Got a Question for SMALLVILLE Stars Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack?

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The TV Addict will be interviewing Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack tomorrow afternoon [Friday] at around 1:45PM (EST). So if you’ve got any questions for the two SMALLVILLE stars, please post away in the comments below. Photos © The CW

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for their great questions. Please check back next week for the interview.

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  • Linden

    Sorry about double posting, but I forgot to specify who my questions were directed to..

    So, Kristin:

    What one person in your life has helped shape you into the person that you are today?

    Out of everything you have ever accomplished in your life, what are you most proud of?

    What’s your favorite song to belt out or dance to when no one is around?

    And this one is for both of you:
    Was there ever a time when you two didn’t get along?

  • Bianca

    What is the main reason that makes you get up in the morning?

    (to both Ms. Mack and Ms. Kreuk)

  • Shar

    For Allison and Kristin:

    If Smallville goes on for an 8th season would you still continue being on the show or would you say this season is your last?

  • Sheindie

    For Allison: how do you feel about ‘Lois’ being the one with the relationship with the new Editor, rather than ‘Cloe’? I think the dynamic between the Editor and Cloe would make more sense and a romantic relationship between these two ‘newshounds’ would make for a much deeper and richer storyline, especially for Cloe. Sheindie

  • Maybeline

    Hello. This question is for both Kristin and Allison.

    1. When Smallville ends, would either of you ever consider doing stage plays or Broadway plays? What was the most amazing play you have seen, that you would consider a favorite?

    2. What type or any specific characters would you consider portraying in a movie or tv?

  • Alexandra

    For Kristin:
    If you ever do lurk on fanforums, do you ever have the desire to join in on the discussion just for kicks and giggles or to debunk any false clams?

  • Alex

    Bob Marley or Beenie Man

  • MaRviN

    Hello!!, my name is Marvin.
    i’m from: Ensenada Baja California, Mexico
    Both are beautiful and cute.
    This question is for Allison.
    Which do you think is the future of chloe sullivan in smallville?….The death, along with lex, or leave smallville?…
    This question is for Kristin.
    In modern comics, Lana Lang was married for a while with Pete Ross. You think this is the future of lana in smallville?…
    thank xoxo
    sorry, my English is bad.

  • Sarah Q

    Question to both Allison and Kristin. If either of you browse any of the forums dedicated to you, are there any particular posters that peak your interest when they write stuff concerning your roles on Smallville, any movie roles, or just about you, in general?

  • Pyro

    Ladies, if you could pick a movie/tv role for each other – past or present or just made up – for the other to do, what would it and why?

    Allison, a lot of female fans look to Chloe as the type of person they could be personally and most importantly, professionally – do you feel that’s a valid comparison, considering season 6 and thus far in season 7, Chloe seems to have lost all that drive and ambition that made her awesome to watch in season 5?

  • samantha

    Hi guys. they are so cute both

    The question is
    ¿Lana really stays whit Clark?

    i am from Mexico and
    i am super fan of Smallville

  • Both of you have been tremendous individuals on and off the show… and clearly the cast of Smallville seems to be a close-knit group. How do you think your relationships will be when the series ends? Will you try to keep in touch with everyone in the future? Furthermore, everyone always talk abouts the chemistry between Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling, so… Kristin, would you like to work with Tom Welling on a different project/movie down the road?

  • Stephanie

    Hi Kristin, you’re an amazingly beautiful and extremely talented actress. I love Clark and Lana together and your chemistry with Tom is incredible! Question – I’m wondering with CLana finally together this year, how come CLana are not all over each other showing their love especially with such chaste and short kisses when in previous seasons your kisses have always been oozing with passion?!?!

  • Rachel D. from Corona, CA

    Hi Allison – I keep up with your blog all the time and love it. Kristin – are you going to start one anytime soon? You have very similar interests and outlook on life, and I’d love to hear what inspires you and the goals you have for yourself!!

    So any additional scoop on this new “business venture” you are starting with Kristin, Nicki Clyne from “Battlestar,” and Sarah Edmondson? I’m a little older than the college age crowd that your new venture is aimed towards, but it sounds intriguing nevertheless… Thanks!

