JOURNEYMAN Hits a Red Light

GMMR is reporting this morning [via E!Online] that JOURNEYMAN’S journey may be over following episodes 11 and 12, set to air December 17 and 19 respectively. Thankfully, showrunner Kevin Falls saw the writing on the wall and promised in an interview with that “We do answer quite a few questions so fans will get a feeling of closure.”

Needless to say, fans wishing to save the show need to make their voices heard now. Head on over to to find out how you can help.

On a totally unrelated note, is anyone else wishing we could harness Dan Vasser’s time-traveling abilities and knock some sense into VERONICA MARS mastermind Rob Thomas. How nice would it have been if Thomas saw “the writing on the wall” and crafted a proper ending for everybody’s favorite spunky blonde detective? Just a thought.

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  • Linda B.

    I just wish NBC would’ve been behind this show all along and promoted it as much as some of their other shows (namely the crappy Bionic Woman).
    I will miss it 🙁

  • Jeff

    Journeyman has become the one must see show in our house this season. Everyone I know watches it and can’t wait to talk about it on Tuesday mornings. It seems that all the intelligent shows are quickly replaced with another CSI or reality/game show. Just who are these Nielsen families and why can’t they enjoy good TV. Maybe the networks need to realize that those of us that have money to spend with the advertisers are too busy to do Nielsen ratings. When shows like Journeyman get canceled you have to believe that there is a flaw in the system somewhere.

  • Chris

    TV Addict, what would a proper ending for VM have been? I’ve seen that opinion expressed before and it genuinly baffles me. I liked that the show ended with Veronica, as always, doing her best in the face of adversity, her and her dad as underdogs. I’m sure many wanted Logan and Veronica to end the show together, but I think them suddenly getting back together after their arc all season would have been pure pandering.

  • Chris,

    Truthfully, I have no idea what a ‘proper’ ending for VERONICA MARS would have been. What I do know, is that Rob Thomas stated publicly that he didn’t write the third season finale with ‘series finale’ in mind. And since the show wasn’t picked up, we’ll never know what he had in store for Veronica and Co.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Ditto to Linda B.’s post about their failure to promote the show like they did Bionic Woman. But I would really like to know how it is that quality shows like this don’t succeed? Would marketing have made the difference? I’ve seen this touted as a reason for other shows failing and I’ve always wondered if more marketing dollars or better campaigns would have done the job.

    And ICAM about Rob Thomas failing to end VM on a proper note. The disparity between S1 and S2/S3 is mind boggling to me. Was S1 an accident? Or did the writers just lose their way? Because it was not the same show I fell in love with.

  • this is another classic example of why the peacock network is always finishing 4th in a 3 network race what would they put on in jm’s place another snl clip show or law and order alien crimes unit keep the shows that are on now hell you can almost watch at least an hour of nbc a night