HUGE DEXTER Season Finale Spoilers!

dexter spoilers

Have you spent countless hours at your desk this week formulating a way in which the writer’s of DEXTER are going to keep Dexter alive and likable with Harry’s Code intact for season three? Are you dying to discover which friend [or foe?!] of Dexter’s might play a pivotal role in Sunday’s shocking finale? Are you on the verge of being fired from your job, or bombing an exam because of your slight obsession with DEXTER?

Thankfully my friends, if there’s one thing the TV Addict understands, it’s TV addiction [hence the name]. And today I’m here to put your mind at ease.

Simply click on the link below for a tiny tidbit of photographic evidence that will undoubtedly put things in perspective. [It goes without saying, that spoiler-phobes should avoid clicking the link below at all costs!]

dexter spoilers

DEXTER’s second season finale airs Sunday December 16th at 9PM on Showtime, 10PM in Canada on TMN.

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  • Oooh, yay. Thanks.

  • Josh

    you know as a huge fan of Dexter i tried my hardest to not watch the season finale early………….but as an addict myself i just couldn’t resist the temptation. superb finale and the finale lines set up what is to be an even more interesting 3rd season!

  • Sheindie

    where can you watch the finale early


    You can find the finale on mininova, if you watch it now. Make sure to watch it again when it Airs on Showtime!

  • I saw the finale too and it was quite disappointing, in fact. (Paris, anyone? Buffff!!!)

    I’m hoping that you publish a post where we can debate our feelings about it. I really think “Dexter” jumped the shark around episode 09.

    Let’s hope I’m just wrong.

  • Linda B.

    Please don’t give too much away, but is there a cliffhanger, or does it come to a conclusion like season 1 did?

  • Linda, I haven’t yet watched the finale and have held off, wanting to enjoy it with everybody else! My guess though — the ending will be murky and left open to interpretation.

  • Damian

    linda, it’s like season 1.
    it’s on youtube people

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I must be missing the link. Please help. Thanx
    “Simply click on the link below for a tiny tidbit of photographic evidence that will undoubtedly put things in perspective.”

    Sorry I don’t understand “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    is it the link to SHOWTIME?? I am missing the “tiny tidbit”

  • calced

    Sorry–I’ll find out when I see the last episode.

  • pepper

    Agree with above about jumping the shark around episode 9. I still watch but am less enthused about it. Maybe they can right the ship next season…..