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Dexter Morgan is not the only one who’s burdened with Harry’s Code. The show’s writers are tied to the same rules. Which is why this TV Addict thinks he’s discovered the only way in which Dexter can make it to a third season alive and unscathed.

For the ‘brilliant’ theory on how next week’s finale will play out, as well as some random musings about last night’s fantastic penultimate episode — click the link below. [Note, if you’ve already seen the finale through ways in which we won’t mention — PLEASE don’t comment and spoil!]

So Lila finally discovered Dexter’s dark secret. And while we could start off with a rant about how for such a criminal mastermind, Dexter was pretty stupid to leave an electronic navigator that tracked his whereabouts in his minivan — we’ll cut him some slack. As odds are good that he’s got a lot on his mind.

So here’s how we predict next week’s finale is going to go down: Thanks to the code, it’s clear that Dexter is not killing Doakes. That said, there’s no way Doakes can live. Even in the world television — where audiences are often asked to enormous leaps of faith — fans will not buy into a third season where Doakes rots in prison thanks to Dexter’s frame job. There’s simply too much circumstantial evidence. Especially now that LaGuerta and Lundy are hot on Dexter’s trail.

The way I see it, next Sunday’s finale is going to kill two birds, well people actually with one stone. Lila, who’s clearly shown she’s off her rocker will come to the conclusion, after realizing the truth about Dexter, that they’re soul mates. Hoping to get in Dexter’s good graces, she’ll kill Doakes. Which will finally give Dexter an excuse to kill Lila. Keeping Harry’s Code, and Dexter’s true identity intact.

Agree/Disagree — Post away.

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  • Linda B.

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing last night – Lila kills Doakes, Dexter kills Lila. I just don’t know how the explosion we saw in the previews fits in. Will Lila and or Doakes die in the explosion? We did see a charred body in the previews too, so one of them will die in it.

    Also, how will it be explained that Doakes or Lila die this way? Will Doakes be assumed the BHB and Lila was his next target??? Or, will it be explained that Doakes died in the fire in the cabin he was hiding out in, and Lila is never found since it’ll be assumed Deb ran her ass out of town.

    Don’t know, but can’t wait til next Sunday. I just hope they wrap everything up and there is no cliffhanger!

  • Belly

    Does that mean Erik King who plays Doakes would leave the show? Drat! I’ve been loving Doakes’ and Dexter’s interactiosn with each other so far this season, and it seems such a pity to lose that as well as the awesome character Doakes has become. I was kind of hoping for some impossible awesome finale that would somehow resolve all of this without Dexter getting caught. But, yeah, kinda impossible. Meanwhile, I have absolutely no qualms about Lila getting killed. By anyone, really. Though she was vital to the plot development this season, and I kinda love this hot actress (since Hustle), I would not want to see her next year. Given LaGuerta’s weak (like the stint with the new woman chief, which was a zzzzz) and sometimes illogical – I still don’t buy her ‘I love/defend Doakes’ thing, which kind of came out of nowhere)plot this season, my bet is next season, she’ll be the new and smarter ‘Doakes’, and investigate into Dexter.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I agree. I think your speculation has to be the way it goes down. Doakes can’t live and have Dexter survive and Dexter can’t kill him because of the code.

  • JC

    I think Dexter saves Doakes life again, and Doakes (seeing all he has in Spec OPS) keeps Dexter’s secret… with the promise he won’t kill again (?!) I think Whack job Lila is a sociopath and perhaps suspectedkiller, too. That’s why she fled whatever country she came. Lundy finds this out, and Lila tries to kill Doakes the same way Dexter kills… Of course, Lila dies, and is blamed as the Bay Harbor killer.

  • Speedo

    This is too good of series not to have a third season. I don’t think Doakes will be killed for any reason. Lila’s credibility is too weak to hang Dexter and she will probably live but vanish for the third season. The entry of Doakes–while he was still an arm of the law- into Dexter’s apartment was illegal and thus the trophy blood slides will not be permitted into evidence…..

  • Christine

    OK, lots of pretty obvious predictions…buuuuut…..what if the explosion DOES play into Doakes’ ability to survive? What if he ends up with amnesia, or in a coma? Sounds annoying, but the character is such a good play against Dexter it’s gonna be hard to see him go.
    As for Lila, god I hate her. She is so smarmy! My $ is on the above prediction. Lila, in a completely stupid attempt to win Dex’s affections, kills Doakes, but in the process, blows the cabin up. Now….can it be possible that Dexter then saves Doakes for a second time? Maybe Doakes makes him leave the police force, as a way to “make up” for not ratting him out? Damn, can’t wait for Sunday!

