Holiday Gift Ideas for the TV Addict in Your Life

Since December 25th is fast approaching, I thought I’d help out my fellow TV Adidcts by posting the occasional ‘can’t miss deal’ for those of us who leave our holiday shopping to the very last minute.

Today’s Deal: The entire series of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT for only $29.99. Yup, you’re reading this correctly. All three season’s of one of television’s most brilliant comedies ever — for only $29.99. That’s 73% off the regular price!

The catch, like all Amazon Gold Deals, it’s only available for 24 hours, so click here NOW!

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  • nctodc

    I don’t think anyone’s answered this question for me yet (if so, I haven’t caught their response)…is it kosher to buy TV on DVD during the writers’ strike, particularly since residuals from those sales are part of the debate?

  • While I’m sure everybody’s going to have their own take on the situation. I think it is totally fine and should be encouraged.

    While writer’s don’t get the fair percentage they are currently asking for, they do get a few pennies per DVD. Which no doubt means a lot since they’re not working right now.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the heads up, just picked mine up.

  • Amy

    Thanks for that. I’ve never seen the show before but have been meaning to check it out for ages. That’s too good a price to ignore.

    I didn’t plan to buy any DVDs during the strike, but I didn’t last very long at all.

  • Josh Emerson

    It’s already sold out! Too bad.

  • Common Sense

    TVAddict…..please keep us posted if more copies become available at this price. I don’t buy many DVDs ever, but for $30, I’ll pull out my Visa right now. I want this set.