Lost Season Four Trailer

Who’s going to be the first uber nerd LOST Addict to analyze the trailer frame by frame? No really, the TV Addict needs his LOST fix. Someone, anyone… post away with the secret easter egg that LOST-erminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse have undoubtedly hidden between the frames.

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  • jenny

    You can see screencaps of all the fast moving images at darkufo


  • amanda

    am i going crazy or is that dominic monahagan taking off his sunglasses???

  • ggny

    Yah that was def Charlie at the 24 second mark taking off sunglasses he also has a hair cut..Hurley is also there so maybe it a dream? But that would be awesome if Charlie didnt die

  • This being LOST, I assume it’s Charlie seen through a flashback.

  • Actually I’m so LOST with this one…I’m wondering about what will happened to other characters…

  • Chris

    It looked like Chalie to me too. Dressed in all black, it seems. Perhaps he starts appearing to some of the characters as they process the news of his death? It would make sense he appears to Hurley becuase they were close friends.

    I also spotted Rebecca Mader’s character (she’s laying on the ground and Locke is looking over her).

  • ewanspotter

    Yeah, saw this trailer at the theater last weekend. Very exciting. 😀

  • LL

    What’s with that quick shot of the creepy cow? February cannot come soon enough