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While DEXTER wrapped up its second season in style, this TV Addict had one serious issue. Namely, I predicted it! [see last week’s post titled “The TV Addict Predicts Sunday’s Dexter Finale”]

Of course predictability aside, it was an incredibly satisfying finale filled with TiVo-worthy character moments for virtually every one of our favorite Miama cops.

Oh, and Lila.

Love her or loathe her, you gotta give Lila some credit. From the moment the two soul mates met [Lexter?], everything changed. Lila may have been completely psychotic, but she does deserve credit for teaching Dexter to accept who he is.

How hilarious [and twisted] was Lila’s reaction upon realizing why Doakes was in the cage? Her smile was just so wicked as she formulated a plan, to in essence — consummate her relationship with Dexter.

Which brings us to the explosion. First off, shame on Showtime for spoiling such a revealing plot point in the episode teaser [Who do you think you are, NBC]. Second, was I the only TV Addict who rewound the explosion just to see if Doakes’ burning body could have possibly landed in the very nearby water in time to survive?

Okay, Probably not.

But truth be told, a part of me wanted Doakes to survive. Watching Doakes interact with Dexter was akin to the brilliant second season of ALIAS, where I sat mesmerized by Irina Derevko manipulating Sydney and SpyDaddy Bristow.

That said, Doakes’ fate has been sealed for two years. In fact, Dexter said it best when he so cooly observed in the show’s first episode, “How odd was it that in a room full of homicide detectives Doakes is the only one who gets the creeps from me.” Sorry folks, this isn’t HEROES. No vile of Claire’s blood is going to save Doakes! Rather than take the easy way out, the DEXTER scribes took the only logical path. Killing Doakes gives Dexter Morgan a fresh start for the third season.

How much fun was Dexter’s re-birth? I loved the not-so-subtle re-inactment of the DEXTER theme song. The orange being cut, Dexter getting dressed. It naturally begs the question. What’s next? Now that Dexter is free to ‘have fun’ again we’re left with so many questions to ponder until the third season premieres.

Has LaGuerta truly accepted that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher? Will she really let go of her off-the-books investigation? Will a newly empowered Deb finally clue into her brother’s extracurricular activities? Is Lundy gone for good? How will Dexter change his activities come season three? Is it just me, or does slicing victims up and sinking them in the Bay sound a little too risky.

Stay tuned…. assuming the WGA strike ever ends, we’ll find out in 2008.

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  • Linda B.

    Maybe it’s just me, but i was a bit disappointed in last night’s finale. I think what disappointed me the most was the whole Dexter vs. Doakes drama that had so greatly been building up over the last few episodes was over in the first 5 minutes last night. And, TVa, I agree w/ you about the spoiler. It’s almost better not to watch scenes to the following week so you can be surprised.

    Another problem w/ last night’s episode – it seemed so obvious what was going to come next. You knew Lila was going to go after either Rita or the kids when she saw Dexter wasn’t going to go away w/ her. Then, when he came to her apartment and found them, you knew she wasn’t going to let them leave. And, i so saw Dexter showing up in Paris to kill her when they showed Lila there.

    Bottom line: I think I enjoyed the past few shows leading up to the finale better. The Dexter vs. Doakes storyline really had me guessing what is Dexter going to do next. How will he get out of this mess???!!!

    Regardless, I still love the show and think it’s the best thing on tv.

  • JennyC

    I thought the finale was suitable and great. I will be remiss if I did not say that I will miss Doakes and his comedic timing in terms of his unique critiques of Dexter (seen especially in season one). But it was satisfying, but predictable. Though Doakes’ death did surprise me. I can’t wait to see season three. Hopefully Michael C. Hall can win all the accolades possible. I can’t imagine anyone else as Dexter.

  • shanna

    I thought the finale was great in terms of tying up loose ends and giving a relatively clean slate for season 3. Yes it was predictable but as the TVa stated, we were given the logical conclusion to this storyline. This wasn’t the 1st season with the ITK. There was only one forseeable way to get Dexter out of this mess.

    What I’m anxious to see is how Dexter will switch up his style. He can’t just go after the obvious criminals that come across his desk and sink them in the bay. The “new” Dexter should be interesting to watch.

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  • Aileen

    So…that first season DVD of Dexter promised to the person who guessed which main character would be killed by Dexter in Season 2. Has that winner been decided yet? Because I definitely chose Lila as the one to go.