  • Nelly

    Kristin and Allison you both are very talented and very beautiful thank you for all of your hard work on Smallville!

    Kristin, Lana Lang is my favorite character on the show and I want to thank you for bringing her character to life with your acting talent. I also want to congratulate you for your amazing performance in the film “Partition”. The film as well as your performance in it was so captivating and very touching. Bravo!

    In seeing your wide range of acting choices (Lana Lang, Snow White, Fiona…Nasseem), what is your ‘deciding factor’ when choosing a project to work in?

    Also, Kristin are you aware of your fans’ charitable birthday project in your honor?

  • Angie

    Hi Kristin!

    Are you happy about the ending the writers gave to the Lex and Lana relationship, especially the story of the fake baby?

    How do you picture Lana’s ending on the show? Where would you like to see Lana by the end of the show?

  • Christine

    Hi Allison and Kristin

    Disregarding the fact both of you are well known, what is something that people might be surprised about, or wouldn’t expect, to learn about you (a special hobby/interest, a particular like/dislike, etc)?


  • Joliet

    Allison or Kristin,

    I saw the clip you guys did for Extra a while back about your shopping sprees in Vancouver. I was wondering, when you go shopping what are you constantly on the hunt for—handbags, shoes, home decor, cooking supplies..?!

    PS. Kristin you are always wearing the most awesome earrings, do you have a favorite store or designer?

  • Cecy

    hey Allison and Kristin, love you girls!
    what do you feel about the end of the show? You know, season 8 is probably the last and I’m already missing =/

  • Carrie

    If they could steal one personality trait from each of their co-stars, what would it be and why?

  • Lucia




  • Angelica

    Hi Allison!!
    First of all I want to tell you that your character is amazing, I love it because Chloe is an intelligent and strong woman and you interpret very well.
    My questions are:
    What is your favorite episode and your favorite season?
    Do you have another projects apart Smallville?
    Finally Is Chloe in love with Clark still?

  • for kristin:
    you enjoy to the maximum while you record smallville, how feels to embody to the steel man’s first love

    for allison:
    in your sentimental life that is what you see in a man for you fall in love

  • Cybelle

    Hi Allison and Kristin. I’m a HUGE fan of you both.
    What’s your position about the Writer’s Strike? Are you with them?


    Hey this is Rocky, from Vancouver B.c also where you shoot Smallville Lucky me. I saw you guys at besford studio’s going to the make up trailers, both are beautiful in person.. My question is what are your plans after smallville, when the show ends.. and what do you guys think of this writers strike..?

  • Alex=)

    My question relates to Kristin Kreuk. We do know that there is the possability that season 7 of Smallville will be the last one. I’m wondering if I will see you in more movies like Partition or in a diffrent genre after that? Really liked the story line and to see a diffrent side of your acting.

  • Chris

    hey Kristen….I mean Kristin LOL

    what is your favorite book or genre?

    Keep on making changes. I admire your “one person at a time” approach. It is definitely working.

  • Christina H.

    This is for Allison,

    Where do you feel they are going with your Character this year??

    It just really seems that they just keep Kicking Chloe when she is down and I know that it is upsetting to alot of fans who have seen you grow and develope as a Character.

  • Chris

    To both of you,
    Is a visit to the state of GA in the future? What (if you don’t mind me asking) are your religious views?
    Thanks for all you do.

    Smallville Convention?

  • Jory

    Allison: What do you think about Chloe’s power? Are you happy with it, especially now that it’s healing through touch. Are there going to be any Chloe and Lois team ups in the future? I love the Cousins relationship. Will Chloe and Jimmy get back together? What can we expect from Chloe in future episodes? What do you plan on doing iduring hiatus from Smallville, and are you coming back for Season 8? Are you upset that you might not be able to direct this year?

    Kristin: What’s in store for Lana the rest of this season? What are your plans for when Smallville goes on hiatus? Are you happy with the direction Lana has taken?

