The WGA Writers Strike Back

BREAKING NEWS: just received this secret video of the closed-door negotiations between the writers and the producers.

What’s worse. The video titled ‘Hollywood Rumble’ is well acted, excellently shot, and scariest of all — FUNNY!

In other-words: WGA, AMPTP, be afraid… be very afraid. Because this is just the beginning.

Watching television is habitual, an addiction if you will. Take THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT. When they went off the air in November was I disappointed? Absolutely. But after seven weeks without my Comedy Central fix, I’ve found new ways to entertain myself [see: my Nintendo Wii that’s recently found a permanent spot in my living room]

When are both the WGA and the AMPTP going to clue into the fact that they’re doing irreparable damage to the television industry we all love and get back to the negotiating table?

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  • Adam O’Donnell

    Yeah, gotta say I’m not really missing anything. Love the Daily Show, but I can live without it. Most of the good shows with good writing get canceled anyway (See: Veronica Mars).

    I’m actually OK with the strike going on for a while. I still have a lot of TiVoed and stored shows to catch up on – two seasons of Heroes, a season and a half of Friday Night Lights, a season of LOST and probably more.

    But like you said, once you get out of the habit it’s hard to get back in it. I’ve been meaning to catch up on those shows for a while, but I really don’t miss them enough to force myself to sit down and watch.

  • Kara

    Thankfully there will be a new season of Lost, FNL

    but no GOSSIP GIRL…I’m completely obsessed with show its not even funny!!