  • Great Points Everybody. A few thoughts.

    Christine — I didn’t see the preview for next week, so I didn’t know about the explosion. But this isn’t a daytime soap. There’s no way Doakes is going to get amnesia and forget everything!

    JC — Dexter already saved Doakes life from the drug dealers. He’s too honorable a guy to just keep Dex’s secret. That’s not to say they didn’t work well together. How great a team would D&D make…. the ultimate crime-fighters.

  • SKJ

    Lila will blow up the cabin intending to kill Doakes and to destroy any evidence which would undermine Dexter. While she does kill Doakes, she inadvertently kills herself as well. Bye, bye, Lila. Sorry to see Doakes go but I really want to see a third season where Dexter starts out at least somewhat unencumbered. Letting Doakes live with amnesia or promising not to “out” Dexter would make this show as stupid as other shows that eventually run out of steam and credibility. This show is fabulous and your loyal audience loves the plot, the storyline and the characters for integrity and believabilty– please don’t blow it.

  • RC

    Ok, Lila is going to kill Doakes! Lets face it, Doakes cannot live with the knowledge he possesses. Lila is the woman scorned, I just see her going after Dexter and or Rita and the kids, but for obvious reasons she cannot succeed. Dexter will then be able to take care of her, staying to the code. – Lets face it, she’s been run out of town and is in the US illegally and won’t be missed!

    Doakes & Lila both die, no way around it!

  • I think somehow Lila is going to blow up herself, Dexter and Doakes. But somehow Dexter is gonna make it out with just a little bit of smoke it in his lungs. When Lundy and the crew ask how he got there he’ll make up some B.S. of how Lila was actually the Bay Harbor Butcher.

  • Jillian

    Someone help me remember. Didn’t Lila tell Dexter that she had ‘accidentally’ killed someone by arson before? My memory is fuzzy. She’s definitely a bit of a firestarter and as many accidental things surrounding Lila aren’t accidents–it seems her favorite way to kill/destroy as well. Her indirect style doesn’t match the BHB though, so it’d be a tough sell to pin those on her. I think.

    I’ve really enjoyed the Doakes/Dexter angel-on-the-shoulder interactions. *chuckles* Too bad Doakes couldn’t haunt Dexter, if Doakes does get killed off that is. I wonder if that makes Lila the devil-on-the-shoulder…

  • Flossy

    I think it’s hilarious when people watch the final episode and then come on websites and predict the outcome like they are so smart. We are all amazed with ability to “guess” the outcome RC…..

  • Sheindie

    So Lila sets fire to the cabin to kill Doakes .. maybe a gas stove doesn’t have that pilot light on and the place explodes..Lila tells Dex she did it for him.. she knows..So, Dexter plays along and when the time is right, he kills Lila .. noone suspects since Dexter’s sis ‘ran Lila out of town’ and all the evidence points to Doakes as the Butcher…and probably a cocaine trafficker as well 🙂 and he died in that fire

  • Paul

    No Dexter wakes up takes a shower, its all been a bad dream….hes not a serial killer , but a pen pushing scientist at the crime lab with delusions of grandeur, Season 3 sees him start to live out his dream from the start thereby reinvigorating the series.


  • Jean

    I think – Lila will blow up the cabin with Doakes in it (we know fires are her area of expertise) to save Dexter. As long as she has not harmed anyone Dexter cares about, and she won’t, he’ll let her go, only to be “out there” as a possibility for Season 3. I love Dexter, but let’s face it, he and Lila are both nuts. He understands her. She’s a killer, but she doesn’t fit Harry’s code. Why? Because she can’t help herself. Lundy’s on the back burner thanks to the arrival of Max, so he’s moving on to another TV show or film. Deb gave us a preview of how she’ll handle his leaving in her conversation with Dex. For whatever reason, LaGuerta and her boss are buddies again (now there’s a creepy pair) – they knew about Max’s arrival before Lundy did. Maybe because Lundy’s sleeping with Deb? It can’t be that simple, it must be because of Doakes. Rita’s kids disappear but I think they’ll be ok. We know they’re in Season 3 thanks to some of the blogs. My husband and I will seriously miss Dexter! and I will seriously miss the blogs! So, what do you think, folks? Set me straight.

  • Gigi

    Well for what it’s worth I can’t wait until the final episode to see how the story comes together. It’s kind of like Christmas, you know you are going to get something and I am hoping that something is a guarantee that Dex will be back next season! Excellent show I want to see more!

  • Episode 11 is jus awesome !!!
    !This finale is so great!
    thanks again showtime…it will be so difficult to wait several months before season 3 !!!

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