An Open Letter to Fans of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

With apologies to Hiro Nakamura, nobody does time-travel like the gang from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. And in honor of last night’s hilarious episode that still has this TV Addict’s head spinning, I thought I’d pass along some kind words and holiday wishes from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER masterminds Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

Hello HIMYM fans. Motherheads? Howsiers? What are you calling yourselves these days? So first things first, thank you for the incredible support you guys have given us over the years. We mean it. When you create a show, you never think you’re doing anything more than telling a funny story. But apparently we’ve created a community, and it seems to be a community of pretty decent people. It’s a community we’d probably want to have a beer with. Our fans seem cool and smart and funny, and it drives us to want to make the show better, to never let it stagnate, to always push ourselves to try something interesting and new. So thank you.

Anyway, we’d like to take a little moment here to come out from behind the desk, cool-11th-grade-english-teacher-style, roll up our sleeves and “rap” at you guys for a bit. We want to talk about the strike. By now you probably know what strike we’re talking about, but if you don’t, watch this movie:

What it boils down to is this: Tonight’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” is the last new one for a while. Starting next week, we grimly trudge off the map and into the desert of reruns and reality TV.

We can’t tell you how difficult this last month and a half has been for us, both personally and professionally. We work with the best people in this business – the best at their jobs, the best at being nice and decent human beings – and the thought of all of them out of work over the holidays is almost too much to bear. We miss them all every day.

That’s by far the suckiest part of the strike – nothing tops that. But there’s other suckiness, such as the suckiness of having to put this story on pause. We love our show. We love the stories we get to tell. And this year on How I Met Your Mother, we think the story is particularly great. A very juicy, breathtaking, funny, and (to use our director Pam’s word) yummy story was just starting to unfold as the ax began to fall. We’re very excited about the second half of this season, and not bringing it to you right now, factory-direct, sparkling-new, is simply killing us.

But enough with our problems. The reason we’re writing today is to beseech you guys, the fans of this show, to bear with us. The love and support you’ve shown us over the last two and a half seasons has been truly surprising and awesome, and we hope you’ll rejoin us when this whole mess is over with. But for now, this is going to have to be a long distance relationship. We know you’ll get lonely, and Mario Lopez is such a good dancer… but come on, hang in there. Sure, long distance doesn’t ever work for anyone, but we’re different. What we’ve got is special. We can make this work.

But in the meantime, if you want to help us end this strike quickly, please visit That site explains exactly what the WGA is asking for, exactly why it’s completely reasonable, and exactly how you can show your support.

And just in case the strike goes on so long that the medium of television goes out of business forever and we never get to make another episode, the mother is the coat check girl.

Happy Holidays!

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

  • CC

    LOL I knew it was the coat check girl!
    No seriously, any true fan of HIMYM wouldnt stray from such a fantastic show, regardless of how long the strike lasts.
    Perhaps people who will undoubtedly be missing good television in the near future should give this show the chance it deserves and finally discover what the critics have been talking about.

  • Jeffrey

    I didn’t find last nights HIMYM confusing with the time travel. It seemed totally seamless. You had same three simultaneous stories playing out in slightly different ways.

    Re CC: Can’t be the coat-check girl. Future Ted said so ::-) Though thanks for the comment, meant I went back and watched Jason Segel’s awesome dancing in that episode (Okay Awesome).

  • Here is the video that Ted says she is not mum.