An Unexpected Present From Apple to Canada: TV Shows on iTunes

Christmas comes early for Canadian TV Fans.

According to Arstechnica, “Apple plans to begin adding shows quietly to the store as early as tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon or evening, with an official launch expected for Wednesday if things go smoothly, our sources tell us. Of course, with all things iTunes (and Apple), these exact days can easily get pushed, but the shows are expected to make their debut at most within the next couple of weeks.”

Available upon launch are shows expected from CBC, CTV and a handful of US networks. Needless to say, will be checking the iTunes store hourly in an effort to provide you with news the moment shows are made available. Merry Christmas Canada!

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  • Wow. It’s about time and to think that its coming from iTunes. Good old Mac!

  • Jody

    Yay! That’s GREAT news! Thanks for posting.

  • Maria


  • DG

    Good news, but a more accurate date would be helpful …

  • CAM

    Sounds great, but $1.99 per episode. That’s about $48 per season. I’ll wait until the $39.99 DVD of the full season comes on the market. Drop the price and I would be all over it.

  • Linda

    Here it is a year and more later and iTunes Canada STILL doesn’t have any good shows like: Chuck, Gossip Girl, or anything i would watch.
    I am all for supporting Canadian content but come on….