Channel Surfing with C.T.

I caught the special Christmas episode of SUPERNATURAL the other night and… brace yourselves… I really liked it. What can I say? I’m a sucker for little old people who happen to be demon-worshipping pagans. Is it just me, or does this show — which, as many C.T. haters out there know, I’ve only see a few times — love to play with the homoeroticism between the brothers? When Sam and Dean tried to buy a wreath, the guy selling them obviously thought they were a couple and they played it up, very tongue in cheek. What? Is it just me? I know this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that kind of exchange played. Meanwhile, for those who recommended episodes for me to check out after my confession to, um, not liking (to say the least) this show, you might be interested to know that I’ve been doing just that and will be offering up a new piece in the next couple weeks which will… um… well, let’s just see how my viewings go, shall we?

Is it time for season three of DEXTER yet? I seriously love that show. Yes, I’d be a tad happier if they didn’t write every season-concluding episode as if it were a series finale. Would it kill them to give a guy a cliffhanger?

Am I the only one who fast-forwards through SURVIVOR’s “remember your fallen tribe mates” crap each and every season? I suppose if you’re going to do a three-hour episode, it’s good to have a block of time in which everyone can go make snacks, phone loved ones, check their e-mail. And if there’s one thing I never, ever want to hear another contestant on this show say it’s, “I’m not ready to go home yet.” I’d rather listen to them whine and complain about wanting to go home than have the final four using the worst line in the book instead of just being honest and saying, “You know something? I worked every bit as hard as you did, and I want that cold, cool million bucks. So hell no, I don’t want you voting my butt out.”

Before the new season of BIG BROTHER begins in February, Julie Chen should be forced to watch Jeff Probst whether he’s hosting tribal council or a reunion show. This guy is both entertaining and asks the hard questions. He calls people on their moronic moves, and finds out what we all want to know. “Courtney, are you anorexic, bulemic or delusional?” or “James, you had two hidden immunity idols and didn’t use either. Are you a moron?” Okay, so I’m paraphrasing.

Reason #4,325,328 to hate Bill O’Reilly (but who’s counting?): The self-proclaimed culture warrior has declared war on those who’d rather say “happy holidays” as opposed to Merry Christmas. As always, people like him refuse to see that they are preaching the rhetoric of division. For him, the season is about Christmas and the birth of Christ, period, whereas for millions of people who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Boxing Day still consider this, in the truest sense of the word, the “holiday season.” Thus, “happy holidays” is an inclusionary statement, whereas “Merry Christmas” is, by its very nature, exclusionary. Yup, I’ll be opening Christmas presents on December 25, but I’ll be signing the cards I send out “Happy Holidays.”

I don’t know that I needed two full hours of CLASH OF THE CHOIRS, but this show was a lot more entertaining than I could have imagined it would be. Of course, how could it go wrong, what with the “best and worst” auditions made so popular on AMERICAN IDOL (without the snarky determination to make those less talented feel small… are you watching, Simon?), celebs giving back (the winning choir will win $250,000 for charities in the city from which they hail) and some truly beautiful music. If you don’t smile watching Nick Lachey dance on the sidelines some kind of demented stage mom, you’re just not human. Call me a sucker, but this is feel-good television of the first order. If all reality television left viewers feeling this good, the genre would have a lot fewer detractors.

  • Mel

    CT!!! Yaay!! Gotta love those Pagans.
    No, its not just you — they tweak that pretty regularly.
    I hope your viewing goes well.
    Dang it — I forgot about the Choirs —

    Happy Holidays!

  • Janice

    what is wrong with saying “merry christmas?”

    And besides, do you even watch The O’Reilly Factor? He’s not discriminating against those that say “Happy Holidays”– he’s simply pointing out the retailers that have a rule against wishing anybody a “merry christmas.” At least 80% of Americans are Christian, so therefore it’s fair to say that most of the business that retailers get during the “holiday” season is from people who celebrate Christmas. These retailers are making money off of Christmas, but yet they’re refusing to acknowledge it in their promotions and such? That isn’t right, and Mr. O’Reilly is right to point out those stores that do that. He’s not restricting anyone from saying “happy holidays”–he’s just putting pressure on stores that make tons of money off of Christians to actually acknowledge our belief system.

