at a third season. Said NBC exec David Nevins, “Between the upscale demos, the young demos and the enormous amount of DVR viewing this show attracts, this show is actually starting to work on Friday nights.” Which is good news, because this TV Addict is in serious denial and cannot fathom watching Landry thrown in prison. Unless of course it’s Sona Prison, where he’s sure to escape courtesy of cellmate Michael Scofield.

Attention MOONLIGHT Fans. The TV Addict will be taking part in a conference call with MOONLIGHT supporting player Jason Dohring this Wednesday at 11:35 (PST). If you’ve got a question for Dohring that doesn’t involve me coercing him to use his powers of persuasion to get Kristen Bell a guest shot on the show. Post away.

A quick reminder to fans of quality television everywhere. Both HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and JOURNEYMAN are new tonight. And since mostly everything else is a repeat, you simply have no excuse not to tune in. And don’t even think of flipping over to THE HILLS finale on MTV. Seriously, there’s no excuse.

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  • OMG. I’m so freakin jealous!

    As for a question for him:

    How does it feel (or did you even know?) to be the reason so many viewers flocked to Moonlight?

  • La

    In a recently aired episode of “Moonlight,” Josef seemed upset when discussing Coraline’s death with Beth. How much of this reaction was scripted, or did you supply your own interpretation into the scene?

  • By the way, there is a new Samantha Who? on ABC tonight at 9/8c as well. People should definitely tune in!

  • JulieB

    Moonlight has really overcome so many obstacles to begin with, I’d like to know what the mood/vibe has been on the Moonlight set recently and what the transitional period has been like from working on VM for 3 seasons to going to a different show/cast as well as a bigger network.

    Also, is is there any possible projects lined up for the next break/hiatus. Thanks!

  • Callie

    Questions for JD….

    1.) Have you kept in touch with anyone from Veronica Mars?

    2.) Were you worried about Josef being too similar to Logan?

  • Anita

    Questions for JD (You took one of my questions away when you said we can’t ask about KB guest starring on Moonlight. Just so you know, I am casting puppy eyes at the computer, so maybe that will influence TPTB anyway.)

    #1 – Will we find out more about Josef’s previous experiences in the next few episodes or next season?

    #2 – Les Moonves mentioned that he’d like to bring back Moonlight next year. Is that a definite yet?

    #3 – One of my favorite things is Mick & Josef’s ‘vampire solidarity’ and the snark between them. Will we get more interactions between Josef and Mick and will we learn how they became friends?

  • Nicole

    Yeah, it’s going to be How I Met Your Mother and The Hills for me tonight…sorry, but I just can’t get enough of the slightly staged catfight filled reality show!

  • Josh Emerson

    Ugh, I can’t believe I forgot about HIMYM!! I read this post too late. 🙁 Now I’m gonna have to download it.

  • skyroom80

    Will Josef’s character on “Moonlight” be expanded? Jason is such a versatile actor but Josef’s character has been on the sidelines so far. Without giving away story lines or plots — what are the plans for Josef? Will he remain as Mick’s mentor only? Or will the audience get to see more of Josef, his past, and his story?

  • Josh, just FYI, CBS.com has HIMYM free and LEGAL on their site. Take it from someone who has been there done that, you don’t want to get caught. :-/

  • Lauren

    Question for Jason:

    What was it like working with Sally Field? She seems amazing.

  • Erin

    I really look forward to reading the interview with Jason. If JD doesn’t mind as someone who still misses VM terribly I’d love to know if he knows anything about the likelihood of some type of Veronica Mars movie getting made? Does he get the sense that this is a real possibility and would he be on board for this?

    Also how is the writers strike affecting him? What is he doing to keep busy during this unexpected downtime.

  • cc

    When will we see Josef making out with someone else? Your love scenes in Veronica Mars were hot!

  • Lazeema

    Has he been auditioning for anything lately? I’d love to see him in movies or even guest star on other shows.

    I’ve been enjoying the Josef/Mick friendship on Moonlight but I have to admit, I’m more fascinated with the idea of Josef and Mick as enemies. Any thoughts on that?

  • Last night’s Journeyman was wonderful – best episode yet. Can’t wait for the next two. Why doesn’t NBC give this show more support?

