Post Your Favorite TV Moment of 2007

As the year 2007 comes to a close, we at can’t wait to share with your our special 2007 TV YEAR IN REVIEW. But before we press ‘post’ on the big year end wrap-up, we thought — why not get the opinion of one group of very special people. Our readers.

So if you’ve got a minute during this hectic holiday season, please post away with your favorite TV moment of the year. Not a show, not an actor, but a moment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

It could be the final moment of THE OFFICE’s third season finale when Jim barged in on Pam and asked her out to dinner! Or the moment you clued into the fact that LOST was for the first time flashing-forward! Or that incredible final sequence on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA when we learned that earth does exist!

No doubt you get the idea, so post away. And your moment might be included in’s year end wrap-up.

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  • Less Strike News

    1. Sopranos fades to black

    2. Lost flash forward finale

    3. Pam tells Jim how she feels

    4. The Crying Girl on American Idol/Sanjaya and his haircuts

    5. Britney on VMA’s

    6. Julia coming back on Hell’s Kitchen to “help” Bonnie try and win

    7. The Vulva puppet on Tyra/Also the “Kiss My Black Ass” episode

  • Pushing Daisies when ned ‘wake’ chuck up

  • Mary

    Jack Bauer kills a terrorist by ripping out his jugular with his teeth.

  • Mike K.

    At Rory’s graduation, when Richard Gilmore reminds Lorelai to enjoy the moment because it is as much about her as it is about Rory.

    When all the Walkers jump in the pool in the season finale of Brothers & Sisters – it is the perfect bookend to the death of the patriarch in the opener…

    oh, and I LOVED that I got introduced to GREEK over the summer!

  • cam3150

    1. The moment I realized that Kate and Jack were in the future — that stuck with me more than anything. I watched that finale a total of 5 times before finally deleting it off my DVR and was in a state of shock for days aftewards.

    2. Pam tells Jim her feelings at the beach — it was so unexpected and a moment that was such a long time coming. I was shaking and crying while watching it at home so I know it was a good moment.

    3. A close third is Jim coming back to Scranton, beginning with the moment when Pam’s gold medal note fell out of his folder all the way to the end, when he interrupted her interview to (FINALLY!!!!!) ask her out on a date. My only regret is that we never go to see their date (and the beginning of their real relationship). I will always be a little mad at The Office staff for that. But, Pam’s final look at the camera, with such joy and disbelief on her face and tears in her eyes, was almost worth never seeing the moments that followed.

    Those my top 3.

    I want to put a vote in for the biggest let down moment of 2007 and, for me, that was the very end of Gilmore Girls. There are so many emotions surrounding that last season, most of them negative what with the whole Christopher MESS and everything that followed. I felt the last season was more or less ruined by all of the contrived moments and situations. The end, with Rory and Lorelai being separted and Luke and Lorelai reuinited, was just such an unemotional letdown for me. It should have been beautiful and touchingand wonderful, just like the rest of the series but, it felt so forced that it really just meant nothing to me. I was mostly overwhelmed with sadness over what had happened to my once favorite show.

  • Stef

    1. When Lorelai sang “I will always love you” at karaokee and Luke walked in and the entire tone of the song changed…it was just TV magic.

    2. The OC series finale that ended just as it started… and with me, bawling my eyes out for hours afterwards (I was way too attached to that show).

    3. The look on Pam’s face on The Office after Jim finally asked her out…. just so happy.

  • Linda B.

    cam3150 – I feel the same way you do about your #1 (except I only watched the episode twice, eh, maybe 3 times).

    I’m sure I’ll get slack for this one, but I loved how Californication ended. I DID NOT see Karen ditching her wedding reception and yelling for Hank to stop and rescue her. I had such a smile on my face afterwards cause it’s what i wanted to happen, but few shows give this type of happy ending. Hopefully when season 2 starts, we won’t find out this was all a dream.

  • Linda B.

    Ooh, just thought of another one. When Doakes surprises Dexter loading the newly dismembered body onto his boat. I think all across the country (and in Canada) you could hear a unanimous ‘Oh F**K!’ from all the viewers!