    Thanks for taking the time doing this.

  • florencia

    i’m from argentina!

    first of all i wanna say that chloe is my favourite character!! i love shhe!!!
    and i wanna ask allison if she think that her character is going to tell clark the true about lana, and if chloe is going to investigate her in the season and tell clark who she really is…
    and what does she feel about the relationship that jimmy is having whit kara…
    and if chloe is going to compite with lana for clark’s love!!

    I think that she mustt be with him.. jajajaja… she was the only one that really protect him…

    i’m sorry but i hate lana’s character…
    no you kristen!

    kisses for both of you!!

  • Dan

    Allison, do you think Chloe will get more stuff to do in the field of journalism? I think the meteor freak power has changed her in a way most of us don’ t like, we liked her so much because of her curiosity, her pursuit of the truth and justice…but it seems like she is distancing herself from that now. She is not being Chloe-like, Can you tell us if she’ll get back to her old self and be that go-getter cub reporter again? (please say yes!)

  • David

    What I want to know is whats to keep chloe from healing anyone from anything and everything that is wrong with them. I mean chloe is always bugging clark to use his powers for good and now she seems to be excepting her healing ability but what is to keep her from pulling a max(the alien from Roswell) and go heal all the kids in a hospital who have cancer or to just heal any JLer when they get injured. I hope we get some kind of explantion that doesn’t make her look bad or inconsistant.

    And before I finish I was wondering is allison still planing to direct an episode some time in the future since her episode is being at least stalled by the strik? And will kristin possibly take a crack at it??

  • Lillie

    Hi Kristin and Allison! You both are great on SV. I just got through reading a recent interview you two did on KryptonSite about the site you two and two other actresses are doing for college students. I filled out the survey too. Being in college myself I think it’s awesome! When do you guys think the site will be up and running?

    On to the questions about the show:

    I know that Sam Jones III is coming back this season, will we get some Chloe/Pete/Clark scoobying like back in the days when Smallville didn’t annoy me as much as it did now? 😛 I would be sad if we didn’t get to see that.

    Although my #1 ship on the show is Chloe/Clark, a close second is Chloe/Lex. Will you have any more scene with Michael? Especially, since as of “Gemini” he’s your boss. Please say yes. I’m jonesing for more scenes with the two of you. Really I am.

    I read up on spoilers so I know that your character will be helping out Ollie again when he comes back. My question is, is Chloe going to consider having an oracle type role with the Justice Bros permantly and leave reporting behind?

    Also, will Chloe ever move up the DP ladder? Chloe fans have been waiting for that big payoff, and the character exposing Level 33.1 so I hope it comes to pass. I would be really disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

    To Kristin:

    Do you like regular Lana more or a vengeful Lana? I personally like the latter, doesn’t annoy me as much. 😀

    To you both, again.

    Because of the WGA strike and the possibility that this season will only have 15 episodes, will you two be willing to do an eighth one, or are you both ready to explore more?

    Hope at least some of questions will get answered.

  • Hi Allison and Kristin!
    We really are my favorite actresses

    Question for KK: plan to make a web page?
    Have an official site or myspace?

    For both: They are going to continue in the next season?
    And it is seen that are very good friends, spend much time together?

    Forgiveness by my English.

    Greetings from Argentina!

  • Valeria

    hello Allison…

    of the 3 women in the Clark life, you are my favorite… I want to know if you like to record romanticas scenes with tom??? I am of VENEZUELA and I would like that elenco visited my country, can you do that? it could again have chlark in smallville?


    I LOVE TOM… with you it makes the pair perfect!!! XD

  • Brian

    First I have to say that I think that both Kristen and Allison have done very great jobs with the characters that they have playe in Smallville and the other shows that I have seen them in.

    Now a question for Allison. In Smallville your character has a good and close relationship with Clark Kent the man who will one day become Superman but in the cartoon show The Batman your character had or wanted to have a relationship with a man who was voiced by Brandon Routh a man who played Superman in the movie What was that like for you knowing that?