    Thanks TVAddict for interviewing Jason Dohring. Question for him – Will the backstory of Josef be told anytime soon on the show? How about the backstory of how Josef and Mick became such good friends?

  • Rebecca

    So far Josef hasn’t seen much action. Any plans for some Josef fight scenes later in the season?

  • Hon

    Save Journeyman, it’s a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • or

    To JD

    Now that veronica mars is over, do you think veronica mars is one of the shows that ended before it’s time or it should have ended sooner?

  • Sarah

    There are only two shows I have to see every week. They are Heroes and Journeyman. I have gotten so many people hooked on Journeyman I couldn’t imagine another season without it. Hopefully NBC will try an agressive advertising campaign and maybe run it in the “off season” to get more viewers hooked. Please do not cancel it!

  • With only two episodes left, Journeyman needs all the support it can get. Write NBC, send them rice-o-roni(see the website) It would be a shame if such an interesting and intriguing show left the airways because NBC didn’t care to support it.

  • Corey

    Wait, NBC is taking into account the DVR viewings of FNL, but not Journeyman?

  • sakura63

    why is it that journeyman does not get any focus?
    it is one of the best show…
    i watched the episode and i loved it`~
    NBC, please do not cancel the season!1

    Save journeyman!!

  • Ashley

    Journeyman is the ONLY new show I’ve stuck with this season.

  • Linda B.

    Regarding Journeyman: They didn’t even show previews to next week at the end! All they seem to care about lately is that we all tune into Clash of the Choirs (not me). I think they’ve given up on this show. I don’t knowwhy. It’s a great show and everyone i know who watches it thinks it’s great too.

  • Andrew

    Journeyman is both mine and my fiancee’s favorite show on TV right now. It’s really upsetting to see NBC give Friday Night Lights a chance at a new season based on DVRs and Journeyman gets completely shat on.

    Hopefully the campaigns at savejourneyman.net will help keep the show on the air.

  • Andrea

    Questions that i hope will be asked to loveable Jason;

    -What was the best with playing on Veronica Mars?
    -Do you keep in touch with someone from Veronica Mars?
    -Who do you miss the most to play against in Veronica Mars?
    -If you could get the change to play a fourth season on Veronica Mars now,would you have done it?
    -Do you think Veronica Mars should have got a “different” ending then it was? , better between Logan & Veronica ..?
    -Who is your favourite celebrity?
    -What do you think of Kristen and the other people on Veronica Mars?
    -How is it to play on “Moonlight” ? Is it a lot different that Veronica Mars?
    – Do you miss to play Logan ?
    – If you could choose how you wanted to play Logan in the 3 seasons, would he had been the same as you have “made” him,or would you have made him even kinder or more angry and always messing things up?

    – and last..

    I love your beautiful eyes , adorable puppy-eyes 😀

    and . How are you?:)

    Hug from Andrea,A huuuge fan from Norway<3

  • Andrea

    Can you also take these questions to with ,if mine questions get picked;

    Do jason has myspace,facebook,mail or a official website ?

    and if he has,what site or mail?

  • Asa

    Is working on the set of Moonlight as much fun as it looks? How much of Josef is scripted and how much is add-lib (the muttering lines such as “Vampire solidarity, hurrah, hurrah”, the expression when Josef met Beth, just to name two)? Are there plans on filling in Josef’s history? Will you ever manage to take your shirt off?

    I really wanted to dislike the character when I first started watching Moonlight, now I want more Josef, please! Thank you for doing such a great job.

  • Andrea. S (from the UK)

    Question for Jason;

    Hi Jason,
    As you know, Logan will always have a special place in my heart and I still mourn the end of VM! I loved how you were so dedicated and committed to portraying him and that definitely came across on screen. How easy have you found the transition to playing Josef who is such a different charcter and in a totally different genre? And, out of the two, who is your favourite and why?

    I’d also love to know if there’s any chance of you attending any fan conventions in 2008 as it would be great to see you again!

  • If it has not already been asked, I would love to know if the writers plan on letting Josef get more story line? I would love to know so much more about his back story, who he really is!
    I think he is one heck of a reason to watch Moonlight!

  • cyn

    Journeyman is such an awesome show!! It gets better and better with each episode. It’s frustrating that people dont know what theyre missing…It’s in a lousy time slot.