  • Justin in West Side Story while Hilda finds out about Santos’ death on the season 1 finale of Ugly Betty.

    Pam walks on hot coals and confesses her feelings in The Office then Jim asking her out in the finale.

    The Walkers jumping in the pool in the finale of Brothers & Sisters

    Danny’s “We are the Champions” solo and the crowd/judges/his family reaction on So You Think You Can Dance

    Betty coming to Henry’s door to the sounds of “Defying Gravity” in the Wicked episode of Ugly Betty

    Charlie’s death in the Lost finale

    Michael and Sara kiss on the train in Prison Break

    Bree gets a bbq fork stuck in her fake pregnancy belly on Desperate Housewives

    the prop guys walk out for Allison Janney’s episode within an episode on Studio 60 (and her and Tim Busfield are on screen together again)

    Barney on The Price is Right on HIMYM

    the HIMYM wedding

    The HIMYM hot/crazy scale

    Barney’s play to get back at Lily in HIMYM “moist”

    Michael telling Toby he can’t go to The Office beach party

    Stewie and Brian’s intro to the Emmys

    Meredith helping Christina out of her wedding dress in the finale of Greys

    Sophia’s 50,000$ and Zach’s 20,000$ gold stars on Kid Nation

  • Josh Emerson

    Some of my moments:
    – (30 Rock) When Jack was impersonating Tracy’s family and the white dude who his mom cheated with. Just so so hilarious.
    – The OC’s series finale. The whole thing, really. But if I had to, I’d say the moment when Summer left Seth at the bus stop, and then the flash forward sequence at the end.
    – Pam’s speech at the beach party on The Office
    – The Verizon Wireless product integration on 30 Rock. Tina Fey looking into the camera and saying “Can we have our money now?” was just classic.
    – The 30 Rock Iraq war parody
    – Slapsgiving on How I Met Your Mother, especially Marshall’s song

  • Katie

    1. On Brothers & Sisters, when all the Walkers, Rebecca, Robert and Holly jumped into the pool at the end. It was such a great scene, and the perfect way to wrap up an amazing season.

    2. Lorelai’s singing “I Will Always Love You” on Gilmore Girls. Lauren nailed that scene so well. It was wonderful bright spot in a season that let us down the rest of the time.

    3. Kate and Jack are in the future on Lost. That was huge and so unexpected. It really just changed the game so much.

    4. The arrival of Pushing Daisies. Amazing, amazing show.

  • Elizabeth

    Burke practicing his vows in the OR for Addison

    Pam’s reaction to Jim asking her out — her facial expressions were priceless

    when Nikki opened her eyes at the very end of the episode where she was buried alive on Lost

    Jack Bauer’s mental breakdown at Heller’s house during the finale, especially when he looked out over the balcony

    Dwight Schrute talking about how his ideal number two would be Jack Bauer

  • jamie

    -all of 30 Rock. i live for that show.
    -Finale of Lost. blew. my. mind.
    -robin sparkles.

  • rocky

    Okey I ll go by my favorite shows:

    *when HRG let himself shoot to protect Claire
    *when HRG was shot by Mohinder
    *when Nathan turned into Sylar in “Five years gone”
    *Hiros speech on his fathers funeral
    *Season one final when Nathan came to save the world and his speech

    Gilmore Girls:
    *Lorelai singing “I will always love you”
    *Rorys goodbye
    dont get me wrong … I still hate the last season and its end but still the goodbye was sad

    *when dean made a deal to safe sams life

    *flash forward
    *charlies death

    sarahs goodbye

  • Rob

    When the Battlestar Galactica jumps INTO the atmosphere of New Caprica and just starts falling like a rock as her Vipers are launched. The jump away was just as amazing considering she looked like she was maybe, maybe, a thousandfeet above the surface.

  • Mel

    The bittersweet ‘What is and What Should Never Be” episode of Supernatural — Dean’s ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ experience where he finds out what life would be like if the demon had not killed his mother when he and Sam werre children.

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