    You really need to get your facts straight before you post misleading statements. You should know better.

  • Mark

    Wait. C.T. watched and liked an episode of Supernatural? Nope, hell didn’t freeze over yet, so what happened? Sheer luck I guess. Glad you liked the episode though.

    And yes, Dexter is awesome. Cliffhangers would be nice though.

    2 hours of Clash of the Choirs? I doubt I would have given it 5 minutes, but then again, I also gave up on American Idol after its 1st season.

  • Patty

    You liked an episode of Supernatural? I think my heart just stopped! no, wait, there it goes again…that totally just made my day.

    Keep us updated on what you think of that show please because the more I hear you like it, the happier I get.

  • Josh Emerson

    “”heโ€™s simply pointing out the retailers that have a rule against wishing anybody a โ€œmerry christmas.โ€”

    Umm…what the hell are you talking about? I believe you and Bill’o need to get your facts straight. I have yet to see a single retailer that is not using and promoting Christmas in their stores. People always say these blanket statements like “they’re trying to take Christ out of Christmas!!!!!!!!1111” to get people on their side, even when they know it’s not true. There’s nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas if that’s what someone wants to do. This supposed “war on Christmas” that Bill’o has manufactured is just absurd.

    Agreed with your thoughts on Chenbot. I don’t think she’d be hosting BB anymore if she weren’t married to the president of CBS.

  • Jonh

    C.T after the hate comes the love people say.
    No its not just you, a bunch of perv fangirls think the same,and the writers did make the brothers joke about it quite a few times.
    Keep us informed.

  • theTodd

    I love the way Dexter ends each season nicely wrapped up. Just like a serial killer would. Seriously, I enjoy the conclusion of a good story-arc and I feel kind of pandered to when a show ends with a cliffhanger. It’s almost cliche.

  • NikkiHolly

    how can you not love Mrs. Abbot (from Everwood) being a homicidal demonic pagan god? ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m glad you liked it. it was one of the best this season, imo. So you’re going to attempt giving Supernatural a second chance? Well, then watch Bloody Mary. It’s a really great episode. It is a really early episode that definitely shows what the show is about and starts off the mythology. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NikkiHolly,

    Are you sure it was Mrs. Abbot? I looked… i really did. I didn’t see her name on the credits? Did you?

  • ct


    Sorry, but I’m completely right in what i’m saying. And yes, I watch Bill nightly, if only to get a great, big chuckle.

    Even if 80 percent of your potential client-base is christian, that leaves 20 percent who are not. What business would make the decision to potentially offend 20 percent of customers? ‘

    And again, it’s the difference between including everyone with a holiday greeting and becoming exclusionary with a “Merry Christmas.”

    By the way…

    Happy holidays!

  • ct

    Josh, Josh, Josh…

    Before you take the attitude of suggesting someone get their facts straight, you might want to make sure that you… um… have your facts straight.

    And in this case, you don’t.

    Actually, take a look around. There are a whole lot of retailers — including Barnes & Nobel, Dick’s Sporting Goods and others — who specifically do NOT promote Christmas. They promote a holiday season, but not Christmas as a stand-alone holiday. Many stores actually have policies which dictate that their employees are not allowed to wish people a merry christmas.

    I agree that Bill’s declaration that there is a “war on Christmas” is completely insane, but he DOES come to the table with at least a little, tiny bit of evidence which he can spin — oh, wait, it’sz a no spin zone! — to support his twisted view.

    And Chenbot… that may be my new favorite descriptor of her. look for it to show up when BB returns this year, if only in my running commentary!

  • hermitme

    Glad you go to check Supernatural again and very glad you caught A Very Supernatural Christmas. This is what Supernatural is about, the brothers hunting evil and the brotherly relationship that dirves the story to excellence (in spite of the homoerotic tendency the writers give the show).

    Dean and Sam as brothers are what makes the show and yes, great MOTW like the Pagan Gods that bring meat to the stories.

    Hope you keep watching SN and maybe you can check out S1 and S2 DVDs to catch up with the behind the stories, story.

    Have a Great Christmas and a Very Happy New Years.