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As mentioned in yesterday’s post about CROWNED, the TV Addict appreciates the support of his SUPERNATURAL readers so much that he made a deal with the devil in order to get an early look at tonight’s very special SUPERNATURAL Christmas.

And while I’ve been sworn to secrecy with regards to the origins of Dean’s necklace. I thought I’d have a little fun with the internet’s most passionate fandom.

Click the link below [spoiler-phobes beware] to check out a number of possible plot points that may or may not occur during tonight’s final new episode of SUPERNATURAL until 2008.

Numerous Santa’s die.

Sam loses a body part.

Papa Winchester makes a surprise Holiday appearance.

The episode flashes back to a young Sam and Dean

Residents of the nondescript Michigan town assume Sam & Dean are ‘more than friends’

As an early Christmas Gift to SUPERNATURAL fans, Ruby and/or Bella are killed in a really unfortunate Christmas tree mishap!

Don’t miss the fun, tonight on the new CW at 9PM [CityTV in Canada]

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  • Kim

    “As an early Christmas Gift to SUPERNATURAL fans, Ruby and/or Bella are killed in a really unfortunate Christmas tree mishap!”

    That’s the only thing that could make this episode even more awesome.

  • hermitme

    I agree with Kim. That would make up for all of S3, and make this episode one of the best ever. LOL

  • Carolyne

    OMG OMG!! is it true!! I’m sure its Bela cause Ruby is on another episode soon! 0_o and a body part!!!!! 0_o Geez can’t wait!!!!!!

  • lol I don’t know why everyone hates Ruby & Bela. I like them both! 🙁

  • Trudi

    I want more Wee-chesters, we saw them when Dean was 3 and Sam was a baby in pilot, and when Dean was 10? and Sam was 6? in Something Wicked, now I want to see chubby 12 year old Sammy and teenage Dean. Come on Santa, I’ve been good this year.

  • Mark

    Thanks for this, TVAddict! I can’t wait to watch this episode, it will become a new Christmas tradition for me. Along with Nation Lampoon’s of course.

    “As an early Christmas Gift to SUPERNATURAL fans, Ruby and/or Bella are killed in a really unfortunate Christmas tree mishap!”

    Ya. Right. I’ll believe when I see it.

  • Alex

    You really shouldn’t get a person’s hopes up by saying one of the girls die, now all my hopes will be shattered when they are still around. But thanks for the other scoop, TVAddict!

  • Emily

    Oh I wish Ruby and Bela would be dead in a Christmas accident, that would be incredibly awesome. I think you are just teasing us with that one though.

  • Mel

    Oh if it were only true that Bela suffered a fortunate Christmas ‘accident’ — let’s hang one of those lovely smelling wreathes ’round her neck and wait for the fun, shall we?
    Cheers, TVAddict!!

  • ewanspotter

    I was really hoping JDM would make an eleventh hour appearance (being in Vancouver filming Watchmen and all) . Sadness.

  • Jonh

    Hey unlike some people , i do like these girls ( Ruby more then Bela though) !

    I watched the episode yesterday best episode this season i think , near Fresh Blood and Bad Day at Black Rock

  • Lady Helena

    Not on itunes yet.

  • Shan

    Ahhh, if only Ruby and Bela could somehow manage to kill each other off… Or the character of Ruby is somewhat intriguing if she were to turn up in the body of an actress for one or two more episodes – ok maybe three but as supporting. I really don’t care about her backstory and am not looking forward to that ep. But she’s a demon so maybe she could possess a new body at least? (she suggests hopefully)

    I loved that they were in Ypsilanti!

    The Amulet story was worth the wait! The fangirls must be going wild that Sam gave the amulet meant for *dad* instead to his Dean! Though I’m waiting for the rest of it (like what’s it do? And can it save Deano from H-E- double hockey sticks?)

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