    Now for Kristin If you had the coice to be in a different show that had a connection to Superman like the sequal or spin off to Superman Returns or in a cartoon version kind of like Allison did what one would you pick?

  • Dana Pod

    For Allison Mack:

    Ever planning on trying to run a half marathon or full marathon again?

  • Nora I.

    For both. What is the most random thing a fan has given you?

  • Hiram Kent

    First of all, let me say that I love smallville and that I love you both, all are my favorite characters … But you captivate me are great, I love … Super acting very well and without you the series is nothing … Well, and also send them my greetings to cast … However, here is my question:

    Allison: in some spoilers, said that tendrías powers between Peter Petreli and Claire Bennette, you may tell us something more specific?

    Kristin: We have seen that your character at the beginning of the series was gentle and submissive … Now it has become dark … And we see that is transtornado enough … This will be the aim of wool, their destiny is to be something wrong?

    SORRY my English, but I am from Mexico and were not much, jeje … Viva smallville

  • DiniLini

    Kristin, what is your favorite clark and lana scene? and why?

  • Wendy

    Hi, this is for Kristin

    Well first, is just wanted to tell you that I admire you a lot and envy you (just a little bit, because you get to kiss Tom, haha!!). I really love the way your character as changed and matured. What do you think it will became of Lana now that she knows Clark secret? Do you think she’ll be able to let him go to be the heroe his ment to be? Thanks for taking you time to answer my questions and I hope you have a VERY happy B-DAY!!!!!!

  • david

    Kristin, if you could write the last scene ever of clark and lana in the series finale, how would the scene play out?

  • Jeppe & Dennis (Denmark)

    Hey my 2 favourite girls from TV,

    We are 2 die-hard fans of your show, we have seen it since it first aired, we own all seasons so far and it has only become better and better, by the way give Tom Welling, M. Rosenbaum and (also you 2 and James Marsters) and the rest of the crew a big thanks for a great show from all of Denmark, a small country with only 5.3 million people, where the show is also a hit but back to the questions!!

    To Kristin Kreuk: Hey Kristin love your work and you, here is our question to you, at the end of season 6 you were proclaimed dead by all sources online, did you know yourself that these were just fake reports or did you not know if you were going to be in season 7?

    To Allison Mack: Hey just wanted to say first that we are big fans of your earlier work, you are a great actress with so much talent and we are glad that you are a part of Smallville, here is our question, how is it like playing along side James Marsters, (Brainiac)? He has become quiet a big name after “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and are we in for some surprises with him, his character is very tricky to predict?

    And also a question to you both: What are the chances for a season 8? If you do not know the outcome, then just guess??

    Thanks a million,

    Dennis & Jeppe Brixstein

    Fans from Denmark, Europe.

  • Alex

    Allison,do you enjoy your work and if you could try any profession what would it be and why?

  • Ana Gabriela Mesias

    Hello at two o’clock.!!! The truth not much of Englishman like that that tube that to appeal to a translator in Internet… I wanted to know that I was firstly q they thought about the moment that they reported to them that they were going to be a part(report) of the index of smallville and if they want to be in 8 season .. I hope that if because it(he,she) them is charmed with seeing us operating … the two they are very good actices I admire them very much, to kristin that there eats up to TOM’S chocolate … my god who envies .. jejejej … I wish many successes them .. regards to the whole index … From Paysandu Uruguay and I wait come to know my country and this way I to be able to know you.. Ana Gabriela Mesias.

  • EKI

    To Christina H. I’ll guess that Chloe’s power is gonna revive or retrieve Clark or Lana from some really severe wounds and, in consequence, die, like sacrifice herself and then leave only Jimmy, Lois, Lana and Clark (and Lex, of course) alive, which are the only to appear in the C.Reeve’s movies.

  • Hi girls! There has been roumors of a second A Cappella Innovations festival in the spring. Will you two take part in this great event? I was at the first one and absolutely loved it!

  • Lia

    To Kristin:How is your relationship with Tom?Dou you see each other off the set?

  • Lia

    ooo and also how it feels when you are doing love scenes?